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Jun 22, 2022, 13:48

This doesn't look well for the boks okes. It  looks like the boks will very likely get knocked of the quarters next year if we do not start thinking about player workload. Any player that plays in Europe and for the boks will be at a massive disadvantage. 

The european players gets about 2 to 3 months of solid rest and it all depends on how well your club play and how they manage you. They normally have a window from June until end of September, basically until Nov before a proper game. 

As for the boks, there is no such hope. They only bok players that will be well rested are those that got knocked out of the QF for their clubs and didn't play to much knock out rugby and those that were based in Japan. 

The problem with playing in Japan is the quality of rugby and the amount of games. So I'm not sure whether the players will be as sharp. 

The big problem is the July internationals, Saru should have not taken any incoming tours or probably should at least invited tier 2 nations to get the guys to settle as a team. 

Our boys will be undercooked and and fatigue by the time the world cup roles in. 

Just hope that they cancel next years incoming tours and reduce the Championship to fewer games in preparation for the world cup

I would not pick any players that has racked up huge amount of time in the URC or Europe against Wales but try and play them in the last test or put them on the bench at least. 

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