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May 02, 2024, 22:11

I posted the ESPN stats that were disputed. But having looked at the whole match they are right….all his runs were behind the advantage line, and they were as scarce as hen’s teeth. He had literally no impact at all with the ball in hand.

But he did kick twice tactically, once, into touch and the other easily fielded….both when the Boks had good attacking positions.

And he was the player who got the ball a meter out after the Kolisi run and was turned onto his back by Barrett. Super naturally powerful…..not!

So just a bunch of fails on attack….and a bunch of embarrassing flubs on defense. Stepped with ease by Taylor down the wing, isn’t that supposed to be the center stepping the hooker. Bounced by Barrett in a NZ build up in the last key minutes. And goose stepped and rounded by Mo’unga for a try that was fortunately called back.

There is absolutely nothing positive to report. Can we move on now and find a real inside center to create some excitement.

May 02, 2024, 22:21

Bullshit he had a solid final - made a positive contribution, the first time he got the ball beating a defender and breaching the advantage line.

I watched to minute 6 and just recall after watching Chasing the Sun 2 he had a very impactful WC

Consistently the best 12 in the game for years now

May 02, 2024, 22:41

Absolute balls….he had awful WC final. His best moment, the one you saw, was the one meter he gained in his 5 runs. Stop lying Dave.

May 03, 2024, 06:08

One struggles to believe Dave did anything more than make photocopies at the law firm that was dumb enough to hire him.

He watches 6 minutes and declares DDA had an impactful WC final. My guess is that whatever DDA did in those 6 minutes completely negated any negative contributions for the other 74 minutes. Gosh, he must have broken a bunch of tackles and run one in under the posts?

Oh, wait, no, he tractored a couple of meters. And it was that meagre bit of tractoring which drove the fear of God into the ABs and caused them to lose the final...right, Fat Lip?

...he then sites a documentary as proof. Whahaha!!!

This when the entire game is there, and he could timestamp all the "impactful" contributions.

But...he NEVER will.

DDA is black hole shaped like a donkey.

May 03, 2024, 07:58

There are international props who have scored more test tries than DdA

May 03, 2024, 08:57

I’m not lying at all I said DA had a solid final - not great but certainly not awful.

One thing is for certain is that he had a good WC, he was an integral part of our victory

Watching Chasing the Sun 2 highlighted that for me

Buttplug go fuck yourself you boring twat

May 03, 2024, 09:27

Thi is the sec onmd De Allende thread started by Mozart this week,   He has another day to start a third one to go for  and one on Erasmus or Du Toit to complete his BS  threads of the week.    He  has repeated this thread at least 20 times before and one can expect the BS trend to continue.     

May 03, 2024, 10:15

He was the least effective back on the field. Did plenty of tackling, useless otherwise.

May 03, 2024, 10:20

No he was not useless - bullshit

How can you be useless if you are only involved 5 times with ball in hand - it was the nature of that game

May 03, 2024, 10:41

At this point, all old Fat Lip has left is to shout "Bullshit" and remind us that he's watched Chasing The Sun 2.


May 03, 2024, 11:13

Would rather beliecve what Erasmus and oher players said about De  Allnde than what the site experts think about De Allende.   The latter do not have real stats about player activities available aand Ersmus and the playes have access to it.   That is how real eprformances are evaluated in the end.   .         

May 03, 2024, 12:05

Yep these dumbfucks will have us believe that we are number 1 in the game, having won back to back WC’s, a RC and a Lions series selecting a useless 12, one of the most important positions on the field, for the past how many years

The joke is on them. Not rugby astute enough to appreciate or understand DA’s role in the side.

They want to see 12’s with dancing feet, attacking space that does not exist. The fact that none of these 12’s exist in modern test rugby is a fact beyond their comprehension.

It’s 2024 not 2004

Thank fuck Rassie knows and appreciates his worth at 12 and has done since day one. Rassie gets 99% of his calls spot on. Powder puff Mostert accounts for that 1% slip

May 03, 2024, 13:21


F MostertL0048010

D AllendeC0551010


F MostertL01600

D AllendeC01240

May 03, 2024, 13:25

So clearly Mostert outproduced Dud. The only forward who gained less metres than Dud was Bongi, who was on for a few minutes.

