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Dec 22, 2019, 20:17

A while ago there was sine discussion on SA centers and mention was made of Rohan Janse van Rensburg of being one to bear in mind,   Strong a an ox with less pace than what seemed to necessary equates hun to centers like Kerevi, Vasteraud and co - with the same deficiency applicable to those players,

At the time I mentioned that he worries me as a center - because while playing for the Lions he had a ball skill deficiency in handling balls and more importantly in defense,  One would have hoped that playing in Emgland he would get over that problem - but at the time of the previous discussion there were signs that he still had the same problem.

I did not see the Sale-Northampton game - but looking at the ESPN Stats he =

*   lost ball possession twice;

*   made 4 tackles; and

*   missed 6 tackles.

If he is to play for SA the above problems should be fixed a soon as possible,            

Dec 22, 2019, 20:25

He does not have the skill for international test rugby. Lacks basic playmaking skills, and many forwards could catch and pass better. 

Dec 22, 2019, 23:23

There is nothing worse than an idiot passing comment on a game he has not seen. It’s fucking pathetic

For the record JVR had a good game by far the best centre in the game

Mike don’t ever pass comment on a player you have not seen play

It’s fucking idiotic and pisses me off

Fuck sake

Shark you know fuck all about rugby and that’s a fact

Dec 22, 2019, 23:29

Saffex you can only rate a player based on what they do, you don't understand that it is a team game made up from combinations. 

For example, you would pick a back row with two of the Deysel twins, but this would not be competitive on the ground at the rucks. Your team would not be mobile enough, and just filled with ball carriers. 

Dec 22, 2019, 23:32

I’d don’t expect my 7 and 8 to compete on the ground that’s the job of my 6 so damn right I have no problem playing the du Preez twins in the same side as the Sharks did and Sale do.

Not to mention the fact that they are pretty damn handy turning ball over anyway but trust you to miss that

Dec 23, 2019, 08:08

Janse van Rensburg is no slower than De Allende.

Janse van Rensburg is no worse a defender than De Allende.

Janse van Rensburg has better distribution skills than De Allende ... and I'm willing to bet that he's stronger on his feet and upper body.

He is also able to play at 13 whereas De Allende looked out of sorts wearing the 13 jersey.

De Allende is a one trick pony ... with a single grey cell ... who shows a bit of form every 2 - 3 years, for half a season and then returns to dud self..

He also doesn't have what it takes to score tries. 


Dec 23, 2019, 09:48

Guys, have you ever seen Mike change his view on a player?

Mike, please tell us about just one player that you said was not good enough and then changed your mind on. 

The floor is all yours. 

For the record, there is nothing at all wrong with Rohan's hands. If you still think this then you are obviously not watching him play. Similarly his distribution is superior at 12 to DDA's and at 13 to Kriel's. His line breaks are superior to both of their's combined and please never mention his play making in the same sentence as those two. From support lines and finding work to putting players into space, Rohan is a master when compared to them.

There is a reason why even while those two guys were regular Bok picks he was the one that got an offer abroad and why they rate him so very highly at his club. 

Dec 23, 2019, 10:04

"At the time I mentioned that he worries me as a center - because while playing for the Lions he had a ball skill deficiency in handling balls and more importantly in defense"

This is an absolute joke. The guy was the best centre in SA by a country mile. He barely got two full seasons in before Europe snapped him up. He was busting tackles all over the park and setting up tries upon tries.

There wasn't a backline in SR that could contain him. You like stats. Go and look at his stats. And remember, he achieved those with Jaintjies at 10 and Faf/Cronje at 9. All players you also said were shit, erratic and too niche, slow or fat.

This was when the Lions were averaging 50 points a game but you never supported anyone but Marx for the Bok side. Remember? 

This was when the Boks were losing to Argentina with the players that were "test level" whIle the Lions were demolishing the Jags in the same season.

When you look at how "below par" all these players were, one has to ask, where did their tries actually come from. Coetzee? Combrink? Mapoe? Skosan? How did they go unbeaten on tours of NZ and thrash NZ's best SR teams? All of this without a single Bok worthy player in their ranks. Hilarious.

This simple answer. All those players were miles better than your Bulls and WP tinted lenses would allow you to see.

Dec 23, 2019, 10:47

Have not seen Rohan play overseas but I can say he looked very promising efore he left.  Nice pace, great hands, excellent step and power through the tackle. 

I don't recall him being a poor defender either?

Dec 23, 2019, 11:29

Often change my mind about players - but there is one essential - when I have reservations about players I give reasons for it.   Roundabout April 2018 I was severely critical of De Allende and suggested he was not suitable for selection.   I gradually changed my mind on the issue - especially since here was nobody else that really put up his hand for selection.

I do not take note of supposed and false game descriptions and that was where I did defend De Allende.    There is so much BS on this site when it comes to description as to what happened in games - especially from certain members that when you analyze what really happened and the suppositions of some of our members as to what players should have done - it is totally distortion and lies,   I would criticize a player - but hope I keep to the truth.

