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Jun 08, 2019, 21:33

I know this might sound a bit delusional given the Crusaders thrashing of the Rebels this weekend, but I think the Hurricanes will beat the Crusaders in this year's final.

They'll have a tougher road with an away semi but I can't help thinking that if the Hurricanes do get to the final, they have the beating of the Crusaders . . . even if it is in Christchurch.

Jun 08, 2019, 22:13

'Their chances are slim to none and Slim left town when Pierre Spies withdrew'......I would have thought you had enough of the predicting game Peeper. Why are you still playing the clown?

Jun 08, 2019, 22:25

Moffie, there is actually a prediction game on this forum that you were invited to join but were too gutless to enter. It's called "Total Rankers" and the link to that competition is on the top right hand side of your screen as you read this. 

If you click on there you'll see that I'm not the weak predictor you make me out to be . . . which in itself is ironic since you didn't have the guts to enter yourself . . . but I did have the guts to enter and I'm leading all the other regular posters on this board in the official Ruckers Forum Super Rugby prediction pool (posters that include several of your Servile Gimps that you are indirectly mocking because they're some way behind me) . . . so be careful when you mock my predictions because you may end up with a load of egg all over your stupid, drunken fat face.

If you want to have a little pop at my Super Rugby predictions, at least have the guts to enter the Total Rankers prediction pool so we can see what your own predictions are like and how well you would have done.

Okay, little chap? Do you feel suitably chastened? Good . . . run along now. Maybe next year you'll summon up the courage to put your money where your mouth is. Until then, rather just keep your cowardly stupid little trap shut.

Jun 08, 2019, 22:43

Well Peeper the only time I entered one of these random number generating gigs, my "Hal" model cleaned your clock. So much so that you actually disputed the results and had to be straightened out.

But I can tell you're upset, so just have another glass and 'literally' chill out.......waaaaahahahaha.

I'll just keep an eye on your call that the Canes are going to win Super rugby.

Jun 08, 2019, 22:58


Moffie, your childish little lies about something that happened more than 10 years ago just demonstrate what a sad and pathetic loser you really are.

I repeat, if you want to have a little pop at my predictions, at least have the courage to put up your own. That way we'll all see for ourselves who got more right and who got more wrong.

I wonder what Servile Gimps like Dense, DumbAss and Baboon-ou think about their precious Massster telling the current leader of the Total Rankers comp what a useless predictor he is when I'm busy cleaing out their clocks while their Massster is nothing but big talk?

I wonder if they'll have something to say about Moffie's comments or just meekly accept that Moffie is some kind of visonary genius who only needs to tell everyone else how prescient and clever he is without actually proving it.

In fact, screw the stupid Servile Gimps - they're probably squealing with delight at Moffie's comments and jerking their tiny little gherkins - what do the other Total Rankers competitors think . . . guys who week in and week out make their calls and put up their predictions knowing that they're facing ridicule or glory . . . but at least have the balls to make those predictions?

I'm talking to guys like Chippo, bluebok, Crusadersfan, Brycy, Ed, Klown, Flash and everyone else who at least had the balls to enter Totla Rankers and put up their predictions . . . what do you guys think of a gutless coward who didn't have the balls to enter Total Rankers telling us all how stupid we are and how clever he is?


Jun 08, 2019, 23:55

Lets get to the real business as is already evident:-

*   The top three teams on the log will be the  Crusaders, the Jaguares, and the Brumbies.   They will have to play as follows:   

        The Crusaders will play no 8  on the log at home

        The Jaguares will play no 7 on the log at home

        The Brumbies will play no 6 on the log at home

         The Hurricanes will play no 5 on the log at home

I cannot see how the teams mentioned specifically can lose against the opposition teams not mentioned.   The Brumbies is the weak link in the calculation - but the chances are they will win.

If the above materializes there is no way the Hurricanes can play the Crusaders in the final - they will meet the Crusaders in the semi and the Jaguares will play the Brumbies  at home.  The Brumbies has nearly zero chance of beating the Jaguars,

So if the four teams win as suggested and the Hurricanes beat the Crusaders in the semi- they are likely to have to play the Jaguares in Argentina in the final.    



Jun 09, 2019, 08:25

You're right, Ou Maaik. When I posted that I hadn't worked out who will be playing who in the knockouts and now that I look at it, I see that the chances of the Hurricanes finishing in any position other than 4th are roughly equal to the chances of Moffie entering one of these prediction comps and actually demonstrating his visionary brilliance instead of just telling us about it.

