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Aug 26, 2013, 10:35

Well played Tomas. You only got a few minutes but you looked impressive. Big, strong and hungry for work! Keep it up, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of you in test rugby!

Aug 26, 2013, 10:43

 Well said rooitwit most civil of you. You feeling okay boet?

Thomas we were not impressed by the foul play and I truly hope that Sir Graham is not influencing the Pumas negatively.

Nevertheless Vamos Pumas. Stick it to the downunder teams! You have the capabiltry of beating these guys if you play like you did against the Boks. But win decently - no jersey pulling like on Strauss ala Nz style. Play an hard honest game like the Boks do. 

Pumas backs also look full of running. Good all round team. Your pack looks like it should get on top of the abs and Oz if you keep the intensity up.

Abs are there for the taking Thomas. Now is your chance. Step up to the plate and take it.

Aug 26, 2013, 10:50

Yeah, just want to echo Rooi's sentiments! Unfortunately you guys lost a game that you should probably have won. But hey, you got your International debut and against the Boks. That is more than anyone else here can claim to have achieved. Well done, and long may your career flourish!

Aug 26, 2013, 11:29


Only a few minutes on the park - and the first step in what we all hope is a long and every successful playing career on international level. I am sure that you will make a success of your playing career and will watch your progress with real interest. Keep it up - my friend - and you will succeed. Nothing comes to anybody - but through hard work and if you do - you will inevitably successful.

Aug 27, 2013, 15:28

Thanks, thanks thanks! Thanks for all the support guys.  :)


First off -- congratulations to the Boks. They were under pressure but managed to snatch out a win. That is something we have to learn. So far the RC is like a new lesson learnt every single week.


I only got a few minutes, yep, but I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life.


The stadium... putting on the jersey... standing there in front of my country, remembering everything... my first Rugby ball, my first try, the first scrum, the first broke bone, the first time playing in a pool of mud, all the late night gym sessions after school... my Coaches, all the guys I played with and against, my Parents... all these while listening to our very own Anthem...


"May the laurels be eternal, that we knew how to win...

...let us live crowned with glory...

...or swear to die gloriously!"


Massive game. This was more about making the mental turnaround than actually getting the result. And in the former, we succeeded.


Never have I felt so full of driving energy. Time to be disciplined, respecful of my team mates, and work even harder. I have to earn this.




Aug 27, 2013, 15:37

 was chuffed to see you on there Tomas , well done and congrats on your Debut .I look forward to seeing you play for my beloved chiefs .

Bean-brain must you allways have your stupid digs at the mighty ABS ? Something wrong with you or what ? Ungracious pratt .

Aug 27, 2013, 23:40

Thanks mate! I am fully commited and looking forward to learning along the way. The Chiefs are a fantastic team. :)

Aug 28, 2013, 00:06

 OleCruz: congrats on going to the Chiefs!! They are a well coached team with ambition so you shoud fit in quite well. 



Aug 28, 2013, 06:14

Tommy, got to share the sentiments of the posters above, bravo, & thanks for sharing your matchday with us . Brilliant read .

Aug 28, 2013, 06:54

Tomas your humble approach make us very proud that you are posting here. Argentina Rugby players will always be welcome in South Africa and other than the BOKS we will always be shouting for you guys.

A win is just around the corner and remember you are competing in the toughest competition in world rugby. At least you can say you have played with and against the best. We done mate a true honor.

Feb 06, 2019, 08:50


Feb 08, 2019, 07:25

Hahahaha.....'I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of you in test rugby'.......but maybe not on the Board. Urinal at his most unctious, how Ole must have been laughing.

Feb 08, 2019, 09:28

Shame ... Losser sure must be desperate to go digging this out of the archives.


Feb 08, 2019, 09:48


The only problem with Ole Cruz was that he exposed the BS published by the orc on site and  provided detailed, knowledgeable  and  convincing arguments..   The only way for the orc was to combine with some other BSters and drive the member off site. 

