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Jan 05, 2020, 00:36

Bath had Underhill but he looked no more impressive than against the Boks.  Their main weapon on the deck was Francois Louw....who made at least 3 turnovers by my count, reminding one of his WC winning turnover against Wales....prompting the commentator to call him 'lethal just lethal'.

But Gloucester were motivated and well coached I thought. Amazing how Ackerman's coaching accomplishments have been forgotten.

Ackerman made a super back tackle to prevent a Faletau try and scored a good power try himself. Grobelaar and Marais both looked good as well.

Mostert had a busy game with a fine early break, and a huge try saving lineout steal but a few  uncharacteristic handling errors.

Jan 05, 2020, 01:50

Ackerman is a real talent - Rassie needs to cap him this year before the Poms grab him

Jan 05, 2020, 01:54

Mini Ackerman was good in SA and by this time he is probably better than he was. He is a strong ball carrier and can hit rucks, tackle the opposition backwards with an overall high tackle count in the impact zone. Could potentially also cover number 8- although not sure he has the finesse for passing or playmaking. A good backup for Steph DuToit. 

Jan 05, 2020, 07:28

If he can pass and create plays he is more than a back up for Dud.

Jan 05, 2020, 07:40


You must have watched one of few games which showed some spark in the Engllish Peremier comp this year,   Both Gloucester and Bath played 8 games thus far in the series and one 4 of those,   Both are not really the showpiece of rugby you try to pretend at all.  

Only a few weeks ago there were a thread dealing with Gloucester on which it mentioned as doing very poorly - and questions raised about Ackerman's coaching,    Now suddenly we had a new discovery about how we so easily forgot Ackerman's coaching abiilities.   Dave's comments was that Gloucester has a "shit squad".   Problem is that Ackerman did a good job at the Lions - but his methods were foreign to Meyer's ideas about rugby and no Lions players were in thee 2015 WC squad,   

Where Louw's wonderful performance in the Gloucester game  came from is a joke one has to wonder about,   That story about Louw winning the semi in the WC is a joke as well,    He was at best a back-up loosie in the WC and that is a fact,

However, Ackerman always as a youngster showed promise and I agree with Dave on this one.   He used to play at 7 for the Lions because of Whiteley being the no 8.    For Gloucester Ackeman in the main played at 8,    With Vermeulen leaving the scene we are indeed hunting for an 8 and I agree with Dave - Ackerman Junior may be the guy to fill that position.   

Jan 05, 2020, 10:43

Always liked the young Ackerman and hope he can play number eight.

He has no chance, barring injuries, of displacing the World rugby player of the year at 7.

LOuw has been a solid performer for the Boks and has earned respect so give it to him.

Jan 05, 2020, 12:52


Maybe I missed it. Where exactly is Gloucester touted as a showpiece?

Jan 05, 2020, 13:37

Mike is speaking a load of shit, the rugby up here is as good as anywhere and Gloucester are sitting 3rd or 4th on the table despite having an average squad

Ruan Ackerman has played at least half if not more of his games at 8 up here

Jan 05, 2020, 15:29

Funny ... I rated Ackerman as a Bok back in the day when he played for the Lions and ignorant fag lovers like Stupid Dave had a lot to say about my choice.

Now suddenly he's in favour of the lad. Go figure.


If he's not late to the party then he's singing the praises of quotas like Gelant.

What a dumb ass!!

Well it's a good thing I'm here to help the chump right.

You're friggin welcome

Jan 05, 2020, 15:31

Don’t lie Cunt I have always been a fan of young Ackerman from day one

My favoured 7’s for some time now have been Jacques du Plessis, JL du Preez and Ackerman

Get your facts straights you useless lying cunt

Jan 05, 2020, 18:03

Ben Morgan is Gloucesters preferred 8 while Akkerman Jr is used at 7. 

He's pretty handy as cover though and should be looked at to replace Thormeulen.

Jan 05, 2020, 18:38

Nope if he does not play 8 he plays 6 (blindside) with Jaco Kriel at 7

Jan 05, 2020, 21:45

When was the last time Kriel featured for them though? He's had a pretty horrid time of it with injury niggles  and with Polledri showing form he's going to struggle getting on the bench. 

If Polledri goes off with Italy for the 6 nation's, Kriel could get a chance to show us what made him a household name for the Lions.

Jan 05, 2020, 22:12

I see their 18 year old wing is involved in a tug of war between Wales and England

Jan 13, 2020, 12:32

Little AC Kerman played really good rugby when he played at the Lions.

It was a real loss when he followed his pops to Gloucs.

He still looks really good!

I agree that Ras needs to give him a shot in the G&G.

But if its just to take him off the English radar, i doubt he'd take it up.

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