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Mar 16, 2024, 14:51

France discovered how dangerous a grubber kick could be against a flat defense, when they beat NZ in my candidate for the greatest game in RWC history. Italy use the same tactic, to devastating effect last weekend against Scotland could this be the tactic that tilts the balance against dominant defenses?

And one crucial rule change makes this tactic more relevant. If the grubber is designed to reach in in goal area, in many cases the attacking team has an equal shot at grounding the ball. But if not, they get the ball returned to them with the goal line drop out in a good attacking position The old short kick, with a chance for kicking team to retain possession, is too dangerous.

Mar 16, 2024, 21:25

The grubber kick is done quite regularly by the Springboks - with De  Allende the main kicker - but you never see anything he es in matches so I am not surprised by that fact.

In the recent WC one of De Allende' kicks ended  up in scoring of a try. leading to us being lectued as to why instead of he kick he should have passed.    

In conclusion grubber kicks has a definite place in attacking rubb y - but should not be over-used sie in such cases it becomes repetitive and predictable      

Mar 16, 2024, 22:27

Sadly in the recent RWC Dud Allende never had one try assist. Now a grubber that ended up in the scoring of a try would have been called an assist…so sadly I have to conclude that you are just lying again.

Mar 17, 2024, 02:46

Liar - he was responsible through a drubber kick for th s coring of one try and scored one against the French himself.   Missed those two  incidents again p shame on  you.   That debate ayter a drubber kick by De Allende where a try was scored - you went into a diatribe about he should have passed the ball and not kicked it.         

Mar 17, 2024, 03:24

I never said he never scored a try against France…I said  he had zero assists in the WC. So tell us, when did this grubber happen. Here’s a hint, the comment I made that the player should have passed rather than kicked was about. Libbok against France.

But the floor is your’s tell us where the grubber occurred, perhaps I missed it.

Mar 17, 2024, 04:27

Most of DdA's grubbers went absolutely nowhere

Mar 17, 2024, 11:20


That grubber led to a try being  scored.   

Mar 17, 2024, 14:57

What grubber….against what team….I must have missed it.

Mar 17, 2024, 23:55

 As per normal you miss 90% of  what happened in test matches.   But then I clearly remember how  you carried on that De Allende should have passed the abll and not give thje klick that caused a try.    It was in the French test anyway.     

Mar 18, 2024, 00:19

You, did not miss it - but hen  you miss 90% of what happens in test matches.   It was one of he three tries scored by the Springboks against France and you claimed that De  Allende should have past the ball and not make the grubber kick a silly argument at the time - but then with you on all topics BS reigns supreme..       .   

Mar 18, 2024, 01:51

Okay, you continue with the insults. Here are the highlights from the French match:

Point out where Dud Allende grubber kicks and  a try results. And if you can’t please retract your insults, there’s a good plank.

Mar 18, 2024, 07:10

My popcorn needs more salt.......

Quite the wait ..

Mar 18, 2024, 13:28


Mar 18, 2024, 13:42

Eight movies down and still no response .....but loads of popcorn ... and sadly salt as well

One of those movies was 3 hours and 27 minutes long....

Come on Michael.... put us all out of our misery and just post the proof dammit

Mar 18, 2024, 20:35

Wanker is ubiquitous  on the Trumpet, but suddenly a scarce commodity in the Rugby Section. The deep dive.

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