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Dec 17, 2020, 01:47

Meyer wanted to coach a team after White, but Divvy got the job.
He wanted to be a coach with all the Bulls greats at their best. 

However, he says that he ended up between 2 teams that he wanted as a coach.
In between youngsters not at their peak and past it geriatrics.


Meyer is almost about to release his book about his time in Stade Francais. 

Dec 17, 2020, 04:15

There never would have been a right time for Meyer to be the Springbok coach - he was too poor in player selection and his game plan was near to non-existent and based on the Bulls plan when he was their coach.    The game plan he used  of passing the ball back to the forwards and not the flyhalf may have been effective in 2004 - but by 2015 it was out of date by a decade and the game changed.  

He never realized that he should have made changes to the side based on actual player performances and not on reputation and there is where main problem was.    If he remained as coach the average age of the Springboks WC side for 2019 would have been over 36 years of age.  

His main problem at Stade Francais was that he was given a huge budget to contract new players and failed miserably in that - for instance his main backline acquisition was to convince Morne Steyn to cancel his contract with  Brive and reman with Stade Francais and belatedly contracted Nicolas Sanchez as flyhalf,  but that still left Stade with a totally defective backline and a total disastrous record.

Would like to see how he justifies his failures as a coach and what he would come up with in that book that anybody involved  in rugby should read for the simple reason that they would learn what not to do when coaching a rugby team, 


Dec 17, 2020, 12:43

Average Meyer throwing in the excuses

Dec 17, 2020, 13:25

It's actually true. He started with one practice session with a team that lost Du Preez, Matfield, Smit, Schalk, Bakkies, Butch, Rossouw, Fourie, Muller amongst others. Bekker ruled himself out after the Puma tests. Who was there? It was the same period as 2000 to 2003, an awkward period between the old and the new.

That said, he kept the team punching well above its weight, and there was a clear development arc. He should have coached after Jake; we never got even 30% of what that group of players were capable of. Just a few months. As it stands, he left a group of core players who went on to serve the team well: Thor, Willie, Malherbe, Pollard, Louw et al. 

Dec 17, 2020, 14:24

He was fucking useless and made more pathetic with lame excuses

He was way out of his depth at test level and that’s a fact

Dec 17, 2020, 14:38

It's a fact that he is the second-best Bok coach of the past thirty years. He kept a team that had lost legends of the game at #2 and swept the NH on the EOYT. He had more longevity and were it not for some key injuries, his Boks would have maintained that to the very end. His approach to the game was far more advanced than those who came after him, his flexibility in game-planning is the likes of which we have never seen before or since. His one undoing was buckling to media and pseudo-fan pressure. Jake stuck to his guns and what he knew best and made all of his critics eat their words, time and time again. Meyer felt the pressure too much, because of an apparent Bulls bias (his first two seasons were predominantly Sharks and Stormers players). He put his faith in the likes of Lood, Damian, Kriel, Coetzee, Lambie, Goosen, Reinach et al and what did they do for him? A big fat nothing. 

Dec 17, 2020, 16:00

The fact is the Kindergarten imbecile's rating is way off the mark.   In 2015 the Springboks lost all the CR games - the first time they lost at home against Argentina -  and on top of that they lost against a weak Japan  side in the WC,    In the period  September 2014 to September 2015 the Springboks played 11 tests and they won only 4.   

Meyer was supposed to develop  a proper WC squad and he lost the plot completely.  His game planning was actually non-existent  and the teams he coached failed to score enough tries.    In the RC in 2015 they scored only 7 tries with the opponents scoring  11 against them,   In the RC in 2019  the Springboks scored  12  tries with the opposition only scoring 7    The same tendency was noted in the WC in 2015 and in the WC in 2019 in 7 matches their opponents only scored 4 tries with the Springboks scoring 30 tries against all opposition.    In two games in the 2015 WC - the opponents scored 5 tries against the Springboks  - Japan 3 and  the AB's 2.    They did not score 30 tries in 2015 WC - they scored much less,  

Together with two other duds - De Villiers and Coetzee - he was the worst SA coach in the professional era - his main problems being that -

*   he selected players purely on reputation with total disregard of performance; and

*   he really had no game plan at all - the only "plan" if there indeed was one was equal to the 2004  Bulls game plan  which were a disaster on test level.

