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Aug 12, 2019, 16:39

The refs are ruining the game and the inconsistency is breathtaking:

England coach Eddie Jones believes the red card dished out to All Blacks lock Scott Barrett in the Test against the Wallabies was a ‘ridiculous’ call.

On Sunday, Eddie Jones’ England claimed a comfortable win over Wales, and immediately after that game, the outspoken coach called for World Rugby to take a stand in order to ensure there is greater consistency when it comes to the high-tackle law.

Watch: Barrett red card

Jones felt there were at least two incidents during the game which could have led to a red card in the battle against Wales.

‘I thought there was an issue with the referee,’ Jones commented. ‘We saw a red card yesterday [Saturday], which affected the game.

‘We need to get some consistency into that area of the game. In the World Cup if you lose a player through a red card as New Zealand did yesterday, it makes the game very difficult.

‘I thought we saw two instances today [Sunday] where that could have happened. I urge World Rugby, although I don’t think they do anything at great pace do they, to get some consistency in that area because otherwise we will have games being destroyed by an inconsistent official making a decision on a law that’s not clear.’

Jones added that there was no doubt that Barrett should not have been sent off in the Rugby Championship clash.

‘I thought it was ridiculous. A bloke gets tackled, he goes to be second man in and his shoulder hits his head and he gets a red card.

‘We can’t have that in the game.’

Aug 12, 2019, 18:13

A lot of players duck when being tackled and then it's called a high tackle. 

Very difficult to police sometimes. 

The fact is that the ref can very easily decide the outcome of a game if he is inclined. 

What is the solution though?

Aug 12, 2019, 18:20

Red cards should be reserved for deliberate, pre meditated instances of dirty play. The trouble is guys like Garcès get brownie points for being zealous on so called dirty play.

My remedy would be to prioritize refs who have actually played the game at an elite level. And to muzzle the activist TV refs.

Aug 12, 2019, 18:47

I have no problem with that red card. It was a forceful shot to the head. He knew what he was doing. However, consistency is an issue. Ever since the ELVs were introduced reffing has been a mess. 

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