So let me change my prediction to say that Hurricanes will beat the Crusaders in Christchurch in the semifinal rather than the final. The point I'm making is that the Hurricanes are the only team capable of beating the Crusaders in the knockout phases and I give them a fighting chance even on the Crusaders turf.

Some would say it's a bold call tipping the Hurricanes to beat the Crusaders, especially when you consider that the Crusaders have won nearly as many Super Rugby titles as all the other franchises combined, they are 9 points ahead of everyone on the table and have just beaten one of the better sides 66-0 . . . others will just be hoping and praying that the Hurricanes lose so they can shriek with glee that Rooinek got it wrong again . . . but now we're talking about rugby noobs who wouldn't recognise a brave prediction and who don't have the balls to make predictions of their own.

Finally, even if the Hurricanes pulled off that giant-killing act they would still be away to either the Jaguares or the Brumbies in the final - despite finishing ahead of them in the table - which shows just how ridiculous this conference system is.

Jun 09, 2019, 09:35

Ag Moz, did you have to?......Koosie's being itching to let it be known how very good he is at Total must've known it was coming....that our boy has been itching and aching to scream it out. Mind you it was just a matter of time whether it be you, me or anyone else who was going to allow him his one claim to fame.

"If you click on there you'll see that I'm not the weak predictor you make me out to be..."


Next he'll be lording it over me.......I'm waiting.


Jun 09, 2019, 10:47

Oh congrats rooitwit you are da man!

Frankly I don't watch enough rugby these days to enter. Watch some matches featuring SA sides and not much else watched the tennis this weekend. 

This saves me much irritation. Taped the Sharks/Jaguars match but is it worth watching as it appears the frot guppies were very frot.

So excuse me if I did not play the prediction game. 

Jun 09, 2019, 11:08

Actually ... Redneck isn't doing too well on SuperBru. which as you know is also a prediction game.

He was something like 8 or so points ahead of me at one time. Well no longer ... as is usually the case with your friend, he came on here and mocked me for my approach to the game.

Now the poor dear's 7 points behind me (2nd) ... and in fact, he's second last in our group ... with all those behind him no longer playing ... so don't be fooled by his loudmouth.

Also, regarding the RM Fantasy game we're playing ... I've cleaned him up in each round over the last three weeks. I've played to a strategy but unfortunately made my move 2 or so weeks too late. He was around 700 pts ahead of me as one time which I've reduced to 335 pts now.

This weekend I ended up playing with 14 men to his 15 and I still out scored him. He can be thankful that my captain and kicker was withdrawn so late and that I hadn't noticed this till it was too late for me to replace him.

No matter. I still have a shot at catching this loudmouth braggard.

That would really make my day.


Jun 09, 2019, 11:21

Wehe . . . Moffie makes a snide remark about my predicting abilities, I make the rather obvious point that this forum has an official prediction comp which he was too chicken to enter and I'm currently leading . . . and suddenly I'm a loud-mouthed braggart wanting to tell everyone how I'm winning.


Ummmm . . . if that is the case, how come I've waited until now? I've been leading it for weeks and I haven't made a peep up until the gutless loud-mouthed coward had a little pop at my allegedly useless predictions.

Meanwhile the angry little gay man is trying hard to pretend that the official Ruckers Forum comp is not the game we should be basing all this on . . . which is quite surprising given that I'm smashing him in all the others . . . except the Superbru game where I have predicted more wins than him and have a vastly superior TDM score to his and the only reason he's a narrow 6 points ahead of me is because of the lucky bonus points he's picked up. Take our two teams out of the Ruckers Forum conference (so minus the conference-based bonus points) and I'm beating the sad little loser again . . . just as I'm beating him in all the other Fantasy games.

No doubt refuting the angry little gay man's childish and attention-seeking claims and putting him in his place will make me a "braggard" (sic) again. Oh well, it is what it is. We'll review all the finishing positions when it's over and then we can all have a little laugh at the angry little gay man's demands for attention and recognition on this thread.

Jun 09, 2019, 11:45

Ou rooitwit is a Alinskynite for sure - accusing others of what he is guilty of - being gay.

Strange really how it all works. Rooitwit is a verocious gay supporter but here he tries to smear CC by repeatedly calling CC gay. How ou rooitwit ties himself in Knotts. Hahahahaha man the oak is a genuine natural comic. :D

Jun 09, 2019, 14:48

What else can he do, BeanDip?

