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May 07, 2023, 12:52

Sadly the big man just doesn’t seem to be able to complete a game. Munster have been incredibly supportive through all his injuries, but one wonders if RG shouldn’t make a change….the pressure to justify his presence at the club has to be weighing on him.

Perhaps the most athletic big man we have seen can’t catch a break.

May 07, 2023, 14:25

big man, soft head....

May 07, 2023, 19:10

No matter how big you are, the head is still a very vulnerable target. That said, I haven't seen him play in years. What can he do now? Fortunately for him, nobody is taking the step up to partnering Eben, so there's still hope. Fingers crossed on this long shot. 

May 07, 2023, 19:31

He has been injured for almost 4 years. He should be in his prime peaking for the world cup, but unfortunately, he has become another Goosen. 

When playing club rugby in France, Goosen once got injured when he slipped while stepping off the team bus. Shortly afterwards, he shot his friend on his farm.

Snyman then set himself and half the team alight at a failed spitfire.

May 08, 2023, 15:12

I don't think he's quite another Goosen. Goosen is a very frail player. An ectomorph. He has very real limitations that cannot overcome. Limitations that become worse were he to attempt it bulk up. RG has the physique, he just hasn't been very lucky with injuries. More like Butch James. The fire incident really put him out of action for an age. 

May 08, 2023, 16:08

His got some bad luck at the moment but he will get there again ….we did discuss it here on Ruckers before, but doesn’t these artificial Rugby Fields also have something to do with all these bad injuries to Players nowadays?? Is it my imagination or is there more serious injuries in modern day Rugby then the older days?

May 08, 2023, 17:10

I don't know about the surfaces he's played on when he suffered an injury, but I do know that artificial surfaces have been deemed unsafe by the NFL. It really should be done away at this point. 

May 08, 2023, 18:50

The ACL injuries Snyman picked up did not occur on artificial surfaces and I'm not sure how you lay the blame for a head injury on an artificial pitch.

May 08, 2023, 19:39

Both Goosen and Snyman are like Calamity James and could be injured anywhere. 

May 08, 2023, 21:24

It’s only concussion hardly something to worry about, he’ll be ready to go in a week or two

He is not physically injured

May 09, 2023, 07:18

I’m not sure you can say it’s only a concussion, a lot of players recently had to call it quits. Not to mention a lot of former players suing rugby. 

Concussions are serious and so are its long term effects. 

I know in the old days, the forwards would just do a good old koppe stamp. A lot of players use to moan, bur after a few weeks you get use to it. 

But concussion can happen even by just getting whiplash, it is not your head being hit hard but your brain bouncing around your skull. 

I do hope it is just world rugby being over protective so that he can get back into the game. Would to see him play against Leinster and hoped he could make the World Cup squad with some more game time. 

With today’s technology I would just get players to wear scrum caps or head bands with concussions monitors in them and not rely on video refs. 

The amount of times players get connected in the face is crazy and anyone who played the game had a lot of bumps. 

From getting a boot in the face, hitting a knee, a hip etc. 

so that might make the game unplayable because all players would probably have to retire after one game. 

Any player that plays the game know the risk, it is like boxing or UFC and you’ll going to get hit in the head. 

Players and the sporting body need to sign an agreement 

May 09, 2023, 07:57

He does not have a history of concussion so there will be zero chance of him not playing again - he will be ready to go if Munster somehow make the final, which they won’t

May 09, 2023, 14:38

I think he was concussed a few weeks ago as well…it’s concerning.

May 09, 2023, 16:28


May 09, 2023, 20:37

No Moz I don’t think he was concussed earlier as he has only just come back from the long lay off and this is the first time he has been missing since his return

May 10, 2023, 08:17

This guy.

Outside of Marx, and to lesser degree Eben, RG has more support on this board than any other player...ever.

To get everyone here to agree, a player must be damn special.

Is it already too late for him to be a meaningful member of the WC squad?

May 10, 2023, 08:35

Yeah, the guy has been out for nearly 4 years and I don’t know about his fitness. Meyer messed up big time taking unit players to the World Cup. We had Jean De Villiers, Fourie Dupree’s and Duane, all not fit. Then there was the drama with Frans Steyn that couldn’t make his way into the team. But we saw how valuable he was with the right coach. 

Rassie biggest headache will be which players should stay at home and who will he opt for. 

Here are some players I’m worried about

Nyakane - when fit useful starter and can play both sides, but massive injury risk. 

Kolisi - with no real 6, will we see Kwagga and Van Staden or Will Rassie op for quota. 

Deon Fourie - Don’t think he’ll last the tournament, already fractured his eye socket and been injured most of the season

Eben - currently injured, but he has a history being injured for his franchises but then fit for the boks, less concerned

Duanne - long history of injury and now pushing 35. Rumours are he is looking to play for the bulls in Currie cup to gain form.

Pollard - back to form but for how long will he be injury free. Replacements, NOT Willemse, Jantjies, please no. Libbok needed to get at least 5 more caps. 

Frans Steyn - been playing Currie cup and recovering from knee surgery. Didn’t look great against Argentina in his last test. 37 at World Cup, he is a legend and could have played more test, but time to call it quits. I can understand why Rassie is fond of him given that he helped Rassie win the Currie cup but that was back in 2006.  That is 17 years that they have been together. 

Am - came back from injury and haven’t been the same. Maybe the sharks were miss firing. 

Kolbe - been in and out for the past 3 years with injury. 

My biggest concern

May 10, 2023, 09:58

No Moz I don’t think he was concussed earlier as he has only just come back from the long lay off and this is the first time he has been missing since his return

He was ruled out of the match against the Sharks a few weeks back because of concussion.

May 10, 2023, 12:05

Jean was a gamble, but he actually played very well. Very unfortunate that he got injured again against Samoa. You can't blame Meyer for that. Du Preez was one of the top 5 Boks, and Thor was another. Frans ruled himself out on the eve of the tournament due to the death of his brother. You can't blame Meyer for these things. You can blame him for selecting Damian over Serfontein, Lambie over Morné, Kriel over de Jongh. That's about it. 

May 10, 2023, 20:47

RG is a huge specimen and unlucky prone to injury….not as consistent as Mostert with a smaller build but much much more tougher….don’t get me wrong, RG is a phenomenal Rugby player, but mostly on the sidelines….size is not always the measure of Rugby Player, More the ability to take those knocks over and over again and being Present + Consistent.

May 11, 2023, 10:34

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May 12, 2023, 05:09

Oh...well read on his rubbish now are you?

May 12, 2023, 16:37

Well done Trad, I didn't think you had it in you. A real post! :O

May 29, 2023, 16:29

The big guy came on as a sub in the game against WP on Saturday.

He appeared fit and got around OK I guess.

I think he has been approached by a USA team to play in their league next season.

Thus the reason for the HAIR style.

May 29, 2023, 21:59

He was very good for Munster when he came on - such a class player

No wonder Rassie has him straight back into the training squad

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