Is the URC more lucrative for SA teams?

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Jan 03, 2023, 20:11

I've been trying now for months to try and figure out how much money SA teams is making out of the URC. I have not been able to find out how money is divided and who gets paid what. 

I know back in the Super rugby days, SA use to pay most of the money but it would be split pretty evenly amongst the NZ/Aus teams. However, since SA has left, Aus and NZ have been at loggerheads over who should get what as NZ is getting $90m a year vs Australia $20mil a year. However, this money is generated from their own countries and no longer get the money SA Supersport use to pay them. 

I also noticed that the URC recorded a record match attendance over the Christmas break of 100 000 spectators. But to be honest, that is a drop in what we have seen in the past when Loftus, Newlands, Ellis Park etc were pretty much full. 

But interesting story, of those 100 000 spectators, 50 000 was in SA. People going back to games in Cape Town and Durban. 

I'm just wondering if SA is underselling themselves yet again. The only other country is Ireland, but they only get a high number if its a final and its at the Aviva. On average, their home games are below 20k spectators. 

We see the same from broadcast numbers. 

But when I look at who own the right,it is an Irish company and I'm not sure where SA fit in. 

We know SA rugby is a really valuable commodity but for some reason our administrators always shoot themselves in the foot with bad deals. Our teams should be up there against French and English teams in terms of money they could spend on players. 

So does anybody know how much money our teams are getting from the URC?

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