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Apr 19, 2023, 20:23

For me Id pick two in each position making 30 then add 3 game changers to make up the 33

I find it easy picking my two in each position, it’s the final 3 I find difficult to finalise

My two of each would be:

15. Willie / Gelant

14/11. Mapimpi / Kolbe / Nkosi / Arendse

13/12. Am / de Allende / Willemse / Janse v Rensburg

10. Pollard / Libbok

9. Faf / Hendrikse

1/3. Kitshoff / Ox / Malherbe / Thomas du Toit

2. Marx / Mbonambi

4/5. Etzebeth / Lood / RG Snyman / Jenkins

6/7/8. Kolisi / Kwagga / PSDT / JL du Preez / Roos / Dan du Preez

My final three would be 3 from:



Jessie Kriel







Wilco Louw


Elrigh Louw

Emmanuel Tsituka

Of these Esterhuizen is a certainty and it’s down to Wiese, Dweba and Wilco Louw for the final 2

I think I would go with Wiese and Louw

Wiese is another Marx, Dan du Preez, JL du Preez and de Allende in terms of physical freaks who break tackles at will

Wilco Louw had he been invested in over the past 5 years as a Bok could potentially have been better than Malherbe who I rate as our best tighthead since readmission

Two good sides made up of the 33:

15. Willie 14. Mapimpi 13. Am 12. de Allende 11. Kolbe 10. Pollard 9. Faf 1. Kitshoff 2. Marx 3. Malherbe 4. Etzebeth 5. RG Snyman 6. Kolisi (c) 7. PSDT 8. Roos

15. Gelant 14. Nkosi 13. JVR 12. Willemse 11. Arendse 10. Libbok 9. Hendrikse 1. Ox 2. Mbonambi 3. Thomas du Toit (c) 4. Jenkins 5. Lood 6. Kwagga 7. JL du Preez 8. Dan du Preez

Give me your 33, not the 33 that might be selected, I want YOUR 33

Apr 20, 2023, 12:28

Really good team, that said. I thought that the rule of thumb would be that you need cover the most critical position which is normally starting with your props. 

World Rugby has increased the player selection pool from 30 to 32 or 33 I think for world cups. 

But the most critical position would be 

2, 9 and 10. These are all specialist positions. 

My only concern is that Deon Fourie hasn’t played Hooker in more than 10 years even though he started there. He is is menace at the break down and shown great spirit, but why on earth have him there. 

Then, the boks have a really good schedule which means they have 1 week between matches. So they can play their best team in each game. However, the biggest ones are Ireland and Scotland. 

I don’t know, I feel that Marx is such a good player that he could almost double up as an open side flanker. 

Bongi nor Dwebe has the stamina. 

Dwebe ball carry abilities are great but he has lost so many line outs this season for the stormers. He keeps conceding free kicks and penalties at scrum time. So he is serious lacking the basics. 

Then, his introduction against the all blacks completely imploded. 

But, I know Rassie have to pick 50% black players. 

But I think we all know who the starting team will be

This is my starting team

  1. Kittshof - Ox
  2. Marx - Bongi - Grobbler 
  3. Malherbe - Thomas Du Toit - Koch - Trev if is fit
  4. Etzebeth - Jenkins
  5. RG - Lood
  6. Kolisi - Kwagga - Fourie - Van Staaden 
  7. PSDT - Louw - Dyamani 
  8. Wiese - Roos - Hanford Liebenberg(If Roos had more caps he would be my pick)
  9. Faf - Williams - Reinach - Hendriks
  10. Pollard - Libbok - Goosen (if he can get fit, super valuable)
  11. Kolbe - Arendse 
  12. De Allende - Esterhuizen (form dipped in the prem)
  13. Am - Rohan Jansen Van Rensberg - Jessie Kriel
  14. Mpimpi - Moodie 
  15. Willie - Willemse - Gelant

Apr 20, 2023, 15:25

We haven’t seen Dud Toit make any contribution since the WC, yet he still gets selected. Whereas Mostert has been hugely productive in every test his played and doesn’t make the squad even in 3rd place. The fair haired boy syndrome.

Apr 20, 2023, 15:43

There's no denying Pieter-Steph has never come close to replicating his excellent 2019 RWC form. He'd be a very lucky selection in my opinion.

