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Apr 29, 2024, 20:13

There was much hype about this guy and up till the last few games I did not see anything special from him but he is starting to make good impressions.

Currently playing on the wing for the Stormers but spent his school career playing 13

Another good looking young prospect

Apr 29, 2024, 21:25

Hartzenberg is not bad but he is not better or out performed a Dan Dup, Rickus Pretorius , David Kriel or a Tyrone Green ….yet he is there and they not….must be Transformation quotas…how else can you explain it… not so sure about him.

Apr 29, 2024, 22:11

Yeah on performances up to a few weeks ago he certainly did not deserve a call up

Time will tell with him

Unfortunately the likes of Rickus Pretorious are blowing their chances of playing test rugby - being away in Japan is doing him no favours. The sooner he returns the better

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