May 03, 2024, 13:26

DA is class Mostert is physically weak - a complete liability where it counts

Apart from process tackles and the odd line out take he is literally useless

Imagine measuring a Bok lock by the number of process tackles he makes - now if only they were dominant tackles - something beyond powder puff

May 03, 2024, 13:51

Actually quite a few of the Mostert tackles were cover tackles…taking the man who had broken the first line of defense. 

Dud was a disaster …..look no further than Mo’unga running right round him and gassing him for a Disallowed try. And the way Taylor stepped him….clueless in anything but process tackling. Perhaps the worst open field defender of any Bok  center incumbent. Brain freeze gets him every time.

May 03, 2024, 17:51

Kakkest Bok 12 ever, with 2 RWC gold medals...Anda bronze...damn, he must be the luckiest passenger ever!!!

May 03, 2024, 18:53

Not really if he had tackled Nonu in 2015  his bronze could have been a gold.  You argue just like Dave when he is defending his favorites….. with complete intellectual dishonesty.

So he never allowed Mo’unga to run 40 metres, he never got stepped by a hooker, he made 50 metres not one, he never missed 4 tackles and he never kicked away good possession twice with two inept tactical kicks.

Happy now?

May 03, 2024, 20:06

No Moz you got it completely wrong so wrong in fact it makes you look stupid.

So instead of stating the facts, let me ask you the question. We know inside centre is one of the most important positions in a rugby side right? If this is the case then why oh why would Rassie select him from the day he took over the reigns and has never deviated from that selection?

This despite the presence of pretty handy alternatives in Esterhuizen, Janse v Rensburg and Serfontein.

So how did we win two WC’s back to back, a RC, a Lions series and attain the number 1 spot in the game with as shit as 12 as you say he is? Answer me these two questions

Bottom line is you are out of touch with modern rugby, you don’t appreciate DA’s value but worst of all you are of the impression other test 12’s out there are playing a different game.

Reality is that making an impression as a centre in test match rugby these days is a very tough gig - so much so that we don’t see coaches retain the same players for any length of time. How often have the likes of Tuilagi, Aki, Henshaw, Kerevi, Danty and Tuipolotu retained their spots at 12. Hell the AB’s have tried hell knows how many 12’s and now seem to have settled on Jordie, a retrenched fullback

You just don’t get it Moz - at all - but thankfully Rassie does

May 04, 2024, 02:07

Dave ….you don’t get it. Here are Pollard’s attacking numbers for the WC final. Six runs for 38 metres …..why? Because if you look at the game you will notice on a number of occasions he attacks the gain line at pace. Dud just doesn’t.

H PollardFH0116380110

Here are Barrett’s numbers, 6 defenders beaten:

J BarrettC0161647060

Of course centers can still make a clean break and create tries. Eluckmiss has a game plan in which structured back play is ignored. You kick, you defend, you get penalties and turnover ball. You eliminate risk….he believes in it. 

He doesn’t believe in ball in hand rugby. How this is going to work with the new coaches is hard to see, unless he feels he has earned the right the take a flier….see if it works. If it doesn’t there is always Ox and box kicks.

May 04, 2024, 04:28


You lied on site as to what happened in the case of the 2015 semi and is now back to further lying.   Read the following  ag ain and see why y ou lied:-

 Not really if he had tackled Nonu in 2015  his bronze could have been a gold.  You argue just like Dave when he is defending his favorites….. with complete intellectual dishonesty . 

Nonu tried to get away from  De Allende and ran cross-field,   De Allende followed him and TACKLED him.    So you were  not intellectually dishonest - you are just a liar.   When you discussed this incident  for must be the hundredth time since 2015 - when it was pointed out that De Allende did tackle Nonu you claimed you never said he did not make the tackle on Nonu - and challenged me to tprove where  you said he did nto make  the tackle - so which was a lie as to what happened?   Suppose as per nromal you lie costantly on rugby issues and even repeat  your lie again.       .



May 04, 2024, 06:24

Dud can't attack the gainline at pace because he doesn't have any.

He's easily the slowest back the Boks have. Even after Pollard's injuries, he's faster than Dud.

Dud also has almost no aggression. You look at Kolbe and Arendse and the intent present in their hits...hell, even Am hits harder and he's a bloody 13. They have technique and they have heart. They have aggression. Dude wants to bear hug people.

Dud has the most limited distribution ability of any of the Bok backs. He's slow to think, slow to pass and generally dies with the ball.