Apr 20, 2023, 16:47

He made a contribution in the WC? That was arguably his worst season, which takes some doing! Barely a handful of Boks played well, and none of those players were media darlings like Steph. 

Apr 20, 2023, 18:12

15. Willie or Willemse 14. Kolbe/ Moodie 13. Am /Ruhan Nel 12. Esterhuizen/ Dan Du Plessis 11. Mapimpi / Arendse 10.Pollard / Libbok/ Jantjies if his head is right or Maybe Boeta Chamberlain 9. Faf / Hendricks / Reinach 8. Wiese / Roos 7. Marcel Theunissen / Tsituka 6. Kwagga / Hajivah Dynami 5. RG / Lood / Mostert 4. Eben/R v Heerden 3. Frans / Wilco 2. Marx / Grobbelaar / Bongi 1. Kitshoff / OX Niche - My Captain Will be Kitzie or Eben

Apr 20, 2023, 18:15

Tell us now, Doos XL - and be honest - when you think of all those naughty and silly people who voted Pieter-Steph the player of the tournament, does you lip quiver, do your eyes fill up with tears and does your face go all red?

Apr 20, 2023, 18:30

"Give me your 33, not the 33 that might be selected, I want YOUR 33"

Mine . . .

15 Wille Le Roux (Warwick Gelant)
14 Cheslin Kolbe (Canan Moodie)
13 Lukhanyo Am (Rohan Janse van Rensburg)
12 Damian Willemse (Damian de Allende)
11 Kurt Lee Arendse (Makhazola Mapimpi)
10 Handre Pollard (Manie Libbok - Faf or Cheslin taking the place kicks)
9 Faf de Klerk (Jayden Hendrikse)
8 Evan Roos (Jasper Wiese)
7 Jean Luc du Preez (Ben-Jason Dixon)
6 Siya Kolisi (Kwagga Smit)
5 RG Snyman (Pieter-Steph du Toit)
4 Eben Etzebeth (jason Jenkins)
3 Trevor Nyakane (Frans Maskherbe)
2 Malcolm Marx (Bongi Mbonambi)
1 Steven Kitshoff (Ox Nche)

My 3 extras are Grant Williams, Duane Vermeulen and Johan Grobelaar.

Apr 20, 2023, 19:11

Best to keep yourself sitting in the corner Mrs Searle. Quick to criticize somene, but you are never able to defend your position. You have, to date, never been able to specify anything tangibly great about Steph. Of course, you do not possess the acumen to review a game in any meaningful depth, so you are left frustrated as your rather large ego cannot satiate itself. That amuses me very much. 

PS - No place for Notshe, Bok of the century? :silly:

Apr 20, 2023, 19:12

It is really difficult choosing only 33 Players….I forgot 1 of the best 13,s I have seen in a while besides AM, Rickus Pretorius….playing in Japan now.

Apr 20, 2023, 20:42

Good sides chaps I like

Apr 20, 2023, 20:45

Moz what on earth has Mostert done that merits his selection

A physically inferior player posing as a Bok lock or blindside would NEVER smell my squad, not now not ever

PSDT has definitely not rediscovered his WC year form but is still a far better option than Mostert as are a host of other players

Mostert is a physical liability, all heart and energy with minimal physical productivity

Mostert would not make my squad of 100 players and I mean that sincerely

I can’t stand physically inept players like Mostert and Orie

Apr 20, 2023, 21:05

Mostert might not be the most Physical player, but he is very reliable and Tough as Nails. What does these large Specimans help if they mostly injured ?? ( Besides Eben as he is a Freak from Planet Rugby : )….Mostert has good ball retention, good defender, scores tries and his offloading is not bad either….He out Performed Pieter Stef last year by a Country Mile…I would say that One key ingredient of Rugby, is Heart….And Mostert “ Sous “ has Plenty : )

Apr 20, 2023, 21:56

One doesn't see Mostert being dragged around, run over, fended off, crumpled over or pushed aside like Steph, Damian, Kolisi, Willemse, Lood et al. So, any discussion of his physicality is irrelevant. Statistically he is the most efficient defender of the Erasputin reign. He is a high value contributor. We have but a few of them. 

