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Nov 17, 2022, 20:21

Well, freshly in. Rassie has been handed a two match ban. 

The team really needs him there as Nienaber has no fucking clue how to motivate the players. 

So he instead uses the media to divert  attention from poor coaching and blaming the ref

Nov 17, 2022, 20:46

Very hard to understand this behaviour.....especially after the long ban....none of his videos or analysis of reffing, has really made a positive  change....looks like he just can't help himself....he should stop moaning and rather Focus on making our Rugby better.

Nov 17, 2022, 20:49

What a fool. 

I saw an article that was quoting the movie Chasing the Suns (or something) that goes through the World Cup. Rassie gave a speech where he said he became an arsehole when he was a player, and it impacted his performance and his relationships.
The article then pointed out that Rassie is now back to being that arsehole again.

After the 2019 world cup, he could have walked into any top job in world rugby with the highest salary. Now, who would want to employ him?

A one-trick pony that relied on good defence and Springbok forwards, until the opposition worked out ways to beat the defence. 

He can't take the pressure, hence why he appointed Nienaber. 

Nov 17, 2022, 21:17

For example, if you look at both Ireland and France games, the fact is that we had enough Possession/ Chances to win those games.....rather put more points on the board so we don't have to bloody worry about stupid Ref Calls....WTF is going on with Rassie??? 

Nov 17, 2022, 22:20

The Erasmus mythos was founded entirely on the work of Nienaber, who formed the entire spine of the Erasmus model. All of the "good bits" were of Nienaber. Erasmus doesn't have any tangible record of impacting a team with actual coaching. No team Erasmus has ever coached has been a successful attacking team. The defence would still be okay if it was backed up by stronger players with a desire to compete. We don't have those anymore it seems. Or at least, they don't find their way into the team. We also have a lot of poor decision makers in the team. 

Nov 18, 2022, 03:50

I was never impressed by this tit.

Nov 18, 2022, 09:25

Time for another tearful video.

Nov 18, 2022, 09:33

This doos is worse than Trump, I wish they would ban those other fuckwits Nene and Stick, just for being fuckwits. Fucken embarrassing.

Nov 18, 2022, 10:36

Ja, this is getting more embarrassing by the day.

Nov 18, 2022, 12:17

Deus stop speaking utter horse shit, Neinaber is nothing, evidenced by our results since he became head coach

He is not a coaches backside - the team does not respect him

Rassie is a brilliant coach, passionate about his side - hence the videos highlighting how fucking useless the match officials are

The standard of refereeing is shockingly poor with Rassie having the balls to highlight it

Good on him. I for one am sick of losing tests thanks to pathetic refereeing decisions. With TMO’s at your disposal there is no excuse for the number of poor calls being made

Nov 18, 2022, 14:41

I was livid when Ireland scored that breakaway try against us and couldn't understand how the hell the ball shot out so quickly and the ref didn't pick it up. It happened in front of the touch judge and there was no referral. I also saw players playing the ball on the ground and push the ball back without the referee noticing it. 

All of the Fans and including coaches live by these tight margins. This was the same with Cricket and we saw a lot of sketchy decisions go against us when Darryl Hare was the umpire way back when. But cricket moved on and introduce hawk eye etc to speed up the decisions. The team also get two decision which they can make. There was another incident when the All Blacks scored the a try against Scotland when it looked like the player dropped the ball. 

So just scrap this nonsense of having to review everything, play until the whistle, the ref is human and prone to make errors. Decisions gets worse the further the game goes on.

So why not allow the coach or the captain to call time out. 

If I was Rassie I would stop using social media and start coming up with solutions in how we can get all of the other coaches to agree with. 

So if you want to sight a player for foul play or if you feel you scored or when you concede a try then use your chance, if you are right, you keep your call, if you are wrong then you lose one. 

Rugby can be such a better sport, but if we want to impose these strict penalties then we also need to implement technology that can aid in making these decision. Put special RFID tags in the ball to help determine forward passes, use camera and AI along with lazers to draw off side lines and blow a horn if the players are offside. 

The ref can focus on the crucial decisions and we can focus on watching entertaining rugby without having to hear time on time off etc. 

Just imagine project a clock onto the pitch, with a count down time to show the kicker how much time he has left, or start counting the clock down for line outs and scrums. 

You see it in Grid Iron, when the draw first down, 2nd down lines to help the fans. However, they have more refs and way more markings on the pitch. 

Test and professional is the highest level of rugby and we should expect the highest standards. 

IRU is still stuck in the amateur days 

Players will see they have 15 seconds to get to the line out etc. 

Might actually attract some more fans. 

Nov 18, 2022, 15:34

Hope Rassie cops a long ban. Apparently Wayne Barnes and his family have been receiving abuse.

I understand the frustration that comes from questionable calls that go against your team but for all those criticizing the ref/ TMO I'd really wish your money where your mouth is and go apply to become a ref/TMO. Come back to me after you retired after getting every decision right.

Nov 18, 2022, 15:45

Rugby is very hard to officiate….to get ‘better’ decisions you need extensive video reffing which would make games long and tedious. 