Normal orc strategy I am afraid,    

Feb 08, 2019, 10:32

Yes, here we have Moffie celebrating the fact that he drove someone off the board and that person has never been back.

We can argue about whether OleCruz was in fact Tomas Lavanini or not but either way he was a knowledgeable poster who stuck to rugby and had some insights into the Jaguares set up . . . now he's gone but we still have the ignorant fool who doesn't even know who Billy Vunipola is and thinks the two-time SA Rugby Player of the Year shouldn't even be on the Springbok bench. Sheesh! I know who I'd rather have!

As to whether OleCruz was legit or not, the Forum Editor did confirm on this thread that we'd lost an Argentinian international rugby player as a poster, but there were other posters at the time who used Facebook and Twitter to investigate further and cast some doubt on OleCruz's claims (and you'll notice Moffie didn't have such a big problem with people "snooping" on other posters information using social media back then) so I guess we'll never know if it was Tomas Lavanini or an impostor who went to an extraordinary amount of effort to appear to be him . . . but whatever else, he was a good poster and a valuable member of this forum and to see Moffie crowing the way he is now because he drove him away is pretty disgusting.

Feb 08, 2019, 17:09

'We can argue whether Ole Cruz was in fact Tomas'.......waaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha......yes, and we can argue whether Santa left the used book you got for Christmas.

Peeper still believing in Cruz.

Feb 08, 2019, 18:54

Rooi, it was some of your NZ buddies who drove him away....and they asked some valid questions (so I'm not blaming them at all. Those questions needed to be asked), but Moz wasn't the instigator...and I'm sure you can recall the details well, so why slant the facts if you are bona fide?

Is the cheap shots at Moz worth it?...PS, I'm not sucking up at Moz, he too called me stupid, so I've got no reason to side with him. Another thing you've git in common...enjoy.

Feb 08, 2019, 19:44

Will rooijackass ever apologize for his lies? Yes it was the kbbs who drove the fake Cruz from the sight. Those loving fakes remain dismayed. Hahahahaahhahaha

Didn't a kbb set a challenge for fake Cruz on Facebook which he flunked Quite a smart move from the usually dumb kbbs!:D

Feb 08, 2019, 20:08

Beenz, you gimp you!??:D

Feb 08, 2019, 20:37

Totally right Peeper and Pervert have been promoting this rubbish that I drove Ole off the site. In fact I had a fine relationship with Ole.....but when our NZ colleague provided clear evidence that he was a fake, I was quick to accept the inevitable.

Apparently Peeper still believes Ole may be the Tomas....not the sharpest pencil in the box.

Feb 09, 2019, 07:21

I think it was poi-e. I don't get along with him well, but he asked valid questions.

What mde the Thomas spoof so good was the fact that he started posting even before Thomas played u20 rugby for Argie. Whoever the impersonator was, he knew rugby well and Argentinean rugby in particular. Best LARP I ever heard of.

Feb 09, 2019, 08:54

Draad we do our best to please. Yes indeed the kbbs show at times a certain criminal intelligence. All about genes Draad!:D

Feb 09, 2019, 09:05


What the hell did this whole story had to do with the fact that poi-e went on the attack in this case,  That was another shit-stirrer on site who afterwards vanished from sight,   What was unique about the "member"  was that he or she was always attacking me, dave or rooinek - an obvious plant by somebody,

The orc went ballistic after a posting by Ole Cruz in which he stated the exact truth about the performance of the SA forwards - especially loosies - being incapable of ability at breakdowns, a major problem at the time.   The claim that orc was on good terms with Ole Cruz is the biggest lie of the century,   Cruz claimed to be an admirer of Pieter-Steph du Toit and that was enough for the orc to try and get rid of him as a member.

Whomsoever poi-e was is not the issue - who stirred him/her on or acted as him/her was  -  and  it was clear as daylight it was the orc.   What was clear is that poi-e claimed she was from Wellington, but timing indicated that her postings were in fact made from London/the UK.   And we all know that the orc and his ass-lickers were active from the UK at that stage,   The orc bragged he has a house/flat in London and he was at the time watching Wimbledon.  

