Ireland's O'Brien to miss World Cup

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May 26, 2019, 20:12

Unfortunate to celebrate an opponents misfortune, but not having O'Brien is a big loss for the Irish.

When in form he is arguably the best fetcher in the game. He is a complete nuisance at the ruck, and the Irish will be weaker without him. He was perhaps the most influential B&I Lion on their more recent tour. 

This injury increases the Bok chances of defeating the Irish in the first round knock-out matches.

The Irish were not as good this year as last year, with the Welsh and English looking better in the 6-nations.

May 26, 2019, 21:37

Irish would only play Boks in Q Final depending on where they finished in their group and the Boks in theirs.

May 26, 2019, 21:38

Sorry just read again and you’re on to it!

May 26, 2019, 22:07

You are correct, I thought for a moment it was the All Blacks, Irish and Bok in the 1st round. (Pool B). 

Rather it is just the Boks and ABS in Pool B

Whoever wins this Pool B match is assured to finish 1st pool B.

However, it can be expected that the All Blacks are at least 70/30 favourites to beat the Boks in Pool B. This would mean the Boks will face Ireland in the quarters. 

The Irish have been given the easiest POOL A. 

Pool C is the hardest. 

Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan Pool Draw
  • Pool A: Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Play-off Winner.
  • Pool B: New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Africa 1, Repecharge 1.
  • Pool C: England, France, Argentina, USA, Tonga.
  • Pool D: Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji, Uruguay.

May 28, 2019, 10:55

Not too sure about the Paddies Sharkbok. As soon as everyone started calling them the No. 1 in the world, they folded badly in the Six Nations! Jocks may give them more than a few problems.

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