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Mar 09, 2019, 19:17

There were some close calls

15   Warrick Gelant

14   Sylvian Mahusa

13   Wandisile Simelane

12   Jeremy Ward

11   Rosco Specman

10   Handre Pollard

  9   Louis Schreuder

  8   Dan du Preez

  7   Jacques Vermeulen

  6   Marnus Schoeman

  5   Rhyno Herbst

  4   Ruan Vermaak

  3   Carlu Sadie

  2   Malcolm Marx

  1   Dylan Smith

Mar 09, 2019, 20:57

No Vermeulen, no Esterhozen?

Mar 09, 2019, 21:43

Maaik, Duane was huge...

Mar 09, 2019, 21:44

Sadie looks good too.

Mar 09, 2019, 21:46

Schreuder wasn't too hot.

Mar 10, 2019, 01:53


Verneulen and Du  Preez were very close and in the end the try scored by Du Preez was the deciding factor.

Esterhuizen did squat to justify anything = the only real thing he did was to lose ball possession was when the Sharks were three meters out and he got tackled,  For the rest he did nothing of value.  His defense in particular was piss poor,

I am prepared to change the 12 by bringing in Ward and omitting Naude though .     


Mar 10, 2019, 01:59


There was nothing much between the scrummies - in the end I went for Schreuder based on his  contribution to one of the tries of the Sharks,       

Mar 10, 2019, 05:23

André lifted the Sharks. Ward made two routine tackles, one dump on Speckman but got man-handled elsewhere. Finished the try, but the two offloads really made that space for him. André securely carried and held onto the ball, pressured on defence and created at least two free runs. Better defender. He outplayed Sage and Ward. This is a very bitter pill to swallow for Mikey. It's a good thing you are never biased, or you may have a problem on your hands. 

Duane outplayed Dan. Dan committed too many errors. Duane made the telling contributions. A truly great all round performance. 

Mar 10, 2019, 08:04

Esterhuizen did squat to justify anything

I guess you missed his role in setting up the Sharks second try, for starters? Look at 54:40. Beats Sage's tackle outright and shrugs off Kriel's attempted assist, then occupies another three defenders (one hanging around his ankles, two others engaging him high from the front, which he effectively takes out of play). Sharks immediately score from that ruck right past the two guys battling with Esterhuizen on the ground.

Mar 10, 2019, 08:07

Ag Foeitog Silly Billy and his clueless comments are just funny.  Ward made 4 tackles missing one ad diod not lsoe possession once,.   Andre had the following useless record:

Tackles made            -     1

Tackles missed         -     1

Ball possession loss  -     1

The classical record which speaks volumes in itself.   No amount of fairy tales and lies will change that.   

Another zero worth contribution by Silly Billy.      


Mar 10, 2019, 08:12

Esterhuizen did a few good things in the short time he had, he immediately made an impact when he came on.

Duane totally overshadowed Dan. No contest....not even close....That tackle on Acker, man, I thought Thor was a bit slow, but he was obviously fast enough to catch Acker...and the stand in 12 of the Sharks will have a few bruises this morning. Duane ran hard into him a cew times.

I really hope he can keep it up. The Boks need him at his best.

Mar 10, 2019, 08:20

Yeah we'll just conveniently leave out the attacking stats:

Andre - 4 defenders beaten, 1 clean break, 1 offload in 34 minutes

Ward - 0 defenders beaten, 0 clean breaks, 0 offloads in 46 minutes

Mar 10, 2019, 08:27

The Silly Billy and his true partner Silly Pakie - both are total idiots.   They finally caught on that the way defense has to tackle De Allende - regularly by two or three players - happened to Esterhuizen in one instance in the game - so the praise songs flowed.

So lets help them out - Este3rhuizen did squat in defense and his one good play leading to the try was totally negated when another Shark try was in the offing until Esterhuizen got involved carrying the ball up to 3 meters out and then lost ball possession.    Classic Esterhuizen as per normal by Esterhuizen.

Go and have a look at the stats to see how useless Andre really was.         

Mar 10, 2019, 08:30


I do agree with you entirely about Vermeulen's eperformance - he was very good, but so was Du Preez.   

And Esterhuizen  did not play for a short time - he played for virtually the full second half,  

Mar 10, 2019, 10:27

Why am I not surprised? Last week Damian made 5 metres in 6 runs and 7/2 tackles. That was good enough for 12 of round 3. André and Ward produced more in roughly one half apiece. Mikey is the archetypal plastic, he exhibits a tribe x; tribe y mentality. André is really Fat Frans in his head. His tribe must stamp out the rival. 

Also, how many mistakes can you reference from Thor? Dan was forcing passes. Duane has the better hands, makes the more telling contributions. In that, there was no contest. 

Mar 10, 2019, 10:38

Silly Billy 

I was not discussing De Allende at all in this thread - I was discussing the TOW and what the players contributed,   You as er normal went of the raila sna started to dream up things about Esterhuizen. 

What I did say above is we need to try and find an inside center - De Allende is not really good enough - Esterhuizenn is useless.   I suggested four potential players - have you got any idea about who else could be the 12 of the future,

You cannot read what I said about the two players - now can you dimness?   I said it was much of a 50-50 scenario between the two and I only gave Du Preez  the edge because of the try he scored,    By the way do you - Silly Billy - knows what the term "scoring a try" in rugby means?

So now I am  plastic - it would be fun and a delight to see if idiots like you are regarded as the real rugby experts.

Mar 10, 2019, 11:00

I provided the context, if you could follow the text. Your comprehension went off the rails, or were you straining to form a retort? 

I'm aware you said it was 50/50, I said it wasn't. Simples

I just finished watching the Lions game. Jantjies was the most influential 10 of the weekend. To only reference a couple of things he "did right" is grossly understating his contributions. 

Simlane had some nice touches, but was not the 13 of R4. Kriel was. 

Mar 10, 2019, 12:23

Your reviews are always dreamed up BS - so try and use some real facts for a change.  

Mar 10, 2019, 12:47

“Posted by: clevermike (34696 posts) Mar 10, 2019, 12:23

Your reviews are always dreamed up BS - so try and use some real facts for a change. ”

Oh, the irony.

Mar 10, 2019, 21:21

Jeremy Ward did nothing of note and what did Mahuza do?

Vermaak ahead of Jenkins is laughable

Mar 10, 2019, 21:58


Jenkins played at 5 - I normally do not go for players out of position - even locks.   I also do not go with replacement players and amongst the other 12's there was very little to choose.   

Mar 10, 2019, 22:16

Dan du Preez was miles better than Duane Vermeulen.

Duane wasn't even the best Vermeulen on the field.

Mar 10, 2019, 22:46

Esterhuizen played practically a whole half and was better than Ward as was Vorster better than Naude who started. I nearly selected Vorster as my 12.

Locks are easily interchangeable so pick your best 2 locks on the day is the only way I’m going.

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