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Jul 10, 2024, 05:13


On It

Jul 10, 2024, 06:11

"He is a former criminal who was jailed for robbery for 17 years. He is a businessman, motivational speaker, author and former Executive Mayor of the Central Karoo District Municipality in South Africa. He is also theì president of the Patriotic Alliance political party."

Ou kroek and convicted fellon...who also pleged his whole salary towards charity...die vark nè?

Jul 10, 2024, 07:04

He was always an ANC workhorse and then found the Patrriotic Alliance  to bluff the Colored voerfs nto beleiving they are not supporting the ANC by vting for his fake Party - same as th reason for formation of the Gioods Party,   

It is obvious that the partes who got percentage wise very little voting support got cabinet positions as expexcted.      

Jul 10, 2024, 07:08

Who knows, he might reconfigurate our quota requirements ..................

Jul 10, 2024, 07:57

Isn't Blobbrain a  new Zealander these days? 

Jul 10, 2024, 10:41

Who knows, he might reconfigurate our quota requirements ..................

Well, he's already scrapped super fans which was a waste of millions of Rands perhaps he'll scrap quotas as well.

Jul 10, 2024, 11:01

Gayton wants to bing back both conscription and the death penalty.

...anyone got a problem with that?

I don't.

Jul 10, 2024, 11:19

What the fuck this guy has lost his marble’s….more like a gangster if you ask me….sort out the bloody crime and stabilise the economy with More jobs! That super fan thing is a step in the right direction.

Jul 11, 2024, 05:41

So what if he was a gangster within weeks he's already outperformed ANC 'non gangsters' and already ANC cadres are whining now that their gravy has dried up!

Jul 11, 2024, 07:47

Have to agree with Denny on this one

Jul 11, 2024, 08:01

Having a coalition govt increases transparency ................ hopefully there'll be less corruption.

Jul 11, 2024, 08:56

I believe corruption might not dry up but it will be stymied and so will nepotism and jobs for cadres. It will be better for everyone if the entire system is dragged onto a level playing field. I'm expecting an insufferable amount of squealing and whining when handouts dry up.

Jul 11, 2024, 09:08


All Aboard

Jul 11, 2024, 09:44

" So what if he was a gangster " - ok fair enough, don’t judge a book by its cover….let’s see how it goes…just hope he doesn’t develop deep pockets as time goes by ….something about him that’s a bit unsettling similar to the ANC gang.

Jul 11, 2024, 12:52

Sure he's unsettling...have to agree after he unsettled the gravy train.

Careful what you wish for......it is what it is for now which is better than what its been for the last 35yrs.

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