Joe Biden backs US bid for Rugby World Cup

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Apr 22, 2022, 02:05

Los Angeles — A letter from US President Joe Biden expressing strong support of USA Rugby's bid to host the 2031 men's Rugby World Cup and 2033 Women's World Cup was part of a final bid package submitted by USA Rugby, the federation said Wednesday.

The World Rugby Council will vote on May 12 to determine the official host union for the 2031 and 2033 Rugby World Cups.

World Rugby chief executive Alan Gilpin said in March that he believed the $500 million partnership plan with the United States to host the events are "actually essential for our plans to keep rugby growing as a world sport."

Jim Brown, chair of the USA Rugby bid group, said organizers are in talks with 28 cities and 31 possible stadiums as host venues with the forecasted expense "generally understood ... in the half billion-dollar mark -- plus or minus $100 million."

In his letter to World Rugby chairman Sir Bill Beaumont, Biden says the United States "strongly supports the effort to bring the 2031 Men's Rugby World Cup Tournament and the 2033 Women's Rugby World Cup Tournament to our country and looks forward to working with Rugby World Cup Limited to help deliver the most successful Rugby World Cups in history."

Apr 22, 2022, 04:52

Anything supported by Biden is bound to be a disaster in the making.    Under him the USA has become a financial disaster and  US cities are criminal hotspots and multiple murders  are daily events in most cities of consequence.    

At the present rate the USA by 2031 will be controlled by terrorists he allowed to stream into the country by his Mexican  open border policies with drug gangs and  people smugglers controlling the USA.    

The USA will likely be selected by World Rugby - but whether it will be successful will depend on sensibility be back in  the US Government.    The present US Government is controlled by criminals and  one can only hope the  situation improves soon.            

Apr 22, 2022, 09:32

Damn that is one massive chip you are carrying around there, it's warped your bloody mind man. Try getting back in touch with reality.

Apr 22, 2022, 10:52

Tell me what is you plan for the final solution, us untermensch need some notice to get our affairs in order

Heil Mike

Apr 22, 2022, 11:10

Well the fake media apparently tells you nothing at all about the state the USA is in under Biden.   His approval rating for the job he is doing is down to just over 30%  .   That6 is reality i ever there was such a situation.   The problems the idiot President caused is leading to inflation - the open border policy is a sieve for people trafficking and no control over who crosses the border - leaving a wide open space  for terrorists and drug traffickers to enter.   Murder and crime is rife  - cities like Chicago is now regarded as mo0re dangerous to live in than previous murder capitals in the Americas.  The fact is the man is not the real President just a front for some billionaires and the Chinese Government who has him by the shorts as a result of bribery and corruption.    The problems are real and very dangerous for the world at large as well.  

The woke ideas predominate in the USA and everything is based on  the crazy racist stories.   

There are no untermench in the world and the only thing I expect from you is to read up on things comprehensively and you would find what really is wrong in the USA and in Europe.  Brainwashing in the media is a known factor so you do not knopw that everything Biden touched in the USA  is turning to shit.    Time to get rid of the Billionaire control and the ultra leftists  and communists ruining the USA at present.   

Apr 22, 2022, 16:20

Is it that time of month again Tokkie… what hysterical rubbish.

Apr 22, 2022, 19:09

WC in America would be cool.I would go.

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