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May 05, 2020, 04:45

This is what I posted after the 2019 WC:-

We have seen and endless repeat of the same jargon on site by the same people and they have in fact no proof that what they say are supported by facts.

Attacks on Coach and individual players


The moment Erasmus was appointed the attacks on him as a coach started.   The first attack started  when Erasmus was appointed as Director of Rugby by SARU and he was accused of -

*   incapacity as a coach;

*   as deserting his employers.

Even the capacity in which he was appointed was distorted and when it was announced that up until the WC he would be utilized as interim head coach he was accused of wanting to be out of the coaching position because of his poor coaching abilities and that he is just acting according to them was the case ion the past.

Despite his efforts in 2018 to get a playable squad based on performance together - the attack on him was intensified during that year,   The away win against the AB's were ignored and not worth noting,   But the narrow loss in Pretoria was attributed to his irresponsible bench changes and that is still the norm.   Recently I referred to an incident in the Wellington test and the response that came out was on what happened in Pretoria.

This year the detractors started giving him their own nick names - a sure sign of their efforts to demean him as a coach.  When it was announced that some players would be sent to New Zealand and not participate in the Aussie test  Mozart went overboard in his attack on Erasmus,   All kinds of doom forecasts by him and his supporters appear on site,   They never realized that some players were kept back tp give them playing time after injuries.

The other point the detractors made is that Meyer had a wonderful game plan and Erasmus has none.  The fact that the Springboks started to score more tries is ignored.   The fact that the Springbok kicking game has improved 100% amd that recipients are in the main under extreme pressure are ignored and the kicking part of the gamme [lan ios the only thing mentioned.   

The rants of the detractors grew louder after the game on Saturday.

Falsified  Match reports

Mozart developed a report on what happened in matches based on total garbage and called it morzoscopes.   The first one I read was totally false and deal with incidents to attack some players and defend others against criticism.  Because it was total garbage Mozart did only once since wrote a similar report and it was also based on the same principle - protection of players he support and demonizing the player he disliked.

Mozart was soon followed b Pakie and AO and the target was always the same players.   The reports dealt with incidents and the idea was always to use these reports as basis for criticism.  Distortion of what happened became the norm as was the case with the Barrett try in the WC semi in 2015.

Although Mozart stop is match reports - except one in 2017 Pakie took over as match analyst and he his first report was on the missed tackles of De Allende in the Aussie test in 2015,  Easy technique reduce the number of tackles made and increase the number of missed tackles in the evaluation.   He could not understand why he was criticized for writing totally deceptive reports as he started to add photos to the stories he claimed happened.  However, the angle of the photos prove zero about what actually happened on the field of play and the photos actually confirmed the distortions he wrote.

AO wanted to do better he wanted to show his heroes and attack the players he demonized through those clips and the fact is the clips do not show anything before and after the incident,                    

Pieter-Steph Du Toit  

Believe it or not when Dave and I referred to the wonderful performance in the 2012 Under 20WC - where he played at 7 - and suggested that Du Toit is a prospect for the future. Mozart went on all-out attack and that attack continued without a break for six years and his faithful minions keep up their support.

Du Toit played for the Sharks at lock but he had injury problems for about 18 months after that series  and even though his performances were top class the constant attacks on him followed consistently    His comments on Du Toit injuries was so bad one could accept that he was really relishing the fact that the player was injured.

Du Toit was the moved to 7 for the first time in three years playing outside the lock position.   His first two appearances was just about average and in one test he made a mistake allowing a score by the opponents,  That incident is constantly repeated to this day.   When Louw made a similar mistake last year in a test - the circumstances were exactly similar - Mozart said it was different since Louw was always supported by him

Whenever their is positives in a game by Du Toit it is ignored and  made out to be hype.  According to Mozart, AO and Pakie Du Toit should not be in the squad.   Du Toit in their book -

*   makes "process tackles" of no value to the team;

*   plays on the wing - because he got the ball there about three times in matches he played in;

*   he is to slow and physically too weak to be a lock or a 7.

An incident n Saturday was typical.  Du Toit made a very good line break and made a chip kick gathered by Jantjies and the end result was a score by De Jager .  None of the Du Toit detractors mentioned his involvement the incident and when pointed out to him, Mozart came back with the nonsensical BS that the break and kick was of no value since the ball could have bounced differently.

The attacks on Du Toit never stopped since 2013 because he became a threat to Matfield's selection as a lock and the Mozart clique wants Louw to play at 7.  Louw is so wonderful and praiseworthy - Du Toit is to be demonized endlessly.

Lood der Jager

Another player that was from the day he was selected under attack from Mozart and his minions.  The problem was the same - he posed a problem as to the selection of Matfield.



May 05, 2020, 06:02

Feeling sad you made a fool of yourself fouling up your own thread? Yes, you are easily read; always singling out posters when you feel threatened. It's been something of a bad week for you. Moz didn't help by resurrecting your past gaffs. :D

May 05, 2020, 06:07

cept one in 2017 Pakie took over as match analyst and he his first report was on the missed tackles of De Allende in the Aussie test in 2015

I took over as match analyst in 2017 and wrote my first report in 2015? I'm a visionary! :D

Ou Mike, every time you bring up this little accusation (which you have apologized to me for more than once over the years since 2015), I will link to the original thread that will show I was not trying to put the knife into Damian, I was debunking two blatant lies you told about the reasons for Damian's missed tackles while freely admitting that I may have missed one or two tackles in my quick runthrough. The point was accounting for all the missed tackles, as that was the area your claims were aimed at. Note in that thread your complete failure (to this day) to provide one single piece of evidence to corroborate your two claims about the reasons for his missed tackles.

May 05, 2020, 07:55

Ou Maaik is a liar and a coward. Asking him to admit to his lies is about as pointless as an ashtray on a motorbike.

May 05, 2020, 09:09


May 05, 2020, 09:58


Mozart brought up threads in which he disgraced himself  thoroughly ands you were no better - that is enough said in your lunacy above,   He even changed what wrote in his one thread - so stupidly that he was caught out,

You are no better - you accused me of things based on BS and you write distorted things on site so much so that best advice is to accept that the exact opposite to what you wrote is true. 

By the way you have used so many different user names in the past it was impossible to remember them all - you have been an ignorant fake for years.          

May 06, 2020, 16:57

Another Wanker Troll gone horribly wrong......hahahaha!

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