Ireland, the world number 1 (2) team and favourite World Cup quarter finalist

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Jul 04, 2024, 11:19

So we are kicking of a 2 match test series against Oi'Land. I still don't think that they are a true rugby nation, but it is good to see them being able to expand the competition pool which leads to a more interesting matches. They have done well over the years, and have won the last 3 games against the boks. 

I wonder how Saturdays game will play out. I am so fedup of losing to them and based on some posters predictions, we always have a steep drop after the World Cup. 

But Rassie has more of a luxury now, got one test under his belt this year against a very flat Wales. He has most of his starters and it will be a fantastic revenge to shut Ireland up once and for all. 

They didn't quite seem to be the same team in the 6 nations and dropped a game against England. I have to mention that the French team didn't show up either, but in the end, Ireland still won the 6 nations. 

I hope we can put a big score on them and then destroy them in both games and send them packing back to paddy land. 

Jul 04, 2024, 14:17

Well listening to Paul O, Conell, the Irish are very determined to make up for there exit at the Rugby WC by beating the boks here in Sourh Africa....According to him Irish are ready for what the boks will brimg and have some good plans for Beating the Boks…..let’s wait and see….Of course I also hope for a Bok victory!

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