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Nov 19, 2022, 00:47

If the All Blacks beat England, it will put them under tremendous pressure to win against the Boks next week. 

England should pick themselves up for the All-Black team with a big forward performance. 
South Africa should have a comfortable game against Italy and hopefully, build a bit of confidence for the match against England.

Rassieless-Naber has to prove that he can ad value without the other half. 

Nov 19, 2022, 03:19

Erasmus needs to prove he can coach. His contributions throughout this season have yielded poor returns. So far all we know is that Nienaber can coach defensive systems and structures, the other, nothing at all.

The All Black test is a lottery. New Zealand can play very much better, and they are due a good performance. England can, however, rip them apart. The All Blacks certainly are there for the taking. I haven't seen the lineups, so assuming they aren't crippled with injuries, England should start as slight favourites. As per the Bok encounter, it's an entirely different game. Defensively we are there for the taking, but if we get them rattled under the high ball and lineouts, and get those penalties ticking over, we can take the game out of open play for long stretches, which I'm sure is quite tiring. In the wider context of England's World Cup buildup, I don't think the Bok encounter matters very much. They know they can defeat us, and they know we are going to be the same team next season, just another year older. 

Nov 20, 2022, 01:03

The England team took full advantage of the AB's 14 man team late in the second half to score twice and draw the match.

I think the Springboks are going to have a tough match against England.

Their new front row is awesome and their backline is fast and some big guys in that backline.

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