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Sep 27, 2019, 21:13

...Whipping Glasgow this morning by 50 points could'nt ask for a better start to the Pro 14 season for the Cheetahs...obviously still riding a high after winning the Currie Cup..

Can see the Cheetahs doing better this year now they've settled into the Pro 14 comp... of course they will also have to win a few away games..

Sep 27, 2019, 22:07

Springbok in the making the commentator says..

Sep 27, 2019, 22:39

Thanks Brycy. Dweba is 23 and 105 kg. Very fast for a hooker, could play in the backline.

One to watch.

Sep 27, 2019, 23:32

I’ve been banging on about Dweba for ages. Muscled bound freak who is so hard to stop.

Would have played for the Boks by now if I was coach, certainly before Scara

He must be heavier than 105kg he is a bundle of muscle

Sep 27, 2019, 23:37

Ulster then Munster at home.

Ulster also had a good win against Ospreys so we'll see a tougher game next week.

Didn't Pienaar have a blinder too.

Sep 28, 2019, 00:30

If anything happens to any of the tho current Bok scrummies, I would not hesitate to call on Ruan Pienaar as a replacement. With the Pro14 running at the momement, Ruan remains match fit and just waiting for Rassie's phone call.

Sep 28, 2019, 00:51

My guess is that Rassie will call up Pienaar if/when he has an injury in the backs. 

Sep 28, 2019, 04:55

The Cheetahs always look good until they have to make the first tackle.

Sep 28, 2019, 07:59

...looking forward to the return of last season's Pro 14 top try scorer...great strike weapon and takes a good player to out point the top European wingers like George Rabz Maxwane injured ?   

Sep 28, 2019, 09:57

Pienaar would have been in my team as a utility back.

I think he brings more to the table than Steyn does presently.

Sep 28, 2019, 11:18

Pienaar is still athletic and agile - Frans is not

Oct 05, 2019, 20:04 bout dem Cheetahs absolutely hammering Ulster by 63  points after thrashing last years finalists last week...could be contenders this year ...Leinster though is the club to beat also having a big win and will be their litmus test...

Oct 11, 2019, 19:39

...Cheetahs absolutely demolish Munsters scrum and win a tight head - that was embarrassing

Cheetahs leading 26 - 9 against a team they have never beaten.....another Dweba try amd  Peinar converts..
What's happened to the Irish they are getting hammered..

Oct 11, 2019, 20:12

Cheetas looking like the early favourites. Just watched the game now, and their attacking play was miles ahead of many SA teams. They look a bit like the Lions team over the last few years, with backs running varied supporting lines, and long passes the order of the day. 

Lots of player depth with a good mix of black, colour, and white in more positions than before- especially front row players.

Oct 11, 2019, 20:15

The Cheetahs won the game 40-16,  Six tries scored to one,  Interesting game to watch,

Oct 11, 2019, 20:18

...just beat , Munster, Glasgow, and Ulster by big margins in the last three weeks - teams they have'nt previously won against so they must take some confidence out of that ...

Oct 11, 2019, 20:38

Perhaps these teams are missing their internationals? 

Oct 11, 2019, 20:47

Yes missing plenty of internationals and the Cheetahs are currently in overdrive.Good start though ,last year they only won their first about the sixth game.

Oct 11, 2019, 20:49 could also say visiting teams struggled with altitude but still great start to the season regardless...Ox Nche is leaving for the Sharks i think which will be a big loss for the Cheetahs ..

Oct 12, 2019, 10:29

There are two aspects that is clear,  The game of the Cheetahs has improved both in attack and defense,   I agree that the three clubs motioned lost a number of contracted players to WC squads, but the score losses were huge their point difference after three games is 95 points - and one has to credit the Cheetahs for improved performances  as well.     

Oct 26, 2019, 20:03

...First  Pro 14 away game for the Cheetahs and a try for Blommetjies againsr Connacht puts them ahead....

Dweba also amongst the try scorers which must make him the competition's leading try scorer i think,,,,Cheetahs leading 22 - 14...can they keep their unbeaten streak going with only 10 to go...

Drama....Swanapoel head butts the Connacht sub halfback Blade in the cleanout and is RED CARDED....Cheetahs down to 14  and Connacht is over for the conversion 19 - 22

Great Finish coming,,

Oct 26, 2019, 20:07

Close match. Given the start to the season, I would have thought Cheetas would wipe the floor with Connaught.

That push over scrum by the Cheetas was somehow reversed... 

Ref allowed about 10 advantages for Conaght at the end, and they win.. 6 minutes after full-time.

Oct 26, 2019, 20:21

....six minutes into over time Connacht steal it...Cheetahs will be kicking themselves

Oct 26, 2019, 20:35

I don't watch the Pro14 very often, but do they have neutral refs? All that I know from Pro14 is the home team usually wins..

Oct 26, 2019, 20:47

...same deal as Super Rugby i think but they do mix them up occasionally....but disciplene cost the Cheetahs that one, they had it in the bag,, Swanapoel will be in the dog box on the way home..

Nov 02, 2019, 18:41

...Cheetahs in another massive arm wrestle away with the Scarlets in the rain.....c'mon Cheetahs...

,,only four points in it with ten minutes to go....they need to start doing more than just winning their home games...where is Maxwane?

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