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May 11, 2022, 22:43

They will have no players left by the end of the season

They have lost Similane to the Bulls

Odendaal to an English club

Vincent Tshituka and Sadie are off to the Sharks

Stupid move by Sadie given the Sharks have Thomas du Toit and Mchunu as tightheads

Would have made more sense him going to the Bulls as they have no respectable tightheads and are glaringly short of a quality one, which Sadie is

Jake fucked up there

On the positive side the Lions have gained scrum half Nohamba and inside centre Marius Louw from the Sharks

May 12, 2022, 16:52

Hmm, I also noticed that Rudolph De Streauli is still running the lions. The seem to coincide. His is the CEO, so probably miss management of funds and not  wanting to recruit or retain players

May 12, 2022, 16:52

also Simalane is going to the Bulls, so not such a dumb move by Jake

May 12, 2022, 17:15

Bulls are building a decent backline. They have Vorster, Goosen,  Papier

To Join, Simalane and Nkosi on the list with the potential of Madosh staying.

Arendse a few other players like Moody have put their hands up. 

As you said, they just need a decent prop

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