Dud's decision making suffers from serious latency. He glitches out, and reverts to kicking possession away. I mean, since when are we supposed to accept that a 12, with a 2 man overlap, should be kicking the ball? Oh yeah, in the upside down land of mystics and savants.

All these arguments, like the extremely long post the Fat Lip made above, don't provide any evidence of Dud's ability...

"Coach picks him - he must be good."

"He has been in the winning team - he must be good."

"He has X amount of caps...he must be good."

"Rugby has changed...he must be good"

"Everybody is stupid...he must be good"

But when you ask for the one thing that would actually prove his worth...that being evidence of what he does in the game...that's the one thing they can never provide. PROVIDE IT.

Again...if I were to ask you for evidence showing how good Marx, Eben, RG, Mostert, Duane, Faf, Pollard, Am, Kolbe, Arendse, Willie are...

Well that's pretty easy because there is actually evidence for it.

But no, DDA operates on some sublime level, only perceived by savants and mystics.

Give me a break!

May 04, 2024, 10:38

He put two Irishmen on their asses and ran in an unopposed try against the French. These are the little moments that feed the hype machine. M'ounga making him look like the clueless carthorse he is in a try scoring play that thankfully got called back doesn't feature.

I looked back at my comments during the Scotland game. Here are some of DDA's contributions:

Boks go wide, DA takes the contact and carries three players into touch. Ball dead, move dead. Surprise surprise.

DA entertaining us with more "best 12 in the world" play.

DA's passes find no one because no one can keep up with the advanced Best 12 In the World game that he is playing.

DA burrows again, Boks lose possession at the breakdown.

And DA now held up, ball Scotland. What a champ.

Check out the Esterhuizen video someone posted recently, see how quickly the ball is available and recycled after Esterhuizen takes contact. There's your difference. DDA is the slow motion man, where good ball slows down and dies.

May 04, 2024, 12:21

The cul de sac!

May 04, 2024, 12:25

The Mo’unga mess, was a replay of the Nonu mess…..both of which are clear examples of mental uncertainty. In both cases the tackle needed to be made….instead the runner was given a Dud escort to deep in the 22, where a simple pass secured the try.

May 04, 2024, 12:51

The rugby ignorance on this board is next level

You hear all this utter shit regarding DA and thank Rassie for not being as rugby stupid as you lot are

Imagine selecting such a shit 12 and still managing to win two WC’s back to back, not to mention a RC and Lions series

Maybe that’s where the genius in Rassie lies - select an utterly shit 12 as the decoy

Fucking joke

May 04, 2024, 13:19

A better 12 and we may squeak in by more than 1 point more frequently.

May 04, 2024, 15:41

I’d  say Twickenham proves  your point Pakie….at worst it demonstrated Allende would not be missed. As Gilbert and Sullivan wrote of people they didn’t rate:

 You may put 'em on the list — you may put 'em on the list;

And they'll none of 'em be missed — they'll none of 'em be missed!’

May 04, 2024, 15:45

Twickers was a friendly it’s the only game in which Esterhuizen has made an impression

In his prior tests he was solid nothing special at all

Why because playing 12 in a test is a hard art

May 10, 2024, 19:32

Mampara Mavin the ultimate Mong!.

Dave how you put up with this drivel on a daily basis is amazing. 

As for Plum isn't it time he changed his name to prune. He is becoming anotherDoos!!! Hahahahahaha. 

Wonder when ou Doos will sneak back with a new handle.

Dave you are dealing with some oaks here who don't understand the game. They lack Rugby acumen in a big way. The game for them is just too difficult to comprehend hence their continuing absurd drivel. :D

And no Marvin the change of name won't help your cred. 

May 10, 2024, 20:07

Look what the cat dragged in…..did you find any ‘cred’ out there HasBeen? Any Colonel McGregor updates for us ……LMAOFY!

May 10, 2024, 21:36

The ABs lose a man early in the game...

And our most capped and vaunted backline player fails to make any impact on the game which in any way drives some advantage for the Boks.

DDA was missing for most of the WC. He scored that try against France and had 1 or 2 runs against Ireland.

That's what the world's premier 12 gave us.

Pollard, Kriel, Faf, Willemse, Arendse and Kolbe all had games where they made huge differences and impacted the game in clearly positive ways for the Boks.

But the "best 12" in the game...he does the magic stuff that only the truly adept can see.

Give me a break.

May 11, 2024, 09:43

Poor old Buttplug desperately trying to impress by sounding clever and knowledgeable.


