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Jul 31, 2022, 15:25

We are heading into the test season with some cracker matches ahead of us. However, we will start the URC while we are still playing test matches.

18 URC matches, then we have the playoff's still. Then, don't forget the Heineken cup with another 4 matches.

Looking at the fixture list, our teams will have to jet off at least 4 times. 

Not sure what this means for player welfare but we are looking at 22 games minimum per team. 

Where as in the Super Rugby days we only played 11. Probably also another reason why the European teams are catching up as they have more games than in the South. 

Just wondering whether the Boks will feel the grind or get better. 

However, we've already unearthed some gems from our diluted player pool with a number of players benefitting from getting regular game time. 

We just need to sort our our Currie cup and hopefully we will have a really strong player base. 

Just hope no one is suffering from too much rugby 

Jul 31, 2022, 15:53

More than too much rugby similar annual fixtures are boring. Don't you get tired of playing the same Ruby championship schedule every year for the past ten years? Also, no excuses for fatigue were made for the North a few weeks ago so none given to you lot! We still came out on top. 

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