Draad - fact is the so-called proof was manufactured - and was aimed clearly to get rid of a thinking member, who opposed the orc's criminal behavour and lunacy on site.        


Feb 09, 2019, 10:49

By the looks of it, most posters thought it was Lavanini. Now suddenly all Losser's toadies are backing him..

None of you can prove he wasn't the genuine article, if so please produce the goods.

The fair thing would have been to have given him the benefit of the doubt.

I remember when Biltongbek came aboard. Moffie despised him ... why you may ask ... cause he was a knowledgeable rugby man and had embarrassed Moffie several times over, exposing him as the ignorant loudmouth we all know he is ... and so Moffie did his best to drive him away.

Biltongbek left never to be seen again.

It's what he does. He doesn't like being corrected.

Moffie has driven more away than anyone else ... and usually those who know something about the sport ... he prefers to have his ignorant nonsense swallowed uncontested ... right, Draad?

Posts like "Vinny" Vunipola ... and his classic egg laying lecture on Alberts ... haaaaahahahahahaaa ... are but a few to mention ... confirms this.

Moffie is the worst thing to happen to this site. We certainly would be a lot better off without him. His only contributions are to exalt himself above us ... criticize fellow posters opinions and thoughts ... promote the old and useless ... drive new posters away ... and exalt himself above other ...

Such a pity.

Draad ... hogging the pecker again I see. You should really set aside some time for the other toadies. I'm sure they'd also want a turn.

Feb 09, 2019, 11:36

He sucked us in hook line & sinker ..... ffs. I once even offered him my daughter's hand in marriage.

Feb 09, 2019, 12:13

Aag FFS CC, I call things as I see them and I've never sucked up to anyone. If you don't like the truth, or you think I'm wrong or making a mistake, either proof me wrong or show my where I'm wrong. 

"he prefers to have his ignorant nonsense swallowed uncontested ... right, Draad? "

BS, I have called him out on a few things over the years and have taken him head on about his childish "seuntjies" remarks re Mike. If you and Rooi can't remember that, that's your fcn problem, not mine. It's not a crime being civil to people. Maybe you and your buddy Rudeneck should try it for a change...or is it too much fun trolling everyone all the time? If not, just take your head outa your arse for a few minutes at least.


Feb 09, 2019, 12:14

BTW, what happened to the edit function?

Feb 09, 2019, 12:29

My what a nut case wee cc is proving to be today - Like so many other days!.  Cruz disappeared when he couldn't take the Facebook test Poie or who ever set up. All Cruz had to do was post on Lavinni's Facebook page and he would prove who he was. He ducked the challenge and scampered off like a rabbit! Hahahahhahahaha it was Poie's smartest move  to unmask the fake!  

Now the hapless wee cc wants to blame Moz. Hahahhahahhahahaha  how stupid do you get.

As for the very pompous Biltong Bek ( the puffed up jackass thought he was God's gift to rugby commentary!) he could dish it out but had a glass jaw - very fragile at that. Various people didn't always agree with his take on matters and the poor dear burst into tears and flounced off tellvng everybody how beneath him the board was

Again to blame Moz is absurd and  reflects very poorly on the nut cases pushing this total BS. Ou maaaaikie has NO SHAME AS WELL!  Ou maaaaikie you are more than obsessed by Moz - its reaching dangerous proportions. Expect to see you in Valkenberg some time perhaps sooner than we think! Hahahahahahahahahaha

Fact is the board is vastly enriched by the contributions of Dr Moz, a truly superb poster. A great counterweight to the extremely pathetic mampara rooijackass! Surely the most ABSURD POSTER EVER! But always good for a laugh!

Sorry if anybody feels left out:D

Feb 09, 2019, 12:43

Ass creeping again Beeno?   The orc lies and misrepresents through the site and you accept it - you are on par with him though.

Feb 09, 2019, 12:50

Take your meds ou maaaaikie your obsession is consuming you! The Orc around here is your pal rooitwit or the village idiot as you always used to call him!

