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Most concerned about the wee chiefies and my two good friends JW and ou Brycy

Forum » Rugby » Most concerned about the wee chiefies and my two good friends JW and ou Brycy

Mar 14, 2019, 13:34

Right now the wee chiefies couldn't beat the local girls under 15 team! This is having a bad psychological effect of the two guys. You can easily tell they are down in the dumps and the sun just don't shine. They have, as we know, tried to cheer themselves up by taking absurd cheap shots at the Mighty Stormers but that hasn't worked as the Mighty Stormers have won their last two games.

As a caring friend one wonders what to do. So i decided to support the wee chiefs in all their matches barring SA sides. Oh the sacrifice one undertakes for ones friends. :angel:

Mar 14, 2019, 14:29

it would be a nice gesture if some Saffas joined me in this goodwill gesture!

Mar 14, 2019, 14:49


I am straightforward and not trying to create controversy.   Of the NZ teams in Super Rugby, I regard the Crusaders as the best team playing and the Huricanes as about the second ort third best team in the competition.  

For the rest I think that the jury is out on the NZ teams.   The Lions is playing the Rebels - who beat the Highlanders last week - on Saturday,   If the Lions beat the Rebels as most people apparently think - I would rate the Blues as the number 3 team in NZ, the Highlanders as number 4 and the Chiefs by some distance as the worst team in the competition.

This issue has been discussed numerous times on the site and the NZ members have made objective comments on it    A further discussion is really a total  waste of space at this stage,  Only the Blues have played an SA team since the start of the competition and the first  Aussie team will play an SA team on Saturday,   

In other words before shouting and screaming about  NZ teams we must wait to see hopw the SA teams do in matches against NZ and Aussie teams.  Otherwise it may become embarrassing for all SA fans later on in the series.   Comprehende?        .    .   

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