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Jun 02, 2022, 22:37

So Stormers, sharks and Bulls will Join the Champions Cup and Cheetahs and Lions will Join the Challenge Cup...I am very happy for the Cheetahs as they have shown good form In Local Derbies...looks like our Teams will be playing in the NH for the foreseeable future....all I am hoping is that we still play the Rugby Championship against AB, OZ and Pumas and not Join Six Nations....but maybe that is also a Done deal, as private Investors are pushing for that....Rassie has already stated that he is for that move....only time will tell what will happen.

Jun 03, 2022, 00:32

No, you won’t be joining the 6 Nations just because Rassie says you will !!!

Jun 03, 2022, 01:18

Rassie has already ordered designer water bottles for the 7 Nations...

Jun 03, 2022, 02:13

Not seen the new Law effectively banning him from being an on field Coach, sorry, Water Carrier then ? 

Jun 03, 2022, 04:57

Sounds like it's going the way of S12

Jun 03, 2022, 13:08

This will financially ruin rugby in New Zealnd and Australia while in SA teams will make money playing in Europe without subsidizing NH rugby - like they did in the case of Super Rugby and the Rugby Championship.

However, the counter is that wealthy Clubs in Europe will employ more SA players and that would be counter-productive for SA Rugby.          

Jun 03, 2022, 14:43

Mike, as I’ve already said, the clubs in Europe are not going to be employing so many foreign players. France has a cap on how many it can field and we have a monetary crisis at our clubs. 70 first teamers from around the league have lost their jobs whilst others are having to take a huge pay cut. 

Jun 03, 2022, 20:00

I agree Mike....this will definitely cost the teams down south...that excitement of playing the Boks and our local teams in Super Rugby, was what attracted the Mass Fans to the stadiums....this Classic Rivalry will be a thing of the past after 2025...I hope that Who ever is in charge will wake up until then, and at least carry on with the Rugby Championships.

Jun 04, 2022, 01:11

South Africa could play in the 6 nations and then 4 Nations. Winning both tournaments in one year would make South Africa DeFacto world champs each year. 

Jun 05, 2022, 09:55

We should do a Superbru for the next URC and Heineken Cup...maybe Edd can whip up a Total Rankers too...there doesn't have to be prizes.

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