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Sep 23, 2019, 12:35

Urgent Advice needed

The next Round starts tomorrow,   We have the teams for tomorrow and Wednesday available and also the USA for Thursday.  Since most teams will show drastic changes - eg SA playing Namibia - how can one make selections for the games the teams of which will not be known by closing time tomorrow?  

Sep 23, 2019, 13:40

Ou Maaik, you won't know and you'll have to take a chance. 

For example I will be picking Sbu Nkosi without knowing for sure he'll play. I'll also have to drop one of Pieter-Steph, Marx or Pollard to squeeze Nkosi into my team as I'm already at the 3 player max for SA and I'd hate to drop the one that gets picked to play. I think Pieter-Steph is in most need of a rest so I think he'll be the one I'll drop.

It's a tough round with the Springboks probably playing a B team along with New Zealand, Australia, Wales, Scotland and France all on a bye for the round. If England also pick a B team to play the USA then I'm properly screwed.

Sep 23, 2019, 16:39


I have a problem - I dropped all 3 AB players from the Round 2 squad and also Du Toit and Pollard.   I only have four locks in my squad and Eztebeth and Du Toit are two of them.  That means I am in trouble -I need a lock on the bench and put Etzebeth as a bench selection but I think it may be better to use Du Toit as bench selection.   What do you think?          

Sep 23, 2019, 18:18

Ou Maaik, in the RugbyMag game you get a maximum 5 transfers per round but only one of those is free. Every transfer after the free one costs you -20 points.

I plan to only use the 1 free transfer every round and save my points. If you're struggling after transferring 5 players out then you have big problems or else you're being a bit ambitious.

I think our starting locks against Namibia will be Lood de Jager and RG Snyman with either Etzebeth or Mostert on the bench. I like to pick players who are categorised in more than one position. I don't have a single lock who is only a lock, my 4 locks are Pieter-Steph (LK, FL), Leone Nakarawa (LK, N8), Maro Itoje (LK, FL) and Mamuke Gorgodze (LK, FL, N8).

I will probably drop Pieter-Steph this round because I doubt he'll play against Namibia and I need to free up a space for another Springbok (Sbu Nkosi) and then next round I'll drop Nkosi and put Pieter-Steph back. 

I only had two All Blacks in my round 1 team and I'm not selling them. Wish I knew which All Blacks will be playing against both Canada and Namibia but I'm guessing it'll be second stringers. I'm thinking Rieko Ioane could be the right one.

For me the golden rule in the Rugby Mag game is to start off with as few players as possible and I only have the minimum 28 players in my squad. This gives me a lot more flexibility going forward because I can add players for free and sell the bare minimum. You only get hit for a transfer when you sell, not when you buy.

Sep 23, 2019, 18:39

I can drop Du Toit for the next Round  and bring in another lock for the time being,  

I think the Aussies and the Welsh will play their strongest teams - but would rather have him back soon.   

Sep 23, 2019, 19:17

The Welsh and Ozzie match is the first match to be played in game week 3.

The last match in game week 2 is Georgie vs Uruguay

Look at the time displayed in game week 2.  Round 2 closes at 08:15 ... the match is played an hour and half later ... in other words, both Oz and Wales have a by in round 2.

That makes it even tougher for us.


Good luck.

Sep 23, 2019, 20:05

There's one other funny you all need to be aware of. 

The England vs Argentina game is part of round 3.

Even though the game starts after the next round has started, the points you score for England or Puma players will be added to your round 3 scores so England and Argentina effectively have a bye in round 4 and not in round 3.

Ou Maaik, I've been reading up on the rules and I even watched a few videos. You don't have to finalize your team before the round starts. You can wait for the team announcements and then do your transfers, as long as the players you're transferring in or out haven't played their game that round.

For example, I was going to take a gamble and drop Pieter-Steph from my squad and bring in Sbu Nkosi and I was going to make those changes before the round started. Now that I know the rules a bit better, I'm going to wait for the team announcement before making those changes. As long as I make those transfers before the SA vs Namibia game starts (15 minutes before the game starts strictly speaking) I'll still score the points for that round.

Make sense?

Sep 23, 2019, 20:07

Yes, as Klown points out, there's a very short window between rounds 2 and 3. Less than an hour in fact so make sure you're online to make your changes around 9am on Sunday.

Sep 23, 2019, 20:16

Huh?  I'm not with you, Redneck.

Rnd 4 starts on the 5th of October. The first match on the 5th is between Australia and Uruguay ... at 7h15 ... which is then followed by Eng vs Argentina at 10h00

Why would the points of the 2nd match in rnd 4 be chalked up to a round that ended the day before?


Sep 23, 2019, 20:26

Klown, I'm guessing it's because they don't want the Pumas to have a double round.

In the dashboard, click on "Fixtures" and you'll see that England vs Argentina is part of round 3 and not round 4. Those two teams have a bye in round 4 and not in round 3. I only found this out myself when I clicked on "the scout" and watched a few of their videos explaining how it all works.

Changes my strategy quite a lot.

Sep 23, 2019, 20:39

Thank you.

I missed that.

Good of you to share that with us.

Oct 07, 2019, 21:17

...just looking at Rugby Magazine's Gallagher Premiereship that starts in 10 days....just as many Kiwis , Saffas and assortment of SH players as NH players in this comp by the looks - anyway something for those following NH rugby and interested in another fantasy challenge Pro 14 fantasy comps this year  i can find so this could be a good fill in post RWC til the Super Rugby recommences in 2020...

Saracens an Exeter Chiefs the teams to beat again this year...

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