May 11, 2024, 10:30

The driveller is not known as dense Denise for nothing. A more ignorant twit and halfwit is hard to find although very unfortunately he does have competition on this board.

I wonder if the ignoramus knows that the Russians are advancing all along the front. 

May 11, 2024, 10:32

Long time no see, Brian. Welcome back.

May 11, 2024, 10:39

Sorry not back. I am very busy on a number of platforms providing political truth bombs. 

Biden is sinking like a stone. Lawfare against Trump collapsing. War in Ukraine going the way of Rusdia and lots of info coming out on election fraud and tbe deadly jabs. 

Amazed at how little information is coming out on many issues. 

Ignorance rules. Congrats to Mike though for providing some light. 

May 11, 2024, 10:46

In other words don't have much time to educate the Mamparas lead by Mampara Marvin the total Mong. 

Where I ask would you find such an ignorant bigoted crew like Marvintard, the very Dense Denise, sharktwit, Blobbrain and STAVASS. The clowns making up the very frot five. 


May 11, 2024, 10:49

Dense may I suggest you stop sucking on the teat of the Globalist Fake News propaganda machines.

It's astounding that at this stage anybody still has any faith in these liars. 

May 11, 2024, 10:49

Thanks Brian but you can go now.

Now there's a good sport.

Bye Brian.

May 11, 2024, 11:02

Aunty Denise...

I can stand a lot of things. But the undeniable stench of coward that wafts off of you is just a bridge too far.

May 11, 2024, 11:27

Coward Huh? This from the attention seeker who not once but twice flounced off the board.

Grrrrr Grrrrrr But I can't fucking stand full-o-DentsieGrrrrrr Grrrrrr

May 11, 2024, 11:57

Yes, you reek of cowardice.

The worst trait in a man.

May 11, 2024, 14:11

Five runs…1 meter gained….say no more.

May 11, 2024, 16:27

I'm re-watching the Lions series.

On game 2 and Mostert has been massive. All over the park all game long. Seriously, how does this absolute warrior of a player fly under the radar for some?

Lood being subbed on for Wiese at 60 mins.

Strange call really, considering that Rassie apparently prefers a fit Lood to Mostert all day long.

The Boks absolutely grinding the Lions down in this game.

May 13, 2024, 06:59

It’s simple Mostert brings zero physicality to the game - the prime responsibility of a test lock

It’s not to run around full of heart and energy making process tackles

It’s to make dominant tackles, it’s to impose yourself physically with ball in hand or in cleaning out players (which includes cleaning out an 18 year old Georgian fullback) and to provide physical grunt in the engine room.

Mostert provides none of this. Bok locks should be physical, Mostert is a physical liability

May 13, 2024, 12:05

Puleeze…..point me to one run in the whole WC where dud Toit imposed himself physically. The job of a lock is primarily to ensure lineout ball…..Mostert does that as well as any lock in the game. His ability to be in the right place at the right time to make all those tackles is a bonus.

May 13, 2024, 12:24

Everytime PSDT takes contact he gains forward momentum as do Eben, Lood and RG. Mostert gets stopped in his tracks or smashed backwards or losses possession as he did twice in the WC

The primary role of a lock is certainly not taking line out ball it’s certainly one of his roles - the primary role of any tightforward is to impose himself physically be it in tackles, runs, clean outs, mauling and scrumming

Why a player that lacks size, grunt and physicality has played as many tests as he has is beyond me. Small thin frame with narrow shoulders

It’s Rassie’s biggest failing is investing in this guy - I don’t get that Rassie does not see past all the heart, energy and durability. Give me a real lock anyday.

Everytime I see Grobelaar of the Sharks playing I just think what a far better player he is than Mostert. They are similar in age and stature although Grobelaar has a good 6kg on Mostert but he is far more athletic, makes far more impressions in general play and is far far more rugby intelligent. How is it that Mostert has made it but Grobelaar not when he is clearly the smarter and better rugby player?

I rate Grobelaar but he would not be my choice ahead of Mostert - my list is an extensive one

May 14, 2024, 16:36

Saffex, I think you need to watch some old matches back.

Go and watch the second Lions test. Remember we lost the first one. Mostert stood up to be counted and was making hits from minute 1 to 80...crossing the width of the field to do so at times.

You can't watch that and claim he's a powder puff. And there so many games like that. Crucial ones, where the warrior stands up and puts himself on the line for the cause.

