SARU and SA teams bleeding money to participate in Europe, for now

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May 02, 2023, 19:15

This article is worth a read but also shocking to see that SA Rugby actually has to pay fees to participate in Europe in both comps. The European Championship and URC. The biggest winners are probably the Irish teams. 

I have been trying to figure out what the financial situation is and whether SA is raking it in now. Had it not been for Super Sport, SA rugby would be dead with out the broadcast money and sponsorship. 

It is insane to think that we have to foot the bill but yet we are bringing so much value to these comps. 

Not only does Europe have our players but they also no get to prop up their viewership numbers along with getting more money through broadcast and sponsorship. 

Saru had to Pay over R300million just on travel alone, which are flights and accommodation to get our 4 teams over there. 

Something needs to be done in the short term and that is to push for a better travel schedule. They guys should need to do more than 3 trips, I get it, same time zone and you can pop over, but that only work if the flight is direct. 

But I also thought that they figured it out ages ago when the Kings and Cheetahs played in the Pro 14 now URC. 

An it will go on for another 2 to 3 years before SA will be granted shareholder status. Very smart from the Irish and European countries. 

Yet, we have dumb administrators that fuck us over once again. 

When are we ever going to get rid of the amateur fuck heads. 

May 02, 2023, 19:19

One thing I would definitely do is drop the Derby games, but during Feb / March when they have their 6 nations, I would invite either the Australian or Kiwi teams or even both into an old fashion 4 or 5 warm up games in SA where we host them. 

Our top 5 against their top 5 played over 6 weeks, that way there is a bit of extra money for NZ/Aus and we can still keep one foot in Sanzar just to keep Europe guessing and make them aware that we are not a small rugby nation. 

May 02, 2023, 21:03

The biggest winners are probably the Irish teams.

How so. I haven't heard of the budgets for the Irish teams increasing.

Had it not been for Super Sport, SA rugby would be dead with out the broadcast money and sponsorship.

No URC/Champions Cup no broadcast money or sponsorship.

Am I missing something here but the loss was only €128,000/£114,000, in terms of rugby money that's peanut change.

May 03, 2023, 09:48

No, SA has to pay fees for both URC and ECR. This totals to 

£14 million just to participate. 

Then, they also have to pay for their own travel for all the teams. 

Which was R300 million but almost the same as £14 million. 

So Rugby has to £28 million just to play in Europe alone. So there is no revenue from URC or Europe

May 03, 2023, 10:27

Entering this board is like entering another world, so much warped thinking. Impressive.

No revenues from URC or Europe. Impressive.

Becoming a shareholder without paying for it. Impressive.

May 03, 2023, 10:39

The Italians had to do the same thing when they first joined.

The European team's also pay for their own travel expenses, its just they don't have to travel as far, but that's just the reality of South African's location in the world, was Super Rugby travel expenses not as high?

May 03, 2023, 11:35

The model for Super rugby was different. It mainly came from broadcast rights in that all the teams or actually countries got given a third, but SA got a little more to cover the travel, but that model had some problems as SA had by far the largest Audience as well as most of the money coming from SA. 

So on one hand, it is good that SA own the broadcast rights. I know there was a big dust up between NZ and Australia last year as NZ made way more money from broadcasting. I think NZ got £100 million where as Australia could only get £30 million. 

But perhaps it is fair as in most marketplaces you have to buy your way in. 

So I think it would be a few more years before we see the benefits 

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