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Springbok unsettled issue

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Mar 12, 2019, 19:37

Last year it looked like Nkosi and Dyantyi were establishing themselves in the role. But theYE tour was not good for Dyantyi and his early Super form looks poor......and Nkosi likewise has looked toothless.

So where do we go? In Dyantyi's case he relied heavily on his step and regathering chip kicks, both tactics are now being anticipated. And as we saw in his chase with Farrell the top end is not extraordinary. He is also not secure under the high ball....which tends to be tough on left wings. He may not be the answer.

Nkosi has been fairly solid without any obvious flaws...but without muchof an x factor.

There are a host of other options who have similar styles Mapimpi and others. Nobody really convinces.

But there are two other options Duhan van der Merwe, who looks the business but frankly hasn't had enough exposure....and Speckman, the guy who looks most likely to score a try.

Mar 12, 2019, 21:11

Just watched a highlight clip of Duhan because I know nothing about him. Looks a strong runner, hard to bring down with a good turn of pace and a warrior with ball in hand. Not a half bad wildcard.

Mar 12, 2019, 21:16

Well, no mention of Kolbe? I prefer him to Speckman.

Mar 12, 2019, 22:44

Mapimpi, Kolbe and Nkosi are all up standard. Dyanti is horrible under the high ball, which is a shame because he is electric. 

Duhan Van der Merwe has politics to play against as well as a lack of exposure. Let's see how the season goes for Speckman, still early days yet having not come up against any Kiwi or Aussie teams. 

Mar 13, 2019, 00:40

It's disconcerting how few starting positions are nailed down...







Stephanie, I suppose, but not at 5


That's only 8 of 15 starters with all the three quarters up for grabs. Some of this isn't Rassie's fault, like the Dyantyi slump....but persisting so long with Allende and Kolisi is a huge mistake.

Mar 13, 2019, 02:19

I'd pick Mapimpi ahead of Speckman, though the latter is the more clinical finisher at present. Mapimpi does a lot for a pack that provides such a poor platform for the backs. He is a complete wing, with good hands and awareness and can create. Physical. 

On the EOYT, I didn't like Nkosi's defence. He was better under the high ball than Dyantyi though. If you can't give him space, he fades. 

I have only seen to games of Duhan, and a couple of highlights. Looks the strongest of the bunch, with good pace. He pops up all over the place. He is the closest thing to Habana II. I would love to see him have a shot with the Boks, but I won't get my hopes up. Wings are easy positions to boost quota representation, even if they are merit selections. 

I'd like to say that Hendricks has been playing quite well. He's gone a little under the radar, but I think he deserves a mention for coming back from such a dire set of circumstances and time out of the game. Very alert and much faster than some members claimed he was. 

Mar 13, 2019, 05:46

Nkosi is clueless in defence, in the last week's game against the Bulls he was severely exposed.

You can see it, he just gives up.

Mar 13, 2019, 07:10

100% Mapimpi

Nkosi is a horrid defender. Was on show again on Saturday. 

Dyanti still has basics to sort out as well. 

Still rate Ismael too. 

Mar 13, 2019, 07:51

Yes, I agree ... our center pair and wings need to be looked at again ... desperately.

Dyantyi hit the field running ... but he seems to have stumbled ... and his lack of outright pace is worrying. There are too many things he needs fixed. His potential is amazing but one gets the feeling that he was never taught the basics of the game. It's like he's winging it (no pun intended) and it's caught up to him. 

Nkosi ... I still like him. He's strong and I can't help but feel he'll get better and better if left to mature. I'd keep him ... probably bring in another to push him to excel.

Speckman is a Kolbe type. He's illusive with a brilliant step on either foot. When he steps an opponent, I end up falling off my couch. I don't like him though. He's not a long term option in my opinion. I would prefer a chunkier, more solid wing than him.

Mapimpi is just another speedster with nothing else to offer. He's a poor defender and awful under the high ball. He's lazy and stays on his side of the field no matter what. I wouldn't consider him at all.

Ismael always impressed me. Big, strong, fast, solid under the high ball and a good defender. He also tends to look for work and can often be found in the mix when the game goes loose. He's more my kind of a wing.

What's happened to him though? He seems to have vanished from sight.

What about Combrinck? He's an option ... surely. He has pace, is solid under the high ball, has a educated boot, is a great ball carrier, hard to bring down, defends well and can shoot at goal from his own half.

As for those who have secured their spots, I would agree on them all, except for Vermeulen. He needs to get his fitness levels sorted and play for the entire 80. He's not the man he was and one feels that he'll go awol in the 2nd half. I have no confidence in him.

Funny that all those you've mentioned are ... dare I say ... white. Not a black man in sight. Leaves one to ponder how many would actually make the grade on merit ... 1 maybe 2??

I like Marco van Staden but he seems to be injury prone. Also ... the Du Preez brothers should be considered ... and the same can be said for Jaco Kriel, Ruan Ackermann and Augustus being brought in to challenge for positions in the back row.

Jaco would be my 6 and captain.

Nice post, Mozart ... for a change ... it's an interesting topic to discuss ... seems that lonely brain cell of yours has found a mate. Hope to see more like this.   

Mar 13, 2019, 07:59

Amazing that you can see defensive weaknesses in Mapimpi but not in Nkosi. Matter of fact Nkosi is running up a resume on being a defensive sieve....have a look at last weekend's game for his latest.

