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Aug 05, 2022, 12:55

SA rugby: by forty points (over the two games)

After the tremendous shock from a heroic IR squad, both teams were dedicated to show the world the southern hemisphere remains the boss.

The standards set by the Irish during their tour in NZ were to be broken to pieces. All forgotten.

The two games would be remembered as a never watched before rugby performances, setting new standards for decades to come.

Most minutes played out of 160 minutes, fastest breakdowns, etc Rugby afficionados would declare with pride they participated to a memorable event.

The press would come up with a decisive title line Speed, Power, Resilience,Initiative, Nimbleness, Gooder, Bravery, Organisation, Killers, Stellar to praise SA rugby legendary effort.

When asked about gooder, a journalist would stand up, tears in the eyes, tremolos in the voice, he had to invent a new world to qualify the performances and frantically  stated gooder than better.

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