Apr 20, 2023, 22:20

Doos you are a fucking joke

Apr 20, 2023, 23:40

Mpower how the fuck did Mostert outplay PSDT when he himself accomplished fuck all

Scores tries, bullshit

Ball retention bullshit - the guy has the worst metres gained in traffic as he literally makes zero metres in contact

He is not physical enough to impose himself so can’t force an advantage in contact

He makes his share of regulation tackles never a physical big hit

Fuck sake wake up to the reality of this guy, he is 6’7, weighs 110kg the same as de Allende. He has no bulk, he has no muscle definition, he has narrow shoulders. He is a sad excuse for a Bok lock or blindside.

Bok packs pride themselves on physical dominating the opposition, that is not going to happen when you have a Mostert in the engine room

Next time you watch Mostert - pay bloody attention. Focus on what he does in contact. Does he make metres in contact, does he make big physical hits, does he make an impression clearing out ???

Apr 21, 2023, 00:27

Mostert was in the engine room for most of the WC final after Lomp was injured trying to tackle Vunipola. That was the dominant scrumming performance of the Bok pack in recent years, The  Beast could never have dominated with poor lock pressure behind him.

Dave you assert:

‘Bok packs pride themselves on physical dominating the opposition, that is not going to happen when you have a Mostert in the engine room’

The rebuttal is simple Dave, the Boks did dominate with Mostert at lock….in the most important game of all.

Apr 21, 2023, 06:12

I think the debate on Mostert is his high work rate. But if you look at the man’s face and especially his nose, you would think he is to cheap to get a nose job and instead, trying to hit as many rucks hoping someone would knock his nose straight. The guy is always bloodied at the end of match. 

I think it is time for Steph to go back to lock and allow for stronger ball carriers. I know Wiese is and 8, his been phenomenal at Leicester this season. In his last few games he was able to score a try by bashing players at of the way over 22 meters. His breaks off the back of the scrum is powerful and led to creating to some fanatic space for Pollard to run into which led to an amazing try. I do think Pollard is benefiting from and 8 like that. I haven’t seen teams use an 8 like that in ages. I think Duane was able to do that a while back and at same time we saw pollard run more with the ball in hand. In that case you don’t need a Dud Allende but you use someone like Willemse instead. 

Roos is another one that is at the top, but he just needed a few more caps. But thanks to Rasbar we won’t know.

Personally I’m not sure about Mostert. 

Apr 21, 2023, 13:36

I watched the extended highlights of 2019 WC final again. Pollard was crucial to our win. 

Apr 21, 2023, 15:01

Moz I’m not saying Mostert in our engine room would result in our scrum not achieving dominance, it’s an 8 man unit.

I’m saying his presence lowers the physicality of that scrum, simply because he is lighter and has never displayed any form of great strength in all the time we have seen him play.

But the reduced physicality does not only apply to the scrum, it’s in general play as well, he does not carry well in traffic, is pretty feeble in clearing out players and his presence in a maul or trying to stop one is hardly emphatic.

There is a reason that when Eben, Lood and RG are fit, he does not feature as Rassie and co know he is not as physical as these guys

Mostert is one of those players selected that is not necessarily the best in their position but he gives it his all, is obviously a good team player and one you want in the trenches with you.

These type of selections make sense to the coaches as they know the players intimately. As spectators we don’t have this luxury and only want to see the best players chosen - which is where I am at.

My son, a rugby coach has enlightened me in this respect, he also appreciates the value of experience in his side

I see Mostert as a player and only a player and I don’t rate him at all, but I get why Rassie has him in his squad - it’s not only about ability

It’s why I guess the du Preez twins fail to nail down a spot in the Bok squad. They don’t fit - they force their way back into contention through club displays only to be discarded again. That has nothing to do with rugby ability but more about the fit

Apr 21, 2023, 16:09

If Snyman were fully himself I would choose him as well. But whatever Mostert may, and I say may,  give up to Lomp in the physical exchanges, he makes up for in lineout steals, positioning on defense, reading the game and if we would ever allow offloads, in handling.

He plays blindside in the tradition of Juan Smith and Piet Greying. 