Mar 13, 2019, 08:08

It's actually easy to see the flaws in Mapimpi's game ... they're right in front of us, all the time.

You like him, Denny?

No matter, maybe I'm just bias ... so I'll go look again ... but bearing in mind that everyone has a bad day and that dropping a player on one poor performance isn't really fair.

Nkosi has a done a lot of good in my opinion to keep his spot as a Bok.

Mar 13, 2019, 08:17

Sorry bud but his "lot of good" all comes undone when he drops his bundle like he did in last years tests. At international level there is no room for schoolboy weaknesses.

Haven't seen Mapimpi yet so I can't really say, I've gone off rugby a bit so I don't watch as many games as I used to but I'll keep an eye out for your bloke. Combrinck, a bit on the slow side if there's a weakness gets my vote as either a Bok fullback or wing.

Mar 13, 2019, 08:32

Talking of "school boy weaknesses" ... there certainly is a lot of that in our current Bok set up.

We'd have to discard at least 80% of the players if we wanted to avoid that issue.

Mar 13, 2019, 08:37

Ours is a double cross to bear......hell, you must be a fool to be a lifelong Bok fan. Unlike any other international team we not only have to beat the enemy within, which in all cases is the hardest battle of it all but then you have to win the game on the scoreboard playing with a dimished team.

Cut me some slack FFS.

Mar 13, 2019, 08:44

"I've gone off rugby a bit so I don't watch as many games as I used to . . ."

So Dense has gone off rugby and yet still spends his whole day yapping away on a rugby message board . . . that's a bit sad . . . and he doesn't watch the games but still opines on who can tackle and who can't . . . which is funny.

Mar 13, 2019, 09:35


Mar 13, 2019, 10:13

One of your better comments, Dense. 

Mercifully short and to the point . . . literally.

Mar 13, 2019, 10:26

Nkosi was overhyped for walk over tries early last year, a couple of those being setup by Dyantyi. He lacked physicality on tour. Mapimpi is stronger, busier, has better skills and a more assertive presence. For the Boks, he was very clinical. Made far fewer mistakes than either Dyantyi or Nkosi. 

Mar 13, 2019, 10:36

... yes and Mohoje is a better flank than McCaw ... Gerber is a sub standard center ... and Folau sucks at 15.

Mar 13, 2019, 15:56

Turncoat I was with you through your Ismael comment. But Combrink is fast? What games have you been watching. Dyantyi lacks top end but I guarantee he has Combrink by 5 metres in the 100.

As for Vermeulen he is an old warrior with big battles ahead....he isn't going to empty the tank in a skirmish against the Guppies.....and we shouldn't want him to do that.

He only has to play 4 great games this year to fulfill his purpose

You can forget about Kleintjie Kriel who disappears in tests, van Staden, Awgoostus and the Deysel twins....Ackerman is a thought, he might have picked up some skills up north

Still it's nice to see you are beginning to see the

Mar 13, 2019, 16:10

Ha! Mohoje a better flanker than McCaw. You are spending too much time in the company of Mike. First Damian is the GOAT of GOATS, now this? What next? :D

I'll pretend I didn't see the other two. Let it not be said that I am kind of heart. 

Mar 13, 2019, 17:13

Nkosi is far more physical than Dyanti, remember him making meters with a few England defenders wrapped on him. In defence too, there were some memorable tackles where he pushed players behind the gainline. 

Mar 13, 2019, 18:06

Our biggest defence head ache has been our wings. Both Brian and JP were really solid defenders and excellent under the high ball. 

We simply need a tall winger that can anticipate the kick and who is brave under the high ball. 

Duhan should be a must on the sheet, but then Rassie will lose out on a prime quota place. 

Was it just me or did Jessie tore Am defence to shreds last weekend? 

Mar 13, 2019, 21:43

Dyantyi was simply brilliant last year and you don’t lose that in a season. My guess is that he is being closely marked and to combat that is resorting to poorly executed chip aheads.

Nkosi has had limited opportunity with the Sharks thus far this season. I think he has even more to offer than Dyantyi.

Duhan vd Merwe looks a great prospect but I’m guessing Rassie has unfortunately not clocked him.

Mapimpi is a quality wing, why we have only seen him in the past 2 years is beyond me. Combrink is good but like Mapimpi is closing in on 30

I’m a big fan of Ismiel’s ability to beat the first defender. v Wyk has always been good for the Sharks.

Skosan was brilliant a year ago but found no favour under Rassie. He was good last week for the Lions.

I’m struggling to understand why the impressive young Madosh Tambwe is getting no game time at the Lions.

I like all of our speeding stepping options in Kolbe, Sergel Petersen, Senatla and Speckman but can they live at test level?

Mar 14, 2019, 00:38


Ismaiel has not vanished - he ahs been injured for months.   After injury he played in one CC game last year and has not played in any game  since.  He seems to be injury prone.


Rassie is addicted to Rugby and  all the Edinburgh  matchs in the Champions Cup, as wella s some of their Pro14 matches have been on TV in SA,   Rassie would not have missed one of those and I am sure he has seen Van der Merwe as one of the circa 12 foreign club players he is following with a  potential Springbok selection ,      

Mar 14, 2019, 00:44

He needs quotas, that means black wings, a black fullback, a black 13 and perhaps a non-white flyhalf. It would be quite something for José Erasmus to select Duhan. 

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