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Oct 05, 2019, 21:17

Respect to Argentina for fighting on like that. That red card was the right decision and if you look at the replay the Argie lock never took his eyes off Farrell until just before impact he was head hunting, he always looks for stupid shit like this all the time. He let his team down but they showed some guts to soak up that pressure and even hit back a few times. Some stupid mistakes made it even harder than it already was. 

England were not their sharpest but we see the quality they have throughout the team. It was scrappy but whentey needed to be they were slick in their execution. The first try showed the kind of variation the springboks are missing with bruising carries but then the ability to shift it quickly wide and work the defenders for a try. Ford got into the space between the last two defenders and forced them both to stay put and then put May into space. Try time. Willie was caught crabbing too much and that took away space for Mapimpi. It makes life hard for the wing if he has to get the ball and a mob at the same time. Take the ball to te line and let the wing win a 1v1 at least. You never know what might happen. Got some good steppers. Itoje grew into the game and our line speed killed the Argies off. You can talk about the red all you want but each man has to win his matchup and the Argies were struggling to get the ball over the gainline and the red line was pretty solid throughout apart from some moments of quality by the Argies. Overall I'm pretty happy with this. We'll have to play better in terms of execution for a full 80 and I know we will. There was nothing alarming about the performance. 

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