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Mar 18, 2020, 00:24

Kolisi and Mbonambi have been out for weeks

Now PSDT, Kitshoff and Jantjies are out for months

That’s a huge loss for the side given the substitute players like de Wet and Blose are pretty poor

Mar 18, 2020, 11:41

Um ... listen up Dumb Fuck ... Kolisi isn't a Bok ... he's never been one ... he's a quota, in other words, a Goat.

There is a difference, ya know.  

Same can be said for Mbonambi. He's a quota Goat if ever there was one ... his skin colour ousted Akker ,,, not his so called "talent".

Kitshoff is borderline ... I will accept Du Toit and Jantjies as Boks though, so of the 5 you've listed, only 2 are worthy.

Try to wake up will you?

How's your boy Notshe doing? Is he still the best 8 you have.

I see Gelant has made your list of world beaters now. Blistering pace, huh?


Dumb Fuck Dave at his best. 


Mar 18, 2020, 12:32

Shut up you racist ignorant cunt

Go back to where you came from, it’s been a pleasure without you on here

Fuck off cunt

Boshoff the Bok flyhalf bwaaahaaaa

Kitshoff is borderline

Let me guess your useless pick of Dylan Smith is better - fucking rugby ignorant twat

Mar 18, 2020, 13:10

Yes the loss of these five will end any hopes we have. Add in Eben and Allende who went overseas and the team has lost 7 Boks! 

Add in the lost cohesion and team work. 

Mar 18, 2020, 14:04

The Sharks lost 7 Springboks this year and 2 weeks ago they were also short Springboks Sbu Nkosi through injury and Curwin Bosch who had a bereavement . . . . so that's 9 Springboks in total they were short.

So did we hear the Sharks supporters snivelling and crying like whiny little gurlyboys about all the  player losses and injuries? No, the Sharks got on with the job and are sitting top of the Super Rugby table without any tearful blubbering or nappy changes . . . and they recently smashed their weak-arsed little Bunnies the Hapless Stompies setting the Stompies supporters off on another self-pitying whine about players leaving and injuries.


Mar 18, 2020, 18:40

Who were those Boks compared to the ones the Stormers lost though.... No comparison. 

Mar 18, 2020, 22:29

Botter1 en Botter2 and Big Botter.

Mar 19, 2020, 07:27

"Who were those Boks compared to the ones the Stormers lost though.... No comparison. "

Hmmm . . . how many of the Stompie Boks had over 100 caps? Any one of them up there with the 3rd most capped Springbok of all time? No, I didn't think so . . . so you're right, no comparison really . . .

Mar 19, 2020, 07:41

Our Bokke are similar to the Western Cape's boast of being the nation's top destination ..... hoogste gehalte !  Nothing that you don't know Rooinek, you're seemingly vacationing down south annually.

Re the guppies, don't get too windgat, this year's been your first decent season since ma fell off the bus .

Mar 19, 2020, 08:09

The point being that even in the lean years, the Sharks supporters didn't burst into tears and whine like little bitches about all the injuries and the player they lost . . . which is what the Stompie supporters are doing now and do every year.

Mar 19, 2020, 13:29

So who are your Springboks big mouth. 

Let's have a list. Don't chicken out now Redrooi! I named our now you name yours.

Mar 19, 2020, 13:42

Here are 7 Springboks who left the Sharks between last year's SR season and this year:

1. Beast Mtawarira

2. Coenie Oosthuizen

3. Akker van der Merwe

4. Chiliboy Ralapelle

5. Jean-Luc du Preez

6. Dan du Preez

7. Robert du Preez.

Go on then Stompies, you can start squealing about "ours were better than yours" . . . but just don't deny that I said there were 7 and I provided 7 . . . all Springboks. Non Springboks we lost include Ruan Botha, Phillip van Der Walt, Kobus van Wyk and Jacques Vermeulen. 

Mar 19, 2020, 13:46

Hahahahahaha are you suggesting that lot compare with our Boks lost.

Man ou rooitwit really is not very sharp. :D

Mar 19, 2020, 14:27


Interesting that the Hapless Stompie supporters don't deny being whiny little gurlyboy crybabies . . . they just try to justify why they're whiny little gurlyboy crybabies!


Mar 19, 2020, 18:14

So Beast is the one player you're going to pin your hopes on? He wasn't a mainstay of the last Super Rugby campaign, plus the Sharks bought an able replacement in Ox which the Stormers haven't be able to do. 

No instead the Stormers lost players in their prime. 

Mar 19, 2020, 18:53

Shezza the joke is on poor Redrooi and he doesn't even know it. :D

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