He was fired by Stade Francais for exactly the same reasons as he was effectively fired by SARU - ie a grossly incompetent coach.   

Just as an aside the absence of a game plan made it impossible for players to perform.   The fact is that Meyer was forced into selections because the reputation players he favored became unavailable.   He wanted Fourie at 13 and  the seriously injured De Villiers as centers in the WC.    Fourie turned up at the June 2015 so fat and  unfit that he would have been unplayable in the WC and that resulted in Meyer being forced to find another center.   De Villiers never really recovered from his serious injury and should never have been in the squad.   So the dreadful Meyer was forced to select  De Allende and  Kriel as a center pairing    and at the start of the WC they had exactly 3 games together as centers.   So that is another proof the worst coach since 1995  f#cked up royally in team selection and development.   He holds the record of having selected the worst WC squad since 1995.    

You are indeed funny - in 2012 Meyer said he selected players on the basis of him knowing them - so in the squads he  selected that year there were 14 Bulls players included,


Dec 17, 2020, 17:18

2nd best coach bwhaaahaaaaaa


Dec 17, 2020, 18:12


Probably the second worst coach  with only Coetzee being worse,    

Have a look at the  Cricket section and especially Denny's message to me about Migael Pretorius who were added to the SA squad,  

Denny and  I agree on one issue and that is that Ngidi took a dive in performances and needs a real wake-up call.          

Dec 17, 2020, 18:15

So where’s the proof on Schickerling Wanker?

Dec 17, 2020, 18:19

Where is the proof on Mostert and his performances - BSter? 

Dec 17, 2020, 19:59

Okay.....not the same thing. This is just something you invented to divert, but here you go, from the Roar:

Franco Mostert – 7.5
An absolute workhorse in defence after replacing the injured de Jager in the 21st minute. Topped the tackle count with 16 and not a single miss.


Only Vermeulen was rated higher among the forwards. Now let’s have the proof Schickerling was at a Bok training camp just before the WC.

Dec 17, 2020, 21:27

Workhorse in Defense - but tackles were weak and he was poor when the English was on attack for the five minutes and the decisive tackles were made by Etzebeth, Malherbe and Du Toit/   He destroyed the second try scoring opportunity in the first half when he spilled a ball - the first one was destroyed by Willie.    I an talking about real try-scoring opportunities - not the one that never was one and you falsely claimed was one     It happened in minute 41 in the first half/

Now there is another one that you coined - process tackles.    I know it is utter BS - but if there was such a term in reality  process tackles are all that Mostert made with players going forward in tackles.

Mostert is not a good open-field defender and there were two tries scored  - one in the RC by Argentina and one by the All Blacks in the WC match - that followed him being run over when he tried to make face-to-face tackles   It was those two poor tackle attempts that caused him being dropped from the starting line-up to the bench by Erasmus. 

After watching the match video a couple of times I agree with Dave he missed two tackles  amd other people stopped the players concerned from going forward and scoring,      . 

Another  angle  De Jager played for less than 20 minutes before he was injured  in a way you lied about anyway,    He made in the 20 minutes 6 strong tackles  - in the 62 minutes Mostert played he made 15 weak tackles - according to ESPN - not 16 as mentioned in the report you quoted.

Be it as it may - the farce about performance by Mostert  has been clearly exposed now.   The funny part is if Du Toit made the 15 tackles you would have called it  "process tackles" - but in the case of Mostert it is credited as good performance.   LMAO

One other thing - I saw ratings by many people and in all of them  a string of forwards were rated higher than  Mostert.    

Try again - this one did not work.   

By the way I may have been wrong about the year in which Schickerling was called up to the camp, but not wrong about his injury before the WC squad was announced,   Of one thing I am 100% certain - Mostert was extremely average playing for the Springboks and  he will not make the squad again - Schickerling will.                    .  .       

Dec 17, 2020, 22:38

Not a single missed tackle - that’s a joke

Two missed clearly pointed out

As for Meyer as Bok coach, I’d say he has been our worst Bok coach for the simple reason that we had such high expectations of him and he completely flopped

The expectations from Carel, PDV and Coetzee were very low and they delivered on that

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