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Oct 02, 2019, 16:43

After being hammered by fucking SPAIN in previous weeks, Springbok Women’s coach Stanley Raubenheimer singled out poor defence and his team’s struggle to capitalise on their scoring opportunities as the main contributing factors to their disappointing 47-5 defeat against Scotland at the City Park Stadium in Cape Town on Monday.

Scotland showed their intent from the outset, scoring four tries to none in the first half, which pushed them 22-0 ahead going into the break, and they added four more in the second half while limiting the hosts to one for the convincing victory.

“I am very disappointed, it was a tough day at the office,” said Raubenheimer.

“There are a lot of things we need to work on, which we will do during the week, and hopefully we will come out with a better performance on Saturday.

“Our defence is a concern, that is one area we need to have a serious chat about, and handling errors and penalties conceded were again an issue. As a team we are learning slowly, but we need to take the lessons from that.”

Looking ahead at their next fixture against Scotland on Saturday, Raubenheimer said: “One always needs to try to build on something. I thought our scrum was good and we created a few chances, although we could not use them.

“But we need to improve overall I think, from an attitude and intensity perspective, as well as in our effectiveness in general.”

Chloe Rollie (fullback) put the first points on the board in the third minute after the visitors spread the ball into space from a lineout, and Rhonda Lloyd (wing) added their second try three minutes later compliments of more effective handling and hard running, which handed them a 12-0 lead.

The Springbok Women were reduced to 14 players soon after with Chumisa Qawe (centre) receiving a yellow card in the 11th minute for a dangerous tackle, and Scotland took full advantage of this with Lloyd earning her second try after a great burst of pace to get around the defence.

The visitors continued to show patience on attack and used their superior territory and possession well, which paved the way for Rollie to score her second try as she navigated her way through the defence after a few phases on attack.

The Springbok Women fought back strongly late in the half and they got close to the tryline on three occasions, but a combination of mistakes at crucial times and good defensive pressure from the Scots denied them from breaking through, and saw them trail 22-0 at halftime.

Scotland wasted no time inflating their score in the second half with Lisa Thomson (winger) touching down in the first minute, but this was cancelled out minutes later by Springbok Women’s No 8 Aseza Hele, who used her pace and power to force her way over the chalk.

The Springbok Women were again reduced to 14 players in the 52nd minute as Phelisa Mrwebi (flank) received a yellow card for cynical play, and Scotland opted for a penalty goal in front of the posts to take a 30-5 lead.

Scotland once again took advantage of the extra player on the field with Helen Nelson (centre) scoring their sixth try after sprinting through a gap in the middle of the field, and they added another minutes later with Abi Evans (replacement winger) forcing her way over the chalk to stretch their lead to 42-5 with 14 minutes to play.

The Springbok Women refused to give up, and made their way close to the tryline once again late in the match, but they conceded a penalty close to the tryline, which denied them from capitalising on the chance.

In stark contrast, Scotland made the most of their last chance on attack with Evans dashing through for her brace and a convincing 47-5 victory against the Springbok Women.

The teams will meet in their second Test at the City Park Stadium at 15:00 on Saturday.


Springbok Women

Try: Aseza Hele


Tries: Chloe Rollie (2), Rhonda Lloyd (2), Lisa Thomson, Helen Nelson, Abi Evans (2)

Conversions: Sarah Law (2)

Penalty: Law

Oct 02, 2019, 17:08


Oct 02, 2019, 19:57

Womens rugby is a waste of money. Slow and boring as hell. If your team is really that bad then thats an even bigger waste of money. Put it into the black youth mens game and maybe you can move past the affirmative action mandates. 

Oct 02, 2019, 21:37

Never watch them but suspect riddled with quotas. 

They need trans rooibozo to play for them. Oops sorry that would weaken the side:D

Oct 03, 2019, 12:08

I don't think women playing rugby in SA work well together with the male dominated sport like rugby...this is a country where men are men..they drink gallons of cold Castles and argue about what type of wood should be on the Braai while the women folk sit in the corner and make the salads...how dare they venture into the male dominated terrain as Rugby...they have no chance of being a force in women's world rugby...IMO

Oct 03, 2019, 12:10

Yes what a load of shite and and an old fashioned POV...but I';m not far off the truth..right?...... As he knocks back the 6th glass of red.

