Is it still such a bad idea for SA to go north

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Jul 18, 2022, 08:16

So after 2 series losses at home by the top 2 of 3 Southern Hemisphere powers. I'm wondering whether the glass ceiling has finally been broken. 

I came remember when last a Northern hemisphere team las won in New Zealand, let alone a series. 

England have been dominant of Australia. 

Then we had the Boks poor team selection, however most of the Boks now play in the Northern hemisphere. 

So New Zealand had lost 4 of their last 5 games. 

But we we will know after the championship where the Boks are and if they will bring in more URC players. 

I expect a really difficult incoming tour by NZ. 

But gone are the days of Southern Hemisphere domination 

Jul 18, 2022, 09:16

I’m expecting maximum “playing to the edge of the rules” IE cheating from the ABs when we play them.

Very happy with the URC thus far. Teams come to play rugby and not to ruin games with professional and ungovernable fouls.

Long may we enjoy the URC and European rugby.

Jul 18, 2022, 09:34

Going North is a direct result of New Zealand wanting SA and Argentina out of Super Rugby and the only link remaining is SA and Argentina still playing in the Rugby Championship.    

That could also collapse if SA becomes part of the Northern at present six-nations champions Cup competition - the Under 20 team  is already part of the 6 Nations soon to be expanded to involve also SA and Georgia and a different format in the competition is used.    

If their is a country to be blamed for the collapse of Super Rugby it is New Zealand.      

Jul 18, 2022, 11:45

I'm not writing NZ off at all. Just may need a few more games and expecting a different all black team.

It looks like NZ rugby is dramatic decline. It is very hard to judge the quality of Super Rugby as on the surface it looks like  a spectacle but when it comes to test rugby. It becomes a different  beast. 

I think the SA teams kept NZ and Australian teams honest and always gave them tough competition. Even though some of our teams may have  played outdated styles but not  completely true. 

So two years of playing kissing cousins has now weaken their players. Where as our players have been playing against Europe best.  

There is so much of Irelands play that is almost a carbon copy of how Leinster and Ulster play. The all use the backline with great effect, really good short passes and runners. Any ball carrier always have the ball  in both hands, it is either a short pass, a player coming around the corner for a pop or the lob pass. 

Not sure what NZ or Aus will throw at us. But I'm really worried about Rassie and Niena poor game plan and player selection. 

Someone in NZ wrote that their isn't much to defend other than to man up in front. 

Jul 18, 2022, 13:13

As if it was up to SA rugby...

The world of rugby has grown obsessed with proving that rugby could be something else than an association with the Apartheid. They have gone and will go long ways to promote the project.

At the moment, a tremendous amount of wealth is transfered from the North to SA rugby to try to bail them out of their misery and keep them afloat.

It is not an idea, it is a lifeline thrown to SA rugby.

Jul 18, 2022, 13:46

Trad you  might have a point. Aus and NZ are fighting over broadcast deals. At first I thought it  was NZ taking the lions  share given how money was structured previously when SA was involved but what actually happened was that each Union negotiate with their local broadcasters on the rights. 

So  NZ made a deal with Sky and got $90mil where as Aus could only get $30 mil from Stan sports. This includes all the incoming international matches too. 

Where as in the past, but which I think SA  was to generous was that all of the money actually came from SA fans paying super sport, but then this money would go into a pot and NZ and Aus would get an equal share. 

I'm not sure what the broadcast right are like these days. But if Supersport is only paying for the URC an incoming tours and the deal is between Super Sport and SA rugby, then I think we are going to do well financially. 

No more paying for NZ and Australia rugby 


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