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Nov 05, 2019, 02:59

Japan could receive a shock invitation to join the Six Nations, following their success as hosts of the Rugby World Cup.

The idea has been floated in private after it emerged that the Rugby Championship — the Southern Hemisphere equivalent — were dithering about including the fast emerging Japanese and were proposing a delay of four or five years before sanctioning their involvement.

No formal discussions have taken place but World Rugby are aware that, given the growing popularity of rugby in Japan, key figures within the Six Nations organisation have expressed an interest in creating a tournament that stretches 6,000 miles to the Far East.

It is unlikely, however, that this has been placed before the six nations already involved at this early stage.

It has never before been thought possible that the Six Nations could move beyond Europe. It began as a competition between countries in the British Isles before the inclusion of France in 1910 and Italy in 2000. Recently, there has been talk of widening the competition to Georgia or Russia, perhaps at Italy's expense, although again there has never been a formal proposal.

Sir Clive Woodward is among the advocates of promotion and relegation in a bid to raise standards.

The success of this World Cup has brought Japan's status into sharper focus. There is a great desire within the sport to capitalise on Japan's achievement – both as a team, winning a group that included Ireland and Scotland, and as hosts.

England are already undertaking a two-match tour there next summer, with games planned in Kobe and Oita, and Wales are also planning to return.

The months in which the Six Nations are played, mainly February and March, are benign in Japan, well away from typhoon season, and at the end of winter coming into spring.

Even if the trip was daunting for travelling fans, it would be expected that stadiums would sell out with locals excited by the prospect of competitive matches.

The novelty and Japan's exciting style of rugby would be of great interest to broadcasters, too.

World Rugby are aware of the idea and have not opposed it – although any suggestion of taking the Six Nations beyond Europe is bound to find opposition from traditionalists. Europe's leagues would also try to resist a further invasion of their schedule.

The Rugby Championship would be Japan's natural home – and no doubt its preferred destination, given the additional popularity of the All Blacks there. South Africa will also have a growing following, having won Japan's World Cup. Yet a global Six Nations remains an intriguing proposition, one that would appeal to sponsors and increase revenue streams.


Interesting idea, but I don't think the logistics really permit such a thing. It would make more sense for Japan to participate in a restructured Rugby Championship in my opinion. Either way, if left isolated, they'll regress again. Japan is growing the game well and some form of regular test rugby against quality opposition on a consistent basis needs to be arranged. They've proven themselves better than both Argentina and Italy, at least this year. 

Nov 05, 2019, 04:46


Another skyscraper - the great NH teams were too scared to take part in the annual WR competition involving the top 12 teams in the world and undermined the planned competition on spurious stories about how they may be relegated.  

Funny how  the according to you "poor" SH teams  all supported the concept -  but the "great"  NH teams sabotaged the proposal after initially supporting it.    

Nov 05, 2019, 04:55

"They were too scared"

Your opinion. Not reality. 

"and undermined the planned competition on spurious stories about how they may be relegated."

Another work of fiction. The primary objections were logistics and revenue. Why should the more profitable NH game split the pie equally with The Paupers of the South? 

Funny how  the according to you "poor" SH teams  all supported the concept -  but the "great"  NH teams sabotaged the proposal after initially supporting it."

I made no such comment. 

Seriously Lügnerin. If you are so intent on attacking your own groin, please adopt the appropriate attire: Your clown costume. It makes the embarrassing spectacle a little easier to take in. 

Nov 05, 2019, 06:06


You claimed over the last year that SH rugby declined and that the NH teams advanced.   You do not realize that the NH management sabotaged the proposed annual world competition - but the you are too stupid to realize what actually happened. in that case,

The total disregard of what happened in SA rugby in 2015 - a disaster year for Springbok Rugby and praising the team for losing consistently - even against Japan - and idiotic downplaying on what happened in 2019 when the Springboks won bothe the WC and RC and is now the no 1 team in the world is really amazing,  It defies logic and is to put it mildly idiotic and malice.

No logical discussion is possible  with sick minds like we have here..  .  .      

Nov 05, 2019, 06:39

2015 was a disaster? We finished 3rd and lost marginally in a semi-final to the eventual champions? If only Damian, Lood and Kriel could defend, it'd have been even better! Imagine that, wanting to attack Meyer, but sidestepping the players who made those moments reality. This is where your dishonesty and lack of integrity really shines. 

As for the NH? They had consistently kept Australia and South Africa out of the top 5 for most of an entire cycle. That's unheard of. Ireland, Wales and England both reached #1 this year. What does that tell you. England soundly defeat Australia and New Zealand back-to-back. In fact, they defeated 3 of the 4 RC sides. South Africa and Australia's away record to these northern teams is poor. To make matters worse they started getting wins on our own soil too. These are tangible in-roads Lügnerin. The models and structures the NH have in place will stand the test of time, they have dramatically advanced their rugby. I've posted every kind of evidence to reveal these things, they all agree. You are simply too stubborn to relent. Unteachable. As arrogant and pompous as bitter Saffy. 

Nov 05, 2019, 09:35

OK - happy Idiots Day

Forget about the Japan loss and the lack of a game plan consisting of passing the ball back to forwards.   Forget about how the Springboks as a team failed against Japan - so blame Kriel for the loss only.   Forget about the lie Mozart concocted about the Barrett try in the WC semi.  Forget about the Matfield turn-around penalty and failure in the line-outs in the WC semi in 2015 as well as huis total absence in defense.  Forget about the 14 tackles De Jager made ion the semi - more than any other Springbok forward.  Forget about the nine possession turnovers made by De Allende in the 2015 WC.  I can go on longer on those.   

But then the Springboks lost against Japan and the true reasons are trying to be hidden by the Idiot Speakers.   Then we have the BS in the semi- no game plan at all bar passing of 80%  of the balls back to forwards and eliminate the backline totally.  

2015 was a disaster - 10 games played - 5 games lost - end of story.            

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