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Jul 17, 2022, 15:00

NZ vs IR

So basically the Irish line speed was amazing but they also really hit hard in the inside channels and didn't let the kiwis play through them. Their defence out wide was probably just as good. They shut the kiwis down and were pretty solid under those probing kicks. Bullshit is said about the kiwis they actually played pretty solidly but Ireland fronted up. The line out was pretty shocking by the kiwis and that was the one area where the kiwis really didn't have the tools for the job. It was a tough physical game and those kiwi raids in the Ireland 22 were epic. I think it was four total Irish turnovers and an intercept near the 22. Fucking nail biting. The kiwis pack is underrated and their game woukd have beaten most teams that day.


The wallabies were pretty physical. Their big runners were tough to stop, both sides have the best one up runners in world rugby by far. Our outside defence was solid. The wallabies were great at holding the midfield and getting wide but we stopped them really getting the the space they wanted. It was a solid all round game. Great defence the best skills of the weekend by both teams and massive physicality. 

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