Feb 09, 2019, 13:07

Ou maaaikie your comment was so predictable because you have become rooijackass's little echo, a very servile gimp! hysterical laughter smiley

Feb 09, 2019, 13:17


There is ample evidence  that the orc and his associated was behind the campaign to get ruid of Ole Cruz,   The campaign started when Ole Cruz criticized the Springbok loosies - especially Alberts - as being totally unable to erform at breakdoiwn situations and explained in detail about his reasons for stating so.   The first reaction from the orc was vicious and opened the way for things to come.  

It became even more vicious when Ole Cruz wrote very positively about Du Toit as a player,  That is when poi-e (a convenient poster invented by somebody in the UK) came up with her campaign - posting from London.   The orc was egging her on all the time and after a particularly vicious campaign by her and the orc was when Ole Cruz left.   Traditional and normal way of the org to get rid of thinking rugby enthusiasts from the site.

Ole Cruz was a knowledgeable rugby poster - whether he was Lavaninni or not was meaningless and he had interesting rugby views and he was never vicious on site,  An ideal poster driven off the site by the vicious orc and his associates,        

Feb 09, 2019, 14:59

Having looked at the original thread of Ole Cruz leaving, I can't see any campaign to get rid of him. He basically threw his toys because he didn't like his identity being challenged instead of just providing the simple proof asked for and be done with it.

If you come onto a rugby forum claiming to be an international player, you should expect to be challenged to prove that you are who you are. To then throw a little indignant fit and stomp off instead of pasting a simple FB message to lay the matter to rest hints at one of two things:

1. You are not Tomas Lavanini

2. You are Tomas Lavanini, but you need to grow the fuck up

Feb 09, 2019, 15:35


For your information - lets go back to the stage when Ole Cruz joined the site originally,   Hi inputs was informative and especially so about Argentine Rugby,   When queried he indicated that  he was Lavanini and his contributions were top class.   The ED confirm that there was an Argentinian member of the site and nobody bothers with it.

His contributions always was well-reasoned and detailed - he always dealt with rugby issues,  However, it did not last long.   When Ole Cruz were asked about a Springbok game in Argentina and the poor breakdown  play in the game - he gave a detailed description of what was wrong and the implication was that Alberts were part of a loosie combination failing o protect and recover balls at breakdowns.   He detailed especially where Alberts problems were,

The orc went ballistic about the posting and started attacking Ole Cruz.   When afterwards Ole   Cruz praised Du Toit as a player - the situation spun out of control and the personal attacks of Ole Cruz was demonic in nature..   A new member poi-e  claimed she was from Wellington - New Zealand started posting from London - she obviously was a cover for another of the posters attacking Ole Cruz for what he wrote on site.   

What is clear is that the attacks on Ole Cruz was never based on his rugby contributions - which were top quality - but were based on the fact that he differed from the orc and his associates.   The story about his identity was a farce to. drive him off site and the interference into privacy indicated that the situation ahs not improved and became more destructive with time.    Just see what happened with the latest thread started by the ED in that regard and see what the orcx turned it into.

No Pakie - you are one of the orc's personal assistants on site and your comments are basically drivel to take it out on players and members you do not like.              

Feb 09, 2019, 15:56

I did NOT join this forum to spend one minute of my free time validating myself, or following some random gentleman's quest to dish out evidence of who I am.

That is Ole Cruz's reason for leaving. Nothing about his views being challenged or attacked. He took exception to people doubting his identity and his command of the English language.

Imagine if he just provided the proof how much more rewarding his interactions on the forum could have been with no one doubting who he is. It would have taken much less time and energy to provide proof than what he expended on resisting. Sometimes the simple way is best.

As for the other stuff you mention, I'll have to take your word for it. Which is difficult.

Anyway, the weekend beckons. See yas.

Feb 09, 2019, 18:06


Ole Cruz was under no obligation to provide any evidence,   There was no prove that what he did was a criminal offence as a site member.    The personal attacks on him was a clear indication that membership of the site was a waste of time for anybody really interested in rugby as a game.