So you can get rid of some of the stupid rules….why should mauls be exempt from being pulled down, why should changing your lane be a problem, why should you not be able to fetch after a ruck is formed, why should it be a penalty when somebody is over the ball with little prospect of actually securing it, why should a scrum collapse be a penalty when the ball is out.

I once calculated a ref must make about 500 decisions/non decisions in a match….on the run with players obscuring his vision.

We are never going to get all these decisions right….nor are they disproportionately against the Boks….last week what the Tit doesn’t mention is the Arendse trip that should have negated the Willemse penalty.

There are instances where you have a sense the ref is blowing against a team.   That was always very frustrating…in none of the cases where Harrassmiss has made a fool of himself did I sense that was true.

Nov 18, 2022, 16:14

Ja, I'm almost shudder to think if someone had to do a reverse how badly it would look. 

Agree, current rugby laws doesn't serve the game well. 

There are two things that I would change. 

The ruck area and the catching kicks. 

The Ruck, players joining the ruck are not to permitted to fall on the floor or go off their feet. The tackler is never off side, if other tackler or attacker gets off the ground after releasing the ball, both are still on side. No hands are allowed on the ball, only the tackler or attacker can pick the ball up. 

Player have to ruck over the ball, Player need to lead with both hands infant of them or lock in shoulder to shoulder with the opposing the player at ruck, more can join to ruck over the ball. 

The tackled player also need to get off the ground, not lay there. No more shielding 

The Kick (Catcher)

I would get rid of Jumping or lifting in the air completely, it is too dangerous for both players. Arriving player not in a position to catch have to give the catcher 1 m space to complete the catch before tackling. 

Just watches some Ausie Rules catching, man those guys land on their head all the time, some catchers go knees up into the other players head. It is insane. Yet, there are no yellow cards or send offs. Game goes on. Insane amount of head injuries. So jumping in the air is out. 

Nov 18, 2022, 16:43

Poor selections result in poor results.

Sure most refs make a wrong call but the game has become so difficult to manage with all the new rules who can really blame them.

A simple game made difficult by Officials.

Most bad calls normally go both ways in a game.

We just have to live with the outcome of a game win or lose.

That said if you place poor players in your team and lose it is not the calls that mattered but the standard of the players selected.

Nov 18, 2022, 18:17

The ref excuse is an outdated one. We are by a considerable margin the least penalised team in top tier world rugby. We've had enormous calls go our way. How many forward passes do we need to throw before we get pinged for one? How many skew lineouts? We had seven in a row against Australia. Several tries have been the result from very forward passes. Yellows that should have been reds. Last season alone we took players clean out of the air several times and never received a red card. Lots of flopping around at the breakdown. If we had to go through every test and reassess the results for adjusted calls, we'd be a good six additional tests in the red. The ref excuse obfuscates the problem and allows Erasmus to slither away from culpability. He isn't doing this because it's a just cause, he is playing on South African fan's sense of persecution to divert attention away from his bad coaching. I bet he is hoping to get to the World Cup, win two crucial games and score another World Cup win and all will be forgotten. 

Nov 18, 2022, 21:58

I’d have no problem with longer games if it resulted in far more correct decisions being made

How the hell did Farrell get away with that high, no arms hit on Esterhuizen a few years ago that cost us the test

How the hell was that second Irish try allowed after the boot through by an Irish player and the forward pass to the reserve prop. Pathetic calls that resulted in losses to the Boks

That forward pass and hit by Farrell were east to pick up

I’m all for better officiating and agree with Moz that some of those needles laws need to be abolished

Nov 19, 2022, 00:32

why should mauls be exempt from being pulled down?
It would end mauls if they could be pulled down. You can pull down the ball carrier but this would be considered a tackle. Pulling someone else down, would be without the ball.

Why should you not be able to fetch after a ruck is formed?
Leaning over a ruck to poach the ball as allowed, as long as it is done from behind the eight man's feet, and if the fetcher stays on their feet. If they lose their footing and fall over the ruck as that is offside.

Why should it be a penalty when somebody is over the ball with little prospect of actually securing it?
If they are over the ball, they are slowing it down. They are preventing it from being played quickly. 

Why should a scrum collapse be a penalty when the ball is out?
After the hooker has kicked it back, or before? If a scrum collapses, the ref should play advantage. 

why should changing your lane be a problem?
Do you mean obstructive running?

Nov 19, 2022, 01:35

Think about it for a second Sharkbok, if we “speed up” the ruck, all it does is shift the ball left to right, creates a flat line and we get very close to rugby league. If players have to ruck properly, know hands in them more people have to join the ruck. We have seen when it works really well when defending teams can ruck over the ball properly, it is a thing of beauty. 

A player leaning over is unbalanced, you are not going to keep your footing, it is simple physics, so better to drive over the ball, but the tackled player can just lay there on the floor. 

Further, the head is in a vulnerable position and will always get knocked. 

None of this running in either. You have to set yours and the drive over. 

With this in mind, we will protect players but actually have more space on the field as players will have to compete for the ball and allow for proper one on ones.

Nov 19, 2022, 17:47

It's typical of the anti free speech fascist loons these days. Ban speech you don't agree with. Prevent the presentation of any evidence. 

Congrats to Rassie for unmasking incomoetent/bent refs.

Rassie get a team together who can all put these sort of videos on You Tube etc. The more the better. 

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