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May 03, 2020, 10:44

Montpellier make Du Toit huge offer 03 May 2020 Pieter-Steph du Toit will become the world's best-paid rugby player if he accepts a deal from Montpellier.

According to Rapport newspaper, the French club has offered the Stormers and Springbok flank a three-year deal worth €100,000 (R2,087,000) a month. That equates to €3.6-million or R75.1-million at the current exchange rate.

Not bad for such a shit player!!!!!!

May 03, 2020, 11:50

Way too good to ignore. That's a lot of money. 

May 03, 2020, 12:07


Obviously they are not listening to our resident "experts" Mozart and AO in this case.  I believe Carter and Wilkinson ended up being paid 1 100 000  Euro per year,  This is a 100 000 more than those two were earning,

Du Toit is very loyal to SA Rugby but will he be able to resist that kind of offer?  Remember there are also additions to the salary like free accommodation and a sponsored car included in the deal and the potential saving of 80% of the salary after taxation is very real,   AB de Villiers with his estimated asset value of $21 million will be followed very soon by rugby players like Pollard and Du Toit, especially since they also benefit from sport sponsorship of major  companies.   Both are already estimated of having an asset value of approximately $5 million each at present anyway and that will increase rapidly over the next three years.    


May 03, 2020, 13:29

Du Toit MUST accept the offer. Madness not to secure one's future if the opportunity arises.

The weak rand is sending our players overseas. Only solution is to join the overseas leagues etc if seasons allow - which may not be feasible unless one has enclosed stadiums with air-conditioning.

May 03, 2020, 13:51

He’d be a bloody fool not to take it

Loyalty does not pay the bills

My guess is the Bulls are going to secure Jacques du Plessis from Montpellier as Jake is after him so Montpellier will be on the lookout for a lock/loosie to replace him.

PSDT happens to be the best in that business, so makes perfect sense for them to be chasing him

May 03, 2020, 16:18


Du Toit already turned down an offer from  Harlequins - no one knows the amount involved and at one stage there were reports that four other clubs made offers to try and get him.  

The problem for foreign clubs is that the Du Toit family is extremely wealthy already and P-S interest is in farming at present and he sees his future as a farmer.   That led to refusals on his part in the past,   

This offer would have to be massive otherwise he would not consider it and this one is indeed massive - so chances are that unless Rupert interferes Du Toit would accept the offer,       

May 03, 2020, 20:26

Dud Toit should farm....perhaps plant some truffles.....then see if he can learn how to fetch.

May 03, 2020, 21:11


Forward this message to Montpellier and ask them for a response, please.

May 03, 2020, 22:06

Blindsides are not on the field to fetch

May 03, 2020, 22:21

As the more enlightened coaches observe....fetching is now everybody’s responsibility.

May 03, 2020, 22:33

Yes if you happen to be in the right place at the right time which is exactly what PSDT does as he did in the WC final effecting a turnover in the process.

May 03, 2020, 23:18

A very high work rate player. Will he still have 110% commitment if he plays for an overseas club. 

Given he is from a rich background with a family farm and businesses, he already has a roadmap to his career after rugby-  money is probably less appealing to him. 

Although it might still appeal to him to also play in the European league, along with more money.  

Compared to what football players get paid, it is still paltry given the extreme injuries they get. 
He almost lost his leg last year. Not quite costing him an arm and a leg, but expensive none the less. 

May 03, 2020, 23:50

Too busy crumpling those who want to steal our ball Moz

May 04, 2020, 11:12

Spare a thought for Moffie and his Servile Gimp Omlet.

These two clueless rugby noobs have endured a lot of humiliation since they decided Pieter-Steph du Toit was a useless player.

The first load of egg hit their stupid, fat faces after they decided Pieter-Steph had the wrong body shape to make it as a rugby player. His neck was too long and I forget what was wrong with his legs but Omellete and Omlet made up their minds that he wasn't up to it physically . . . and got a load of egg when Pieter-Steph shone at Super Rugby level.

Next load of egg was when the "provincial player" got his test call up and again our two resident rugby noobs were left looking rather foolish . . . or should I say, more foolish than usual.

As if it wasn't enough that Pieter-Steph was playing test rugby, he was excelling and regularly winning man of the match awards whether he was playing lock or blindside flank. Shplot!

You'd think it might have been the ultimate humiliation when Pieter-Steph was named SA Rugby Player of the Year in 2016 but much more egg and humiliation was to follow when he won it again in 2018 and then became only the third player in SA rugby history (after Naas Botha and Bryan Habana) to win the award for a 3rd time in 2019.

So you'd think by now Omellete and Omlet would have recognized their mistake and admitted their childish bias and prejudice against such a fine player but they continued posting their hilarious criticisms of Pieter-Steph and were rewarded with fresh loads of egg when Pieter-Steph was announced as the World Rugby Player of the Year in 2019. 


One wonders if there is still room on the scarlet faces of Omellete and Omlet for more egg but now Pieter-Steph is considering an offer that would make him the world's highest paid rugby professional . . . and yet these two simpering little weeds who know so little about the game and haven't played 3 minutes of competitive rugby between them will continue posting their laughable little critiques of the world's best rugby player.

Like I said, spare a thought for the two egg-faced little dears . . . it hasn't been easy for them.

May 04, 2020, 16:08

But I thought you didn’t believe in Players going overseas Peeper and I thought you never believed in the market suddenly this justifies DuD. 

The same Dud whose running in the WC knockouts netted us minus 60 metres vs a generic alternative who could plod 1.5 metres a carry and avoid dropping the ball! 

Game, set and match!

May 04, 2020, 17:18

The World Player of the Year in 2019 and the Player if he accepts the offer will be the highest ever  paid rugby player in the world,   

As suggested previously send your comments and recommendations to Montpellier and ask them for their response,   I would love to see how they deal with junk mail 

Game set and match

May 04, 2020, 17:22

I’m driven by the data and the science, not fake media.

May 05, 2020, 05:00


Thanks for the info -  big relieve - the best rugby player in the world last year may remain in SA for the time being,  

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