I am amazed how successful the orc and his cronies is in driving members from the site,  When one look into it it always start with the orc reacting viciously when his BS is exposed.   The man is the reason why many past members decided it is a waste to even come back to the site.

Some members remained around because of fantasy rugby and the discussion on that issue after the orc was warned off topics dealing with fantasy rugby.  For the rest members cannot discuss rugby issues on site without the orc causing havoc,   See what he did to the latest plea from ED to get the site operational again.           

Feb 09, 2019, 18:19

PPTDBS frantically trying to accuse me of having something to do with Ole and Biltong leaving. I never agraid much with Biltong, but things never got beyond disagreements on rugby.

The guy he had a personal beef with was Peeper, when Peeper made his disastrous attempt to be a journalist. There was nothing between me and Cruz.

The lying is epic. The truly funny thing is I introduced Orcs, Orc hunting and Orcland to this site. Now hiliariously Pervert is paying me the complement of using my own adaptation.

Are these guys thick or what?

Feb 09, 2019, 21:21

Ole Cruz was under no obligation to provide any evidence.

Ou maaaaikie you are so bent you are supporting a complete FAKE. This whole thing has been a disaster for you so time to just admit you got it all wrong again and apologize to Dr Moz. Try a new start and see if you can rebuild some cred! Hahahahhaahahahahahahhaha

Feb 10, 2019, 00:10


The fake was the orc.   He did not get the thread where he went ballistic when Ole Cruz  told him straight out that Alberts is useless at breakdowns and Du Toit was a top player.

It was from those two responses clear that the orc had to get rid of him and suddenly a new member poi--e is created.  poi-e claimed that he/she said that he/she  is from Wellington, but according to the time of the postings they originated in the UK or in SA.   Poi=e was a shit-stirrer, with one curious characteristic - she attacked members rather than deal with rugby,   She suddenly turned - at a very convenient time for the orc -on Ole Cruz and then went bananas. 

After Ole Cruz was gone poi-e vanished from the site as well.   Was he/she a real member or a creation of the orc and his mob to get rid of Ole Cruz?   Dealing purely with rugby Ole Cruz started to expose the orc's mad thinking about rugby players, without ever attacking the orc or his mob members personally.   The need to get rid of Ole Cruz were for the orc essential - he was embarrassing him.    That is why the poi-e mole was created and there can be only on reason for that and it was to help getting rid of a respected and knowledgeable rugby poster,

None of the other members would have wanted him off site - the orc was the only one.  Start thinking for a change  and realize that you are dealing with orc the low life.               

Feb 10, 2019, 00:45

So now I'm Poei......and he disappeared with Folly Cruz.

Feb 10, 2019, 07:32

The need to get rid of Ole Cruz were for the orc essential - he was embarrassing him.    That is why the poi-e mole was created

Poi-e was already posting on this forum in 2012, and has also posted on and off in the years following the Ole Cruz soap opera. He/she has over 1000 posts. Could be an alter ego of someone here, but to claim it was created purely to get rid of Cruz is just another fabrication.

Feb 10, 2019, 08:02


poi-e may have being used previously for personal attacks on members - but suddenly came to life during the Ole Cruz saga and immediately after Ole Cruz incident vanished  from the site.   

I can lay a R1000 bet that poi=e will be back now for a while and then vanish again.  An obvious sham member used by someone on site as a cover to attack other members - since the poi-e topics were  virtually never relating to rugby issues, but on personal attacks on members.

Ask yourself the question - why did the poi=e sham member became over-active iro the Ole Cruz issue and immediately after Ole Cruz left the site vanished from the site.   The sham member was back in one case in 2017 or 2018 during a sustained attack by the orc  and his orc assistants on me  and then vanished again.   Obviously not a real member at all - but a member used by an existing member for nefarious purposes,   I do think that such false members are used by some to get at other members and keep some semblance of innocence by the real BSter,


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