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May 12, 2024, 09:02

What is going on there at the Saarks?!!! 

It was a petty decent game. Werner and Fassi were doing really well until Kotze lost the plot with a poor clean out. Yet, that shouldn't be the only reason. Looks like they only played for 60 min and then just switched off. 

Think Fassi will do better going to the Stormers or Bools rather being lumbered with this ahit team. 

Not sure if it was the subs, emptying the bench too soon. But come on. 

Do you think the sharks deserve to get a Heineken spot if they win ecpc cup? 

And that is a big if and very risky. Especially with 3 key Boks potentially out. 

The sharks just don't know how to build depth. 

Plumbers needs to go, he's been a disaster and have lost the plot. He got booted from the sharks a while back, then did an okay job at the Hurricanes, but got kicked out of the all black coaching team. 

The man has lost it. 

They need a coach like Johan Ackermann or dare I say it Meyer. Even Johan van Graan is doing really well with bath, but yet this clown is destroying a fantastic rugby team 

May 12, 2024, 09:21

The Sharks have been Kak since before Plumtree...the rot is higher up the ladder...something is off.

May 12, 2024, 12:56

That game was lost by poor handling amongst the Sharks backs. Mapimpi conceded 5 turnovers….some of which led directly to oppo tries. In all the Sharks backs had double the turnovers of the Benetton backs….Mapimpi 5, Kock 4, Fassi3. It was obvious watching the game and crystal if you looked at a few stats.

May 12, 2024, 13:18

The table is looking tasty with 2 games left.

I dunno, but I'm really enjoying the URC. It seems to be growing in viewership year on year too.

The Bulls did indeed take their foot for the gas, but it was against Glasgow who are table toppers.

Eggchasers rugby has the best nickname of Arendse...The Rugby Cheat Code. Haha brilliant.

Kinda glad the Italians got that win over the Sharks. Again, it's good for the game.

Manie did well. The much maligned Jake White has the highest win ratio this year out of all the Saffa teams. To be fair though, he has such a beast of team, he should probably have one or two more wins at the stage of the competition.

The next two weeks are gonna be good.

May 12, 2024, 15:08

These issues sharks are having is something that is coming before Plumtree arrived….there is a lack of motivation by the players and it’s obvious on the field….as much as I like Mapimpi and Willie I think they might be over there best…give Plumtree a fair bit of time…they already playing a bit better than they used to.

May 13, 2024, 09:29

Sharks looked to have turned the corner a few weeks ago only to fuck it all up again over the weekend

It’s good to see Fassi back to his best - he is a real talent - has to be back in the Bok mix much like Gelant at the Stormers

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