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May 10, 2022, 12:45

So there are currently some talks happening that they are trying to introduce another global season but only to be played every 2 years, this is because of the World Cup and British Lions tours. 

I think that we all would benefit from a global season and know the real test number 1 team. But if we look at the world class teams around, it is not like there are that many teams compared to other sports. 

Yes, some of the Nothern Hemisphere teams has stepped up. Australia has waned and Argentina has fallen off completely. 

But how will it really work when clubs are demanding so much to keep themselves going but then having to share their start players. Toulon is constantly moaning about player availability. So French are ditching the current boks for more available players that won't play international rugby. We are already seeing NZ players opting to go abroad and give up on test rugby in order to get more money and sustain themselves and their families. 

I did write previously having SA in the 6 nations would give them a global competition. 

But I think if this would truly work then the Lions need to be dropped completely from the calender as it eliminates 4 teams from the calendar. 

But I do like the concept of an A league and a B League and that teams need to be promoted. 

However, if we look at where teams actually make their money, it is from tours. BIL was a massive shot in the arm for SARU. So maybe we should get rid of the leagues or tournaments and focus on tours, we have the world cup. 

I would love to have the All Blacks, French, Australia, England, Ireland etc come for a 3 match test series. Reduce the need for travel and allow fans to follow their teams, but  the lions messes that up. 

May 10, 2022, 14:10

Hopefully we don't join the 6 nations. As we are already part of the URC, joining the 6 nations will not be good for our rugby....we need the Southern Hemisphere competition as this will improve our rugby....and Tournaments help in discovering new talents coming thru.....the structure should have stayed the same...super rugby, then maybe a change in June, July tests with rather France, England or Ireland coming for a tour, then Rugby Championship and then EOYT. P.s. we will see this year how the loss of Super 12 have effected our Rugby.

May 10, 2022, 14:58

Agree, so hard to really judge how good the rugby leagues are. We have a team like Leicester being destroyed by Leinster, but yet our below strength URC teams is giving them a good run for their money. 

But I do think there is value in tours, more so than a league. After all, this our tradition and what it is all about. 

But I think the June Internationals should almost be scrapped and agree that it should go to Aug / Sept when we normally play the world cup. 

So maybe 2 Friendlys with smaller unions like Samoa, then Championship, then 3 match home test against a NH team followed by the traditional  end of year tour

May 10, 2022, 15:14

No, we don’t want a global season nor do we want SA in the 6 Nations. 

Also, Leicester weren’t totally destroyed by Leinster. They came back well after the break and there was some dubious reffing that didn’t help their cause. Also, Leicester chose the wrong tactics against a side who are great in the air. 

May 10, 2022, 15:56

Here is the current world rankings

1Steady South Africa90.61
2Increase1 France88.88
3Decrease1 New Zealand88.75
4Steady Ireland88.22
5Steady England84.50
6Steady Australia83.92
7Steady Scotland81.80
8Increase1 Argentina80.58
9Decrease1 Wales79.28
10Steady Japan78.26
11Steady Fiji76.62
12Increase1 Georgia73.78
13Decrease1 Samoa73.59
14Steady Italy72.33
15Steady Spain68.26
16Steady Tonga67.72
17Increase1 Romania66.95
18Decrease1 United States66.54
19Steady Uruguay66.40
20Steady Portugal65.72
There is a clear gap between the top 10 and the rest and one could almost argue that below the top 6 there are questions on some of these teams, barring an odd upset in recent times like Japan beating SA and Ireland, Scotland beating England twice in a row. But there are only 6 teams really that can beat one another. E.G. AB lost to France, Ireland and SA. SA lost to Eng, Aus and New. 

Argetina beat the ABs once but have completely fallen off the radar. 

But there can only be around 12 to 14 test matches a year without falling fowl of the clubs who pays these players wages. So in  theory there is room for 4 tours of 3 test matches per tour. 

But NZ and Aus love their bledisloe cup. Can't see a 3 match tour of Ireland in Ireland neither that of the UK. Europe seems to enjoy having many teams to play against but the also have the geography that caters for that. 

Then we have the southern hemisphere where it does make sense to tour given the distance. But maybe the top 4 European teams should tour the southern hemisphere and maybe that is where  the rankings come in and not leave it up to the unions to organise. 

So SA could play, Aus, NZ, Eng, Fra in one year

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