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Sep 06, 2019, 19:16

First Half:

Second Half: 

Sep 06, 2019, 19:27

Are you still trying to find faults to attack the team on?   

Sep 06, 2019, 19:38

I always analyse film. I break the game down into segments, looking at field position, distribution chains, plays, patterns, tactical kicking, etc.. etc...

That's how I enjoy the game. When talking about the game, I like to exchange ideas. Aside from a couple of people here, that never happens. I find the Aussies are more interested in that side of the game. 

As for this thread, I posted the game for anyone who wants to but cannot view the game anywhere else. It's that simple, yet not simple enough, apparently.

Sep 06, 2019, 20:22

Great stuff Auge, thanks!

Mike, get a grip.

Sep 06, 2019, 20:35

Thanks, just watching 2nd half now

Sep 06, 2019, 20:38

No problems Gents. I'll watch it fully myself later. It's been a busy day, and I forgot the game fell on a Friday! 

Sep 06, 2019, 20:53

Pity about the frame rate not being so hot, but it's watchable.

Sep 06, 2019, 21:07

@Pakie, it does look a bootleg copy! 

Sep 06, 2019, 21:13

Interesting to see the Boks now using Willie as a plug out wide for the narrow pinching wing rush defense. Could open us up for a kick over the top though as that seems to leave no one as a last line of defense.

Sep 06, 2019, 21:21

Nice set move for Mapimpi's second try. DA first receiver, Am running a dummy line off him to the inside drawing the Japan defense in tight, Pollard then gets the pass behind and just wide of Damian, throws a long pass to Willie joining the line to draw the wing and establish the man over. Good stuff, very simple.

Sep 06, 2019, 21:30

Lots of kicking in the first half. A few good tries, very well organized defense. Will watch the second tomorrow.

Sep 06, 2019, 22:00

Sorry about the quality guys. I posted this because the main sites are slow uploading. 

Sep 07, 2019, 00:04

Thanks Card, appreciated.

Sep 07, 2019, 00:18

Gern geschehen Blobbok.

Here's a download at AcrossThetasman. If anyone needs an invitation, I can send one. 


Sep 07, 2019, 13:04

Hi Auge,

Could you send me an invite for acrossthetasman.


Cheers mate.

Sep 07, 2019, 21:47

@Xavi: I uploaded the Tasman vid. Not sure If I've had my privileges to invite revoked or experiencing tech difficulties. Will send one once I have this resolved. A great place to get vids, so will definitely get this sorted for you. 

Sep 07, 2019, 22:32

Cheers Auge, sorted now.

Sep 09, 2019, 00:41

Aug your best board contribution to date - keep it up and I might just warm to you!!!

Sep 09, 2019, 07:34

Nice ... thanks.

Sep 09, 2019, 12:09

You're welcome Saffy. 

Sep 09, 2019, 12:14

Aug could you please translate the commentary next time!!

Sep 09, 2019, 12:44

You can watch the last upload in the thread, it's in English. Bideo o tanoshimi kudasai. :D

Sep 09, 2019, 15:05

The Japanese vocabulary was expanded with two new buzzwords in that game: Mapimpi! Kolbe!

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