I at times also refer to Vermeulen unfavourably and changed my mind - also Pollard and I can go on and on.    That nearly gave some of our members seizures.    However, I looked at the performances of Pollard in 2015 and  he showed ear o zero in the WC.  He rarely played any rugby in 2016 and 2017.   Maybe I was a bot tough on Pollard - the Myer game plan destroyed backline play.   In the case of Vermeulen I referred to two excellent games against England in June 2018  where he was excellent and the third test where he was average to poor.   He skipped the RC in 2018 and came back for the November 2018 tests and was just about average.   Pollard in 2018 and Vermeulen in 2019 showed that they bel;omng in the squad and I never criticized either player this year.      

I looked at Mostert and found there was  a serious problem with him insofar as formation and direction of driving mauls are concerned.   With him at lock for a while there was no effort at making driving mauls.   When it as in fact tried was to move Etzebeth t the middle of the line-outs and  move Mostert to where the no 7 loosie normally take up the position and moving the number 7 to the front of the line-out.     The deficiency - plus too many missed tackles in crucial phases of the game eventually cost Mostert the  starting position as a lock.  

 That kind of observation must always be based on fact - not what you like to see and what not.  .
Anyway  I always liked what I saw of Van Rensburg,   I was initially all for Van Rensburg and was wondering why even when  he was not injured Ackerman frequently did not use Van Rensburg and Vorster together as a center combination.    I became clear there was a problem - Van Rensburg is a very strong ball-carrier - a huge plus - so why was there a problem.   It came out then that he had two problems  that could be sorted  out - namely tackling and  ball handling.  
Both could have been sorted out by decent coaching.   I thought it would be sorted out by his club coach, but when Dave raised the issue of Van Rensburg about two weeks ago  I saw the one Sales match in which Van Rensburg scored a try early on and then went AWOL in the game.   The team they played against won the game and part of the problem was mid-field that match Van Rensburg made 5 tackles and missed 3 - a missed tackle ratio of  37,5 is just not good enough..   Anything above 15 is questionable - a ratio above 20 is poor - a ratio above 30  is totally unacceptable and a match-loser,.   For example in the round robin gamer against the AB's in the WC the Springbok missed tackle ration was on average 35 and  that is where they lost the game.

I was hoping that it was a one off - problem and that it would not happen again.   It did on Saturday  in the match above and was even worse.   Van Rensbirg miss tackle ratio was 60 in the game - making 4 tackles and missing 6 and that in a club game.

To start  squealing about him being no worse than the Allende is BS and totally so,  The only time I ever saw De Allende missing 6 tackles in a match was in the 2015 RC game against Australia, but in that game he made 15 tackles as well  so to make unsubstantial BS statements is typical of some of our site members. 

I never said anything in my comments about Van Rensburg -  other than that " If he is to play for SA the above problems should be fixed a soon as possible,"    I believe that unless he does improve he has zero chance of being selected by Erasmus and co.    We look superficially at games - Erasmus put games under the microscope and  identify positives and deficiencies carefully.   That is why I made the quoted remark.         


Dec 23, 2019, 12:19

Mike you dumb fuck you are commenting on a player in a match that you did not even see. Do you know how fucking stupid that is huh?

Wake the fuck up it’s pathetic

JVR is pure class

Dec 23, 2019, 12:31

Mike those tackler stats worry me if true. You can't have a sieve playing at center. Need to keep a watch on that.

Dave of course is all about F this and F that but as per usual there is little substance. A foul mouthed loon plying his trade! Cant see where he refuted the tackle stats you provided.

Dec 23, 2019, 12:45

Beenkop I won’t bother talking rugby with you as you are too fucking stupid

Dec 23, 2019, 12:51

The guy made 2 clean breaks and beat 7 defenders and scored a try

Yeah he really had a shit game!!!

I actually don’t recall a single one on one missed tackle so those stats seem dodgey to me

Dec 23, 2019, 13:00


I saw when Van Rensburg played for the Lions there was a problem with his defense at the time and hoped that it would clear up in future.    The stats I provided is real and although stats do not cover everything - it provides tendencies in players.

Believe me I may quote the stats of players at times - but Erasmus has much more extensive stats than any of us have access to and he would study those carefully and if  player has a tendency to miss tackles he would never get selected.          

Dec 23, 2019, 13:24

Bullshit you are speaking utter crap there was nothing wrong with his defence while at the Lions just like there was no problem with his hands

He was brilliant for the Lions as he has been for Sale

Using stats to judge or even comment on a player’s performance having not watched the game is nothing short of pathetic

Dec 23, 2019, 14:13

Oops ... maybe I need to revisit my initial opinion of Janse van Rensburg.

Stupid Dave rates Janse van Rensburg as "pure class" ... and that's after rating Elton Jantjies as "pure class". He said the same about Coenie Oosthuisen ... Kolisi ... JJ ... Gelant ... Am ... and many more.

The man's as ignorant as they come. A low life piece of shit ... no breeding whatsoever.

His mommy probably told him that he would sound tough if he used the word "fuck" as often as possible.

