RG Snyman: Still Crocked, will he ever play again?

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Jan 04, 2023, 14:57

News from Munster is that RG is not ready and won't play for the month of Jan. He has been with them since 2019 and only played 4 games. Must be a really bad investment having an employee on medical leave and not able to utilise them. 

RG is still only 27, but time is running out quickly and I would have loved to see him and Eben together. RG's general play and attacking ability is to drawer for a big man. But with so many boks that have been struggling with long term injury it will be very hard to reach their peak again. 

Those who've had ligament damage probably know how long it takes to heal and sometimes never feel the same. Pollard has been struggling, Goosen had a couple of knee surgeries and now RG is struggling too. 

The problem is that with your ACL, your mussel density drop drastically within 3 weeks and it takes months to regain that muscle back. You are limited on what exercise you can do as you need to give your knee time to recover. Not to mention that things don't alway feel right in your knee. 

Hoping he can recover and we can have this big man in our team

Jan 04, 2023, 15:24

RG is the best lock I have ever seen. What rotten luck that he can't get on the field. I can't even recall exactly the last time I saw him play, but he hasn't played for the Boks since his appearances off the bench in the World Cup. The thing is, however, Erasmus never did see the value of him as a starter, so it hasn't really hindered the plans for squad development. Still, at 27, this is a critical period for him. Steenkamp and Chiliboy had similar problems, even Butch spent two and a half years out of the team (maybe longer). I hope he finds his feet and gets healthy again. We aren't going to see talent like that again for a good while. 

Jan 04, 2023, 15:45

Yeah saw that he was not ready for a return this month. There is only one game in Feb so they are hoping his return will be in March

At least he is training but no contact yet

Just field training and running - it’s better news than him having knee problems again

Jan 04, 2023, 16:39

Well, I don't think we will see him back in SA anytime soon and probably will stay in Munster to repay them for sticking with him. 

Who knows, he may be ready for the World Cup which would be a massive boost

Jan 04, 2023, 20:05

Let’s hope if nothing else he is ready for the World Cup

That way we won’t have to endure any more of useless Orie

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