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Jun 04, 2024, 17:26

This is an interesting article on how rugby has changed, backed up with facts.

 Here’s an excerpt. It turns out forwards are beating more defenders and 84% is par for tackling success.


Jun 04, 2024, 17:37

Interesting but they seem to be basing those stats around WC’s alone - sides are far more conservative when it comes to playing in a WC

Jun 05, 2024, 06:58

I don't think that these stats are too far off outside of WCs.

One watches old matches and how the guys looked. I think Eben could actually carry a team from the eighties on his back...and beat more defenders than PSTD ;)

Jun 05, 2024, 14:26

Have we ever had a more flaccid go to forward runner than Dud Toit

Jun 05, 2024, 15:13

I don't mind PSDT too much but he's nowhere near the hype he gets.

For me, it's a bunch of flash caused by be being tasked with targeting smaller men. He got around nicely in the WC final, but that was his best game since the previous WC.

Compare RG and's night and day. RG takes lineouts like an NBA player and has oodles of skill, smarts, speed, and power. They're nowhere near the same league.

I'd select RG and Mostert ahead of him at lock and an actual flanker instead of him too.

What can PSDT do that RG can't? Nothing. What can he do that Roos can't? Nothing.

Put Wiese on the side of the scrum and tell him to target the opposition 10. It would be absolute carnage. Like, I would actually be worried about the health of a Mo'ungu or Marcus Smith were Wiese charged with shutting them down.

People just love a good hype train because there is safety in numbers.

They huddle together like emperor penguins, afraid to be caught out in the cold.

Jun 05, 2024, 17:49

"What can PSDT do that RG can't?"

Hmmmm . . . let's see . . . he can be the Springboks' most influential player in two consecutive RWCs . . . he can start in both our RWC final matches . . . he can be named player of the tournament in 2019 . . . he can be named player of the RWC final in 2023 . . . need I go on?

Jun 05, 2024, 18:49

I can’t think of anything Dud can do which Snyman can’t, except perhaps the quantity of process tackles. Snyman on the other hand can actually be a Springbok lock, a position Dud could never secure. His lineout work is way better, his offloading is way better….and he is way stronger in the tight stuff.

Jun 05, 2024, 18:56

Angela. your whiny little retort doesn't even attempt to address the actual points I made. How come RG Snyman hasn't won a Player of the Tournament award in a RWC? How come he hasn't won a Player of the Final award at a RWC? Pieter-Steph has both of those accolades.

Do you think it's because you're some kind of visionary who sees things that the professionals at World Rugby are missing?

PS I'm a fan of RG Snyman by the way . . . he just hasn't come close to achieving what PSdT has achieved . . . yet.

Jun 05, 2024, 19:05

Geez there are some seriously ignorant rugby followers on here


Jun 06, 2024, 05:54

RG suffered some injuries. Were he not injured, my feeling is that he be the top rated pick in the world right now.

I think he's probably in everybody's top 3 anyway, despite so much time out of the game.

Rooi, yes please go on. Tell us more of what PSDT can do that RG can't. You asked, and I accept.

Jun 06, 2024, 07:37

So we want to move 6’10 and 136kg RG to 7 do we? Wow

And retain the physically inept Mostert ahead of PSDT? Wow

And Roos to 12 - no Wow needed

Jun 06, 2024, 07:57

Whaty h ave the above stats to do with Du  Toit - dimwit? 

Jun 06, 2024, 08:14

SdT's a very good Bok but he ain't a great Bok .................... great players don't make you wait until their 77th test to reveal how great they are .................

Jun 06, 2024, 08:25


Marx didn't. Eben didn't. Faf didn't. Pollard didn't. Mostert didn't. Willemse didn't...and Arendse didn't...oh and neither did Kolbe or Duane.

PSDT isn't bad, he's just not near the type he gets.

Apparently too much for some to hear.

Jun 06, 2024, 19:01

Julle weet nie wat ons wietie!:D

Jun 06, 2024, 20:41

That was the Nationalist Party mantra, with predictable results.

Jun 07, 2024, 01:53

Ja, ja, I know stubbornness isn't a virtue...

Jun 07, 2024, 02:22

Mozart rugby idiocy is worse than stubbornness.    .  

Jun 07, 2024, 13:35

Mozart you are a ridiculous arsehole.     You cannot prove that I ever was a member of the National Party and neither that I voted for them ever.    I suppose you were a coward that fled from the country and never ever did anything iro politics in SA.    When you blame me for being a National Party member and on other days that I am an ANC supporter.  What the hell has that to do with rugby anyway - you bloody idiotic rugby dimwit?       

Jun 07, 2024, 13:48

Nope you were the coward who used connections to avoid doing military service. I did mine and emigrated, taking nothing with me.

As for the comment above, it had nothing to do with you. But your constant anger is concerning. See a doctor.

Jun 07, 2024, 13:54 Liar - you are shit in inventing  lies - I never did anything  to avoid military service and joined voiluntarily and did advance study programs on military intelligence - I have photos of the camp training programmes in Youngsfield and Voortrekkerhoogte - you old BSting liar.

What has this to do with a discussion on rugby - idiotc rugby dimwit.        

Jun 07, 2024, 14:27

Nothing you raised it…so I replied. As for your military intelligence scam we have been through it all before…a few short camps well after you left school. Nothing like going and doing your year of service. You really shouldn’t use the  word ‘coward’.

Jun 07, 2024, 18:18

Maaik, my late dad did basic training at Voorrrekker Hoogte in 1961...he would have turned 83 this year...when were you there?

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