Apr 21, 2023, 16:32

Lood is like Steph, heavy, not strong. Lood is very often held up, driven sideways, knocked backwards. He is a very frail player in contact, and to make matters worse, he is one of the most lacking players in world rugby for even basic skills. Very slow and languid movement. His tackle radius is shockingly small. It's like watching a poorly programmed computer game, where the coders forgot to implement his hit box. Mostert is not an especially physical player, but he makes his tackles. He is also very cerebral. Add to these his high energy and work rate and you have a valuable player. If he was a soccer player he'd be a box-to-box midfielder. The kind of player you can build a system around. I've spent countless hours reviewing film, and I very seldom see Mostert pop up with mistakes. I have never seen Mostert being dominated in any game. I have seen Lood, Steph, Damian, Kolisi, Willemse and the like dominated often, if not every single test. 

Apr 21, 2023, 16:42

Sorry Moz I don’t see any of that from Mostert, his work in the line out is no better than Eben, Lood or RG

There is absolutely nothing physical about Mostert at all and therein lies my issue with him

A pack needs physicality at lock and blindside. If we was a great ball playing 8 I’d be happy to see some physicality conceded

He is in the Bok squad because of his heart, energy and durability and I’m guessing he is a good team man

I just don’t rate him at all and that’s purely down to his complete lack of grunt

Had he taken time to muscle up to a respectable 120kg he would have been a good player given that heart and energy but he has sadly been gym lazy

In my opinion he sells the Bok side short but that’s because I expect my Bok tight forwards to be big physical players along with our 7

Mostert falls well short here

But I’d take Mostert over Orie all day long - he is just super shit, so let’s hope like hell RG stays fit so that Orie does not make the WC squad

Apr 21, 2023, 17:36

Saffex, criticizing Mostert, yet goes so far as to lie to defend the flaccid physicality of both Damian and Steph. Kerevi literally runs over Damian, but that's not a problem. Better yet, it didn't happen. Life's grand when you just make it all up! How many Steph ruck fringe lapses before the penny drops? The most missed tackles of every Bok since 2018. Not a problem when you can simply say it never happened. Yet the two most successful defenders, Mostert and Wiese, must be dropped. Who needs facts, just lie, lie, and lie again. 

Apr 21, 2023, 18:35

Coin toss…..it’s a Bingo!! Swoosh 2 Points, Mostert wins again : ) You said it yourself, he is That Guy who you want with you in the Trenches.

Apr 21, 2023, 23:02

Listen here Doos you dumbfuck, anyone who tells us that the likes of de Allende, PSDT, Willemse and Lood get pushed around while telling us powder puff Mostert does not deserves to be fucking shot so as to put us out of our misery having to endure your utter garbage

You seriously know fuck all about the game

Do us all a favour and just go bury yourself in all that sand

You are a fucking idiot

Apr 21, 2023, 23:27

King and Rooi you are both going for Nyakane at 3, I’d be with you a year or so ago but his formed dipped considerably in the last year or so.

Our squads are all very similar, good to see we are aligned

Maybe age is catching up with him

Moz I like your call of Jason Dixon he has had a standout year, I really like him

Mpower - Theinussen is a bold call, he is a quality player but not ahead of the number of other outstanding loosies about

Rickus Pretorious is a 12 not a 13 although I’m sure he would easily shit to 13

Apr 22, 2023, 10:54

Oh ok….Saffex how many Shit,s do you think Rickus needs to move to 13? : ) : )

Apr 22, 2023, 11:14


Apr 22, 2023, 13:50

In all that sand? What sand? Saffex, I think you are reaching the age where an oldzeihmers test wouldn't go amiss. Added to that, your knowledge of Bok rugby is putrid, and your knowledge of the game is about on par with your mother and Michael. 

Apr 23, 2023, 20:13

Doos coming from an ignorant prick like you - do you really think anything you have to say about rugby makes any impression on anyone on here?

Like Rooi points out - you have to be the most ignorant rugby poster ever

You are so bad, one gets the impression you are not watching the same matches the rest of us are and I mean that sincerely

But you are too fucking stupid to comprehend this obvious fact and you will continue to tell us that Kwagga is our most valuable player, yeah the guy who does not even start for the Boks or better still, the likes of Lood, PSDT, Kolisi, de Allende and Willemse get owned physically but Mostert does not

Keep up the good work Doos, you are our prime source of entertainment on here

Apr 24, 2023, 06:22

I'm going to make a change to my team after this weekend. I'll take Johan Goosen as my backup flyhalf rather than Manie Libbok.

Goosen is looking like the player we all thought he would become 5 years ago.

Apr 24, 2023, 09:05

Yeah the Goose was on fire this weekend - such a class player

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