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May 23, 2021, 17:10

Serfontein and Goisen star.

Like to see how Goisen has developed. He was a dangerous runner. 

May 23, 2021, 18:26

Goosen? He was never a dangerous runner. That was a total myth. 

Serfontein was always a smart player, that's what made him excel at 13 under Meyer: he read play very well, and threatened the intercept. I think he has good skills. At super rugby level, when the Bulls were in transition, he was a solid and sometimes commanding presence. For the Boks, I'd have him on the bench. 

May 23, 2021, 19:54

He was a runner - unlike your hero Steyn  who never attacked the advantage line and rnormally only take a step to kick and no step to pass l afraid of contact,   Sorry -  but Goosen showed again what a good player he is,  Why else would White contracted him to play for the Bulls? 

As to Serfontein no backline player excelled when Meyer was coach.   Meyer said clearly the SA backline players do not have the ball skills to play a ball-in-hand game and if there were ay players who excelled it was through individual effort and a rare occurrence.       

May 23, 2021, 19:57

The only successful attacking Bok side since 2008 is Meyer's Boks. Ende. 

May 23, 2021, 20:18

Attacking what - if one believes what Vermeulen  said after the Welsh test in the 2015 WC, Meyer even forbid off-loads  by players - so there were near to zero tries scored by the Springboks in crucial tests.    Without ball skills - Meyer's own description  - and Vermeulen's comments  which indicated that Meyer did not know that they practiced  the move leading to the Van Heerden try they practiced without Meyer being aware of it, says it all.    And Morne was flyhalf  for half the tests of the Springboks under Meyer and he knew nothing about attacking backline play period. .     

May 23, 2021, 20:43

Nobody coached a team with less offloading than Erasmus. Boks offloaded 4 times vs 12 by England. Boks offloaded 2 times against Wales and  they again offloaded twice against Japan to Japan’s 12 offloads. No Bok starter offloaded against Japan....Marx and Frans did.

We played mostly Neanderthal rugby and won through superior physicality.

May 23, 2021, 20:57

You said to get the ball wide against Wales, who successfully shutdown the Wallabies who were by some margin the best atttacking side in 2014 and 2015 in the world. Why did you demand this? Because you had no understanding of how the opposition played and how to exploit them. They defended with their 9, 15 and outer wing in the line. You never noted the space behind that oppressive line. You never noted the outside rush with the inside push from 9. Offloading against that would be suicide. You attack Meyer, yet you expose yourself as being nothing more than an ignorant, arrogant and backward old fool. What happened on the very first Bok attack when they threw it wide to "the best 12 in world rugby"? Turnover and a run back within inches of our tryline. Meyer is the only Bok coach to craft a gameplan for each opponent. Josè Erasmus has a stunted way of playing that is imposed with the presumption that we will have physical dominance. 

May 24, 2021, 13:20

Spot on Mozart, the boks are to scared to play high risk rugby. It wins tournaments, you grind out a win and use players like Kolbe on counters. Probably and admission  that don't have  the ball skills or players that can manipulate space

A good point is watching this years super rugby between aus and nz teams. Aus conceded a few tries by trying to be too smart and the gifting the ball away in their own 22 through dum passing. 

If a country, which probably have one  of the best backline skill struggle, how on earth will SA fair. 

Yes, I wish we could throw the ball around  a bit, create intricate moves etc, but look what happened when Coetzee tried it

May 24, 2021, 14:57

You don't have to force the ball wide, opportunities will be there. Esterhuizen is the best distributing 12 we have, and he routinely gets the ball away into space. He did this for the Boks too. Why does Rassie persist with Damian? He likes a highly scripted ball control kind if phase play. Dominating territory, the breakdown, and moving the ball with low risk sequences. If he had any real ambition, he'd have elevated RG and Esterhuizen. 

May 24, 2021, 15:13

Living on cloud 9 and imagining  things is not really what happened in rugby.  De Allende is recognized world wide as the core of the Springbok backline play and the key to Springbok attacking play.   Pollard said he is the best inside center he ever played with,  He is  in fact 5 times the center Esterhuizen would ever be, but the idiot-speaker thinks otherwise,       

May 24, 2021, 15:26

Nothing stems from Damian. He is a dead end, a stub, a full stop to a very short sentence. That's the extent of the Josè playbook.

Show me how you arrived at 5. Or are you plucking more nonsense out of your rear? 

May 24, 2021, 17:19

BS Alert

May 24, 2021, 18:46

Damian, the premier 12 in world rugby, the creator of space, running right into a blind alley as Willie eyes up a lethal attack down the right, on the world's biggest stage. Yep, BS Alert indeed!

May 24, 2021, 18:54

BS Alert

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