Only 6 test left before WC 2023, is it enough?!

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Jan 03, 2023, 17:06

So SA has added an additional game against Argentina and another against the AB's in London. Which will only give them 6 test before the World Cup. With 3 games in the pool and possible QR it will take it to 10 test. 

Also considering the work load our teams have these days and that all our SA based and European based players haven't had an off season. 

I think it would be very hard to bring in new players like Manie, Roos etc and get them up to test standard. Not to mention that we have players like Pollard that has been injured and only making his way back. 

Interesting year ahead

Jan 03, 2023, 17:23

Yeah we have fucked up by investing in the wrong players

We have wasted time with the likes of Frans Steyn, Jessie Kriel, Nyakane, Koch, Mostert, Orie, Fourie and Vermeulen

More game time should have been given to Gelant, Tambwe, Esterhuizen, JVR, Libbok, Thomas du Toit, Wilco Louw, Jenkins, JL du Preez, Dan du Preez, Elrigh Louw and Roos

Jan 03, 2023, 17:57

Our hopes rest in the continued decline of the rest of the test nations. There hasn't been one great test side the past few years. The SH giants are at an all time low and the NH sides are largely figuring themselves out. That's our hope. If the trend changes, we are going to be left behind worse than we were from 1999 into the early 2000s. It's far too late to sack Erasmus now, and there are no replacement who will be accepted. 

Jan 03, 2023, 18:48

I'm must looking at the teams we play against and none of them will build confidence. The only "weak" team is actually Argentina. I know some of the games normally have a few experimental players, but I'm not sure what they are hoping to achieve other than getting the team ready for match sharpness. 

So, on the one hand you only win 2 or 3 out of 6, then the team lose self belief. 

They win all their games, great but I can't see that happening given that they will try to hold back until the World Cup. We saw last time they fielded a B team against Aus and Argentina which actually worked really well as we won both games. Only got undone against the ABs way back in 2019 and then also lost to them in NZ. 

We may face NZ in the quarter final. The only way for us not to face them is if both teams win against FR and IR. Which would be great because that would mean that the No1 and No2 would have been knocked out of the WC quarterfinal. But both SA and NZ will have to play FR and Ire or against each other. 

I don't want France to get knocked out as I really like them and they are the home nation but then if we win against Ireland in our group we would then have to face NZ if France wins their group. 

So SA will have to play FR, Ireland and NZ just to make it to the Semis. On current form, I don't see how. I do believe the boks can beat all 3 but not sure who will be in the squad what game plan we will play. 

I can't see Libbok being selected at 10 or Roose at 8. It will be Pollard and Wiese or Vermeulen. Possibility of Frans Steyn on the bench and Willemse on the bench. 

Will they select the bomb squad again? 

Jan 03, 2023, 20:37

Beating one of France, Ireland and NZ is probably a 50:50 proposition. Beating all three in a row has odds of 12.5%.

Jan 10, 2023, 15:05

So Mozart, based on your probability, no chance of getting beyond the quarters? 

It really worries me that we are so under prepared and poor player selections. They just stuck with the same WC2019 team without building competition or being brave enough to drop players. Frans Steyn and Vermeulen are still considered. Janjties probably will make his way back, Pollard has not shown any form what so ever. 

Going to be a very frustrating and short World Cup for us. My prediction is being beaten by Ireland, then getting knocked out by NZ or France. I hope I'm so wrong. 

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