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Nov 06, 2023, 02:43

‘Robbie said it's really hard to call and went through all the permutations he sees as possible out loud. He says he can see a world in which Scotland - who he claims have been flying under the radar despite being ranked 5 in the world - beat the other two. He says he could equally see Ireland topping the group, or a world in which the Springboks don’t click and go out in the pool stage. To be fair to him, he posed this last thought before the Springboks demolished the All Blacks in their pre-tournament warm up test.

Although Squidge admits there is a possibility that all three beat each other and it comes down to points, when push came to shove he admitted his gut feeling was that South Africa would win the group and Ireland would come second. He also noted that despite the influx of new talent, he does not see Tonga causing an upset in this group, noting that the increased firepower may not have come in the right places - flair players instead of dominant forwards.

So, who does Squidge think will win the Rugby World Cup? He says that no one really has any idea. For him, only Australia under Eddie Jones and Wales under Warren Gatland have a real shot at making the final from the weaker side of the pool. He says either team could win it all, the Wallabies would need a tactical masterclass from Jones, whereas he thinks Wales could win “playing the most boring rugby ever seen,” although he admits that he may be saying that mostly because he is Welsh.

When pressed for an answer Squidge said he sees New Zealand with the best chance of winning (again, before they were mauled by South Africa). He says it feels like the All Blacks would be the side “most comfortable getting to the final,” while exerting the least emotion. He says that France and Ireland are the other title contenders, but he says the emotional drain could take a toll on France and Ireland has a very tough run to the final.’


Those are extracts from an article. He also picked Libbok as one of the backs to look out for in the tournament. The one thing he did get right was picking Ox as one of the forwards to look out for. For the rest his predictions were wrong pretty much every time.

I guess it’s easier pouring over the tapes after the game and identifying possible reasons the teams that won were successful.

Nov 06, 2023, 05:15


pur predictions before the WC was totally wrong as well - asz was your continuous attacks on Erasmus himself and of Du Toit and De Allende.    For you to criticize predictionjs is farcical.    

The only prediction that was 100% correct was my prediction that the Springboks would beat the AB's by ONE point.    I am sometimes wrong when it comes to predictions - but not as badly as you do in all codes of sport.    What happened yesterday in cricket was exactly in line with what I said a number of times - it is bad fr any team in India if they lose the toss and decided to bat second.    I also said that if De Kock lose his wicket early the chances are the rest of the batting line-up will fail.    

When making  predictions most people pick players based on performance - you base yours on prejudice.     When I bet on Rublev initially the bookmakers had after the first set Djokovic at 2,6/1.  I then took a cover bet on Djokovic at that odds and sat back watching what happened.   So if Rublev won I collect money - if Djokovic won in the end I collect money as well.    My bookmakers account is quite wealthy at present.    It increased from R500 three weeks ago to R1498 today.  Happy Prejudiced Idiot's Day7 to you anyway..   .    .   .   . 



Nov 06, 2023, 11:04

I think before the RWC started it was very clear who the top four teams were. 

These 4 teams were sunstantantialky better than the rest.

I don't know much about squidge but  it would appear he is not too ued up? 

Nov 06, 2023, 12:47

Thinking Scotland had a real shot at winning the pool tells you how little this man knows about rugby.

Nov 06, 2023, 13:16

If Squidge knows only a little about rugby then the rest of us have never seen a single game in our lives

Saying Squidge knows a little about rugby is on par with saying Gerber was a crap centre or Kallis could not bat

Moz your hole is getting deeper and deeper

Rassie is kak, PSDT is kak, Mostert is great and Squidge only knows a little about rugby

You are sounding more like Doos every day

Thankfully we all know better bud

If you are ranked 5 in the world damn right you could top a pool just like Fiji making the quarterfinals or Japan doing that in 2019

Nov 06, 2023, 13:20

His predictions make it clear, with many viewings he can come up with a few technicalities others missed, but he has no basic feel for the game. Hell he never even mentioned the Boks as a possible winner….picking NZ, France and Ireland. He completely missed the huge psychological hurdle Ireland and France had to overcome. Real rugger guys instinctively understood that,

Nov 06, 2023, 13:30

Rubbish he is by some distance the best rugby analyst I have ever seen

No other comes close

Predictions mean absolutely nothing it’s a guessing game

Actual analysis of a game is what he is about and he is a master

Nov 06, 2023, 13:32

An analyst that never believed the Boks were going to win the WC.

Nov 06, 2023, 13:58

He never said he never believed they would win and let’s face it our record leading up to the WC hardly put us as favourites

I said we would win it but that was on the strength of my faith in Rassie and him needing a new challenge after the ban issues with coincided with our slip in the rankings

Nov 06, 2023, 16:24

It’s all in the quote above….he totally didn’t think we were among the top 3 candidates.

Nov 06, 2023, 16:50

But that does not matter Moz - predictions are speculative

No surprises we were not in the top 3

Not impossible to see Ireland, France and NZ ahead of us as they have been at times leading up to the WC

Nov 06, 2023, 20:57

Dave it’s not so much getting the prediction wrong it’s failure to understand the nature of WCs that caused him to get the predictions wrong. Seriously this guy never made a tackle in his life.

Nov 06, 2023, 21:57

He might not have made a single tackle but he knows more about rugby than this whole board combined

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