Oct 03, 2019, 12:32

Yeah ... those wenches should be in the kitchen cooking dinner.

Whasamatter with them ... ??

Oct 03, 2019, 12:37

Agree...I mean what would happen if they win more rugby trophies than the men?????...OMG... the amount of gay men in SA would triple.

Oct 03, 2019, 18:59

What about the "Fruit's" those lost soul's who think they are female is it not possible for them to be included in the women's squad.

Amazed that Obama's policies have not yet been mandated world wide on this issue.

Oct 03, 2019, 19:08

Before downright rubbishing the SA Women’s side outright, it may help to revisit the world rankings. You may find that you are actually doing a disservice to both the SA and the Spanish side. The Spanish Women’s side has been in the top ten for ages with the SA Women’s side hovering just below the top ten.

Oct 03, 2019, 20:59

Funny how the womens rugby apologists havent watched the womens game or support it. Passively backing the cause to earn arm chair activist Lib points to level up to Giga-Cuck. Its not entertaining and not even women like it. Damn bitches demand more money for producing a level of game that would get a bottom tier mens coach fired and his entire roster cut. Theres only so much money to go around, whered it be better used?? getting more coloured folk into the game or getting more women to play badly?

Oct 06, 2019, 05:37

Sadly they lost the next test 38-15 but their coach praised em, for 'going down fighting'.  Magtig.:'(

Oct 06, 2019, 15:17

"Passively backing the cause to earn arm chair activist Lib points to level up to Giga-Cuck. Its not entertaining and not even women like it."

Get out of the middle ages.

Women's rugby is the fastest growing sports code (In Jeremy Clarkson voice) "in the world".

The only reason it is so far behind in the lower ranked teams is the fact that the sport is mainly run by conservative and impotent old men, stuck in the middle ages. The few countries that have embraced it, have extremely competitive teams where they also have extremely athletic players taking part in the sport.

In conservative backwards countries like South Africa, the stigma created by the butt-hurt conservatives are keeping the athletes away from the game. Because of that we have to rely on overweight poorly conditioned players, who are not selected because they are the best, but merely because they are the best of those who pitch up.

In any sport, where you have the best conditioned athletes competing, it is entertaining and value for money. But if you have overweight non-athletes stumbling across the field (like in SA 15s), then it looks ridiculous.

As a side-note: While most, if not all men rugby players support the women's game, mainly because their masculinity is not threatened by women playing in their own category of the sport, it is mainly the weak sedentary beta-males who sit at home, that feel threatened by "strong" women.

Oct 06, 2019, 19:28

Middle ages get over yourself. Threatened? The only dumbasses threatened are the cucks who are afraid of real men, they hide behind the women they believe will save them from the alpha ma?e. The same women who have a non-white boyfriend to satisfy them as their mega cuck loser sleeps on the couch.

No one wants women's rugby. It sucks. I took the time to actually watch it unlike the loser feminists who whinge on about something they have no interest in actually doing just because they want something to start shit over (always safe issues, where they don't actually put themself in harms way). The funding is disprortionate to the money brought in. Like the women's USA football team, the women get a larger percentage of the money generated by the women's game than the men get from the money they generate. Losers like you pat yourselves on the back because you are too afraid to call a spade a spade. Who has the most potential for increasing revenue, the grass roots men's game or women's? It's pretty obvious.

Losers are pushing for female participation in something the overwhelming amount of women don't have an interest in doing. If they want to play rugby fine, funding should not be prioritised for a product that is so mediocre and with such a small audience. 

Oct 07, 2019, 01:06

Cuck hey.

Oct 07, 2019, 01:25

I've tried, but it's like watching a reasonably coached hungover u15 boys team. They don't receive much financial support by way of sponsorship for simple reasons of economy. They're just not sufficiently spectacular, and the consequent absence of game-attending supporters leaves investors uninterested. I also avoid watching because I just don't find the short-legged, broad-hipped member of the human species attractive as it waddles around like a flabby orangutan.

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