Dec 23, 2019, 14:23


I never said I had any problem with Van Rensbirg's attacking play at all.   Fact is it is a huge plus.    My problem is that you may not have noticed  it - but early on he was played together with Vorster as a center pairing in Super Rugby and later they played him together with Mapoe as a center pairing or Vorster and Mapoe.   There must have been a reason for that,   Sometimes it was due to injuries - but there were other times when both the players were available and theys till dd not play together in games,  

However, I m not assaying that Van Rensburg would not make the grade - I am merely pointing out a potential deficiency that could cost him selection.        

Dec 23, 2019, 16:31

There is an obvious reason for that when JVR informed the Lions he was going to Sale they no longer selected him.

Also having Vorster, Mapoe and JVR in the squad meant they had to rotate players

It’s insulting if you think any coach would have to teach a professional rugby player how to tackle do you think that kind of coaching takes place - I can assure you it does not. You don’t get to play for the Lions, Boks and Sale as a centre if you have defensive issues

Why would Sale pay say £400K for a centre who can’t tackle - what utter shit

Dec 23, 2019, 16:41

Wanker as per usual when you are focused on a player......Rohan in this case....your are relentless and dishonest.  You start this string with dishonest disinformation:

'Strong as an ox with less pace than  what seems necessary" and then you infer you have data by saying:

*   lost ball possession twice;

*   made 4 tackles; and

*   missed 6 tackles.


What a horrible game he must have had. And that would have been that.....we would have accepted he had a disaster. Except Dave tells us he scored a try, made 2 clean breaks and beat 7 defenders!

You also had that information, but chose not to give it to us, because your intent was to create the wrong impression.

Dec 23, 2019, 16:43

Hey Cunt did you say something

Speak up I can’t hear you

You killed any people of colour yet?

Dec 23, 2019, 17:12


I neve said anything about Van Rensburg about attacking - as per normal you are 100% dishonest.   I previously refer to what seems to be a deficiency in defense,   When you rate players other than your pet hate players you never look at defense and when you wrote about defensive lapses more often than not you lied as to what actually happened.

Anyway you will never accept anything I write on site as a real reflection as to what actually happened.   I found an indication that  there is a possible problem in the case of Kerevi's defense and pointed it out to you as well.   After three repeats you came back and vaguely agreed that there may be a problem in defense, 

When Dave and I wrote positively about Van Rensburg in 2016 you were the one who criticized his defense and his ball handling.   Now that I refer to the issue you change your tune,   Are you really childish, dimness?         

Dec 23, 2019, 17:55 left out the parts that never suited your story, leaving Board Members with a false impression. You did the Board a disservice.

Dec 23, 2019, 18:06


Get it into the deluded thick skull of yours - I only dealt with defensive issues in the case of Van Rensburg.  If I dealt with attack and defense I would have provided the stats for both,   I would not do the normal; Mozart BS and just deal with those aspects that fits your argument,   That being the case - go back to 2016 and see what you  wrote about Van Rensburg then.        

Dec 23, 2019, 18:46

No you didn't Wanker....your first assertion is he isn't  fast enough: 'less pace than what seems necessary'.  Lying about your lies....the same old Wanker playbook. 

Dec 23, 2019, 19:34

OK - I did say he is strong as an ox in ball carries and that obviously is clear.   Similarly Van Rensburg never was a speed merchant - his approach always in attack centered around his physicality,  

However, the main thrust in the discussion was iro defense   However, you recently  supported  players which have been known for deficient defense,  so I am not surprised at all by your attitude.   If De Allende had the defensive stats of Van Rensburg we would read about that endlessly.   

Once a biased idiot = you will always be a biased idiot,         

Dec 23, 2019, 20:07

No the negative facts you could find were defence and ball of course that was the of your conversation. You never mentioned the positive facts because they never suited your argument.

Wank away!

Dec 23, 2019, 20:13

So Mike is basing his take on JVR defence based on stats alone which provide zero context and this based on one game as well

It’s beyond pathetic that anyone can pass judgement on a player based on stats alone.

So Mike what was the point of this post other than to be negative about JVR?

Given he plays 13 for Sale at times there is certainly no issue with his pace - never has been

Dec 23, 2019, 21:07


I was merely pointing out one aspect that could cause Van Rensburg to lose out on selection for the Springbok team.   

Van Rensburg played one test for the Springboks at the end of 2016 against Wales  and likely due to injury did not feature  again in the Springbok team,   I would like to see him again in the Springbok team - but frankly believe he would not make the team again unless he manages to get all potential questions about defense out of the way,

Maybe in the off season he should try and get inputs from Nienaber on what he could do to remove some doubts as to his defense.    Incidentally I think Van Rensburg is a much better center than Frans Steyn, but think there may have been some reason why he missed out on the WC squad this year,            

Dec 23, 2019, 21:58

There are no doubts about his defence you are speaking kak - that is the point

There were no issues with his defence at the Lions and there certainly aren’t any at Sale

If there were he would not make the starting side and nor would he make team of the week a few times as he has this season already

The major point here is that you are basing your load of horse shit on stats you read having not watched the game at all

Do you know how poor that is, clearly you don’t as you keep ignoring this point I keep highlighting

Do me a favour dont ever past comment on a player if you have not watched the game - it’s downright pathetic

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