To be honest, I don't generally ever suffer from fan boy syndrome, but I'd absolutely love to have beer with Sous, and just tell him that there are those of us that are in awe of that heart in his chest.

One of my favorite all-time Boks for sure.

May 14, 2024, 18:30

Yes he makes plenty of tackles I’m not disputing that but they are never the monster hits we see from the likes of Eben and PSDT in that WC final. He has plenty of heart and plenty of energy. He is also extremely durable - he literally never gets injured.

My problem with him is that, call me a traditionalist, but I want to see big physical players as our Bok locks, especially in this modern age where plenty of time is spent in the gym, something clearly Mostert avoids.

While it is handy that he makes all those tackles is it really the job of a lock to do so? No, if anything that should be your loosies. I want to see physically imposing locks and props in my Bok side, well any side for that matter.

That lack of physicality shows in his inability to impose himself with ball in hand, making clean outs or tackling. That frustrates the crap out of me.

He is no doubt a great guy and a good team man, he embodies the fight but is not suitably equipped to really enforce all that fight

I’ve always maintained that had he bulked up to a respectable 120kg player he would have been a real asset. Some players hate the gym, he is clearly one of them.

It’s clear that Rassie in a perfect world sees Mostert as a handy bench option for when Lood is fit then Lood always starts

I was really irritated with the fact that with Lood out, Mostert started ahead of RG in the WC. Lood is good but RG is next level. I suspect that given RG was only recently back from a long lay off, Rassie felt he did not have enough game time under the belt to start immediately or that he wanted to spread the strength of the 23 across the starting side and bench, hence Ox and sometimes Marx find themselves on the bench

There is no way in hell Rassie rates Mostert over RG, simply impossible so there has to be another reason for RG not starting

Bottom line is I have no time for players that lack the benchmark physicality for a particular position - Mostert, Orie, Nortje, Albert vd Bergh, Robbie Kempson, Tom Smith, Brok Harris etc

May 14, 2024, 19:44

You claim Mostert is a liability, but all I see is real dependable, very good Rugby player that is always present…a person can argue that players like RG or Lood is more of a liability due to there extensive injuries? I rate RG as he is big but mobile, but Lood is not that mobile just a good lineout option. Our Younger inform Locks is a better option then Lood and also building for the future…we are covered with Eben, RG and Mostert to show the Ropes to the new locks.

May 14, 2024, 20:14

You miss my point - he lacks physicality - I expect my Bok locks to be physical, Mostert is not

If he was a linking openside flanker then a lack of physicality could be excused but not for a test lock

So no I don’t rate Mostert, never have, never will. It’s not the job of a lock to make 15 tackles a game. That would be a pleasant bonus if he was imposing himself physically on the charge, in mauls, cleaning out and defending

May 14, 2024, 20:42

Mostert is not as physical as Eben or RG, but physical enough to hold with best. It’s his all round capabilities as a good Rugby player and that is what stands out. His stature is no liability but rather a blessing….as it gave him immense durability.

May 14, 2024, 20:56

Bullshit he is not physical enough at all - never makes metres in contact. Fuck me he could not even clean out the 18 year old Georgian fullback - that’s how physically inept he is.

There is no grunt in his skinny frame and narrow shoulders

He weighs no more than de Allende and Esterhuizen has 6kg on him. Centres vs a lock, it’s a joke

May 15, 2024, 19:52

What is Lood's average tackle count per game?

I think it's probably around 6-9.

Mostert's is probably around 13-16.

How often does Lood smash the attacker backwards? Maybe once or twice per game?

So it's an easy choice, give me the guy that makes on average 4-7 more tackles per game over the guy that makes 1-2 smashing tackles.

...even more so when you consider that the Boks have plenty of forwards that already smash attackers backwards.

The higher tackle count wins.

May 15, 2024, 20:11

Lood has a surprisingly high tackle count probably on average 4 less than Mostert but smashing players backwards is not the only consideration when it comes to imposing your physicality.

It applies when you carry the ball in traffic, when you maul, when you defend a maul, when you clean a player out, when you scrum and when you defend. In short pretty much 70% of the game

But having said that there is no way I would start Lood ahead of RG and in fact I’d have Ruben v Heerden on the bench as my bench lock ahead of Lood - we need to move on. Eben and RG to start and there are few young options for the bench - Ruben v Heerden, Ruan Vermaak and Moerat spring to mind

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