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May 09, 2019, 14:08

the board is a lesser place without you. It's time to step into the ruck don't be ducks. Apologies if I didn't behave last time round,  I'll do worse ....I promise. C'mon guys, we can do with some solid posters.

May 09, 2019, 14:15

Absolutely agree Denny hopefully they will see both threads :)

May 09, 2019, 20:10

Justwin and Wardad are both around. Justwin posted not long ago and Wardad plays Total Rankers.

The fact that both read this board but neither one contributes much anymore says a lot about the primitive anti-New Zealand xenophobia we see on this board from certain chest-beating knuckle-draggers.

May 09, 2019, 20:30

Yeah some oaks are too hard on the fragile kiwis. Come on guys let's have a safe space for these snowflakes. 

JW is a great guy, excellent sence of fun. Warped DUD well he found it very hard to keep it all together and spent too much time in an insane froth. Perhaps if the can sort out his meds he will be okay!:D

Of course there is always room for another hatter! 

May 09, 2019, 22:13

Of course you know it all - don't you.

May 10, 2019, 00:09

Laughing Graphics

May 10, 2019, 08:58

Linda trans is a mole but who?

May 10, 2019, 17:34

Isn't it odd how she appeared on this thread Beeno?

She started attacking you the moment "she" arrived on the board. Almost as though she disliked you even before her first post.

Now let's see. Who else is lives in OZ and hates Beeno that deeply? 

Who else uses the same type of insults?

Looks like somebody is an habitual mole.


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