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Sep 12, 2023, 15:04

The merits of just a handful of players over and over and over again. Regardless of what is said on each side opinions never change.

How many threads have been dedicated to powder puff Mostert, Lood, PSDT and de Allende?

Morne Steyn got his fair share as well

Nothing anyone says on here will change my views on the 4 players mentioned , despite my ability to change my opinion of a player - queue Jessie Kriel

Pre Am leapfrogging him I was a big fan but I’ve come to realise he lacks finesse, the soft touch or a good rugby brain.

He is solid, robotic and does a job but a test 13 needs to be more - Am and Moodie are just that and that comes after only seeing Moodie operate at 13 once against NZ

It’s why I have been talking up Griquas 13 Xamlashe he reminds me of Am, it’s why I think the young Lions 13 Henco v Wyk looks like another Jessie Kriel

Sep 12, 2023, 18:05

Moodie? :D

Saddex, if there's something you know the least about, aside from everything, it's centres. You must have been a bench prop. 

Sep 12, 2023, 18:23


Some players have been petty hated by some posters.   Mozart started the rot when both you and I said that Du Toit should be said as a loc k and not Mattfield returning from retirement.   Matfield from 2013 to 2015 was simply a disaster in performances and then the attacks on Du Toit and De Jager got worse in every test they played. in.

The same Mozart attacks on D e Allende started because Francois Steyn was no selected for the Springbok teaam.    Then the attacks continued when Esterhuizen came on the scene.    Mozart got really worse when he admitted he does not consider positive performances of his pet hate players.    

None o the players you mentioned are ever judge on real performances in matches - it is pure pettiness that caused he avalanche of criticism they have to endure on site.   Fact is some players write sagas on imaginary instances that never happened.     For example Mozart "discovered an imaginary try scoring opportunity that never existed and blamed de Allende - he actually lied about about what really happened.    He praised Mostert for defending when the English team in the final was attacking for about 6 minites.  In that time he made 2 weak tackles - and missed two tackles identified by you and the one good tackle he was involved in was actually was made by Marx    .             .                        

Sep 12, 2023, 18:46

Doos you think Kriel is better than Am you stupid twat - don’t lecture me on centres you idiot

Yes Moodie - he is pure class and will play 100 tests for the Boks

Sep 12, 2023, 18:53


Tell us your thoughts on Mostert.

Sep 12, 2023, 19:08

Maaik prefers Lood over Mostert. 

Sep 12, 2023, 23:39

Pot kettle black Mike! How many posts have we had to endure about you bleating on the performances of Matfield, Frans Steyn and Willem Alberts?????

Sep 13, 2023, 01:38

Right now the old liar is smarting because of his laughable calls on Djokovic. He claimed Djokovic was done 3 years ago, after which he has won 7 of 10 Majors he was allowed to play.

More recently he has been trashing the Joker before and during the US Open. And then after saying he will never bet on Djokovic, when cornered suddenly claimed he didn’t mind Djokovic winning because he had a bet on him.

The man is totally dishonest a barefaced liar… are the excerpts:

‘ I would not put 5 cents on Djokovic winning the US Open.   I think he will remain the number 2 ranked player for many more months..    We will see what happens in the draw on thursday though.                

‘There was a massive difference between the level of tennis played by the quarterfinalists in the Top Half of the Draw and the tennis played   by the quarterfinalists in the Bottom Half of the Draws,   The players like Medvedev and Alcaraz had to fight for points all the way and  that was in particular by the commentator on the match between Medvedev and Rublev the interviewer after the match referred to the fact by thanking both Medvedev and Rublev for playing spectacular tennis.’

‘That makes Alcaraz the favorite to win in the final,   In that regard I think that in the unlikely event that Medvedev beats Alcaraz in the semifinal he will be favored to beat his opponent in the final.’   

‘ It was hard for Medvedev to get to the final - much harder than it was for Djokovic.    So who is going to win in the final?   Based on performances and the difficulty it was for Medvedev to reach the final I think Medvedev will win the final.’    


And after all those comments and the claim he wouldn’t put 5 cents on Djokovic he comes up with this:

’I congratulated him already and is rather pleased with his victory since I laid a bet of R125 with Betway that he would win and it was a nice return for my money. ’


The only thing I find curious  is that some posters on here still think this stinking liar deserves to be heard…..hahaha.

Sep 13, 2023, 08:50


First of all you lied about me not congratulating you on the issue of me not congratulating Djokovic on his victory in the US Open - and that lie will be the basis on which  I dealt with your above rugby issues.   Talking about lies you ae the KING OF LIARS on sit and to accuse me of lies on the basis you tried.

You falsely accused me of not congratulating Djokovic on his win, but you never congrstulated Alcaraz on his win in the Wimbledon tournament.    You wrote a long  story about the issue but never once you congratulated him on he win.    You merely tried to find excuses or Djokovic losing - nothing else.

This thread is about rugby players - not tennis players - you were as per normal caught not spreading lies on site and and I poined out two incidents where you were caught lying about rugby players on site.    So you tried o find a diversion and got caught out lying again.

I will try and make a copy of the Betway betting slip and post it on line to prove that I put R125 on him to win.    In the meantime what about an apology about the lie on me not congratulating  Djokovic on his win in the US Open?      


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