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Jul 07, 2024, 12:37

1. Nche - 8
Busy game. Tireless in defense with some big tackles, good ruck involvement, some good drives. Conceded a penalty.
2. Mbonambi - 6
Accurate lineout throwing, got involved, nothing outstanding.
3. Malherbe - 5
Made some tackles, secured a loose ball on the ground but didn't seem as involved in general as the other two tight forwards.
4. Etzebeth - 6
An average outing. A few good drives, good lineout wins, solid on defense.
5. Mostert - 7
Very active. Some cleanouts to secure Bok possession at breakdowns (such as cleaning an Irish player off an isolated Pollard at 40:31), potential try saving tackle on Osbourne at 05:00, solid in the lineouts. Made plenty of tackles, slipped one.
6. Kolisi - 7
Some crunching runs, good quick hands for the Arendse try, let Doris run right through him at 48:45 though. Showed some spunk and commitment.
7. Du Toit - 7
Good goal line defense early on especially, had a long run on the wing, tackled well, involved in distribution fairly effectively, lineout steal in the second half. Solid and busy outing.
8. Kwagga - 5
Indifferent game. Started off with a rip on McCarthy, then proceeded to knock two kicks. Strong goal line defense, bad surrender of possession in the second half. He did much good but cancelled the good out with too many errors
9. Faf - 6
Caught in possession once, otherwise he distributed well without being outstanding in any way.
10. Pollard - 7
Copped some criticism for not being able to play an open game, but I didn't see it. He distributed well throughout, put the ball behind the Irish when needed. Missed a tackle or two (most glaringly the weak effort in Lowe's disallowed try). His goal kicking let him down in the second half.
11. Arendse - 5
Didn't impose himself on the game after his early try. Penalized for offside on the goal line, penalized for holding on, then copped a late yellow. Won one high kick under little pressure and looked vulnerable and ineffective under all the others.
12. DDA - 5
Good goal line defense early on. Insecure tackle on Henshaw at 11:10 cost 8m. Lost possession being held in contact at 37:16. Guilty of some bad passing - too high pass that Willie had to stretch for at 41:42, another head high pass that Kriel knocked at 49:31. One good offload to Marx. Had more impact securing rucks than with any actual center play.
13. Kriel - 6
Got tons of possession leaving him with plenty of opportunity to make a mark and consequently made a number of runs that will make his stats good reading, but it was in his decision making during those runs that he often failed. Hanging on too long with Kolbe clear at 15:42, poor offload to Arendse at 48:09 (no real consequence), fails to release Willie on his inside at 51:22. Two of those were potential tries. Henshaw straight through him at 11:10, Osbourne through him at 22:00. Good pressure defense 26:23, and a few other instances of good pressure defensive work during the game. Shot out of line creating the space for last Irish try. With all the ball he got, his contribution ball in hand remained somehow average.
14. Kolbe - 6
Quiet game. One great clearance under pressure, one kick straight into touch from turnover ball, one good try.
15. Willie - 5
Poor first half. Threw intercept pass 21:42, wayward pass 25:50. Second half saw him a little better, with a great kick pass to Kolbe, but also a mixed bag of high kicks, some good, some not.

Jul 08, 2024, 02:30

Better ratings than any in the incompetent rugby press.

Jul 08, 2024, 03:13

So your MOTM is Nche...first victory over Ireland in over 7 years...the scores can be a tad higher.:D

Jul 08, 2024, 05:52

MOTM is not a big issue to me as I don't think one player clearly stood out above the next bests, but I was impressed with how Ox got around the park for a big guy. He was very involved, in stopping the Irish and in the Bok go forward. A few scores could be one point higher perhaps, yes. Like Mostert's :angel: 

But the score for the player is subjective, that's why I try where possible to give a rundown of what it is based on, which is more objective. Will take a few viewings to catch everything which I don't have time for unfortunately.

Jul 08, 2024, 07:10

Pakie, I'm sure you catch more on a distracted viewing than some here see in slow-mo.

For example, DDA received an 8 from other members. 

This after being the cause of 3 losses of possession. 

Let's assume that rate for the entire backline...7 x 3 = 21.

Imagine the backs lost the ball 21 times in the game. I don't know what the time in play was during this game, but the WC averaged 26 minutes. 

Meaning, a side full of DDAs, where each back is the cause of the loss of possession 3x...your side coughs up the ball every 74 seconds.

...but they'll all score an 8. And remember, this 8 they gave him was after he made only one truly positive contribution during the game where we drove an attacker clear near the Bok line. So, 3 losses of possession + 1x truly positive impact play = 8.


Jul 08, 2024, 07:33

He would have received a 5 but the size of his shoulders & neck increased the rating to 8.

Jul 08, 2024, 08:16

I love reading the cntribution on rugbny performances by the site weirdo's and then they dxecide on what they write is worth anyhting based on their preferences for players.    Kwagga fucked up royally in the first ten minites on the park - but that is conveniently forgotten - he made a turnove at beakdiwn which was penalised  by the fact that Bongi  was  on th wrong  side of the breakdiwnb - and that made Kwagga a hero player.    

Pakie and Mozart dislike certain players and irrespective of what players do on field they get no credit and others for beiung  poor performers became top performers because they believe their actual own BS.   

What Pakie wrote is actually anayzed 100% by BB  and amounts to the same kind of performances that impressed Pakie and Mozart. and is total BS.


Jul 08, 2024, 09:04

Mike I'd love to have a drink with you...but damn, your typing needs serious work. I can't get through your posts. It just becomes annoying after while.

Draad, go visit him and show him how to use ChatGPT...

It'll be a great service to humanity.

...and in the meantime Moz is doing complex math and testing ChatGPT's answers to make sure the AI is on point. 

Jul 08, 2024, 15:33

Kwagga,s rating is a bit unfair as the guy played a full 80 min and got better as the game progressed….Kriel needs to learn to pass the ball, like Frans needs to learn to pass the Kentucky Fried Chicken : ) I believe that Wilco Louw needs to be in the Bok set up, as he is clearly our strongest contender for the Tight Head spot. Otherwise a accurate player rating and better than the Hyped media guys.

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