I put him over my knee and spanked his bum. He's sulking now ... as children do after a good hiding. They pout and feel stupid.

He's a sham. A pretender. A short, fat little drunk who wants the cyber world to think of him as tough. It's what he sees when he looks at his fat, ruddy face in the mirror  


Any way ... pay him no mind.

Just thought I'd clear his bull shit story up before he turns himself into a gaming god.

Jun 09, 2019, 15:31

Seems like ou rooitwit did not appraise us of all the facts the CC. There  I was saying he was da man. Hahahaha. 

Rooitwit = fake news. 

Jun 09, 2019, 20:21

Hahahaha.....I don't follow all this thumb sucking stuff, but it doesn't surprise me that Peeper is a total flop at predicting. Of course if by accident he is temporarily in the lead in one competition, he will immodestly announce that......while totally leaving out his failures.

Nice one Peeper.......LMAOFY!

Jun 09, 2019, 20:55


Yeah ... he's da man alright!

Watching him these last few weeks has convinced me that it is possible to fit both feet into one's mouth.

Not sure of the technique needed but he seems to have it down pat.

Strange little man.

Jun 10, 2019, 07:37

and here I was preparing to ask him for some tips :ermm:

Jun 10, 2019, 08:36

Rooiters has done well pretty consistently in these prediction competitions over the years. One flash in the pan win can be put down to a fluke, but his consistency in these games would suggest there is merit behind how he plays. 

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but I have a very funny story regarding Superbru. I have let you lot in on the fact that I have a gay brother. Well my gay brother, has less than zero interest in sport, but he is the type of gay guy that is "normal". Meaning, he does not act or look gay. In fact his best mate, apart from his partner obviously, is a straight married Afrikaans boer seun that loves dopping hunting and rugby. In fact their whole group of friends is as far from gay as one could imagine. Anyway, with that little bit of background, the funny story. My brother's mates convinced him to play Superbru and he eventually agreed. He joined all the groups his mates were involved in. Here is the funny part, not only did he beat every one of his mates, he actually managed to win one of the major groups with thousands of members. That was two years ago, he now plays all the prediction games and is actually watching rugby. Since that first "fluke" he did well last year and is again in the top one percent of his groups this year. He has figured out a system involving betting sites, a team performance vs the same opponent over the last five years, and a couple of other factors like home advantage etc. I have to smile when I think of the faces of all those rugby lovers on his various groups and what their expressions would be if they realised they had been beaten, not only by someone that up until very recently, didn't even watch rugby, but who was also gay!  

Jun 10, 2019, 08:43

Well Denny ... at least he’s up for the challenge, unlike you. He’s game for anything ... and gives everything his best shot ... win or lose. The man has balls and is always up for a bit of fun. It’s his best quality in my opinion.

You on the other hand run and hide. If one’s looking for you, ten to one, they’ll find you cowering in the corner.

I wonder ... what’s your best quality? Do you even have one?

Let me see ... you like to gang up on lone posters. You gave it your best shot with me and came up short.

Remember? Let me remind you. You were apparently defending a principle that’s so close to your heart??


Still no apology, huh?

What a pussy.

The man you tried to befriend now stands alone. It’s what you were looking for. It’s always that way with you. Like a dog circling on the outskirts, waiting for his chance, but nowhere to be seen without support.

I spit on you ... you low life piece of shit.



Jun 10, 2019, 08:56

Says the knife-wielding thug who has the audacity to call me a coward.

It wasn't that long ago you offered me the olive humiliating was that when I rejected your offer Huh?

You're a fool and a loser but here's the thing, you're right about Koosie being an arsehole.....but then so are you....... A UTurning arsehole to be exact.

As for an apology?

Laughing Graphics

Jun 10, 2019, 13:05

I once named Carbuncle....Turncoat. But in truth he reminds me more of a dog that can't reach his arse and keeps spinning round in circles.

Jun 11, 2019, 04:02

His compass is fixed in that direction.

Jun 29, 2019, 15:36

Brilliant game.......but the Canes were doomed. The Peeper curse was upon them. So even when they were ripping through the Saders defence with Sevu Reece a turnstile on the right wing they had no chance. When a try would win it and they had a scrum dead in the middle of the park......they had no chance. The most consistent curse in sports was upon them.

Peeper you are truly amazing......are there any stocks you wouldn't recommend?


Jun 29, 2019, 16:54

No, I didn't get 100% of my predictions right Moffie, but in the official prediction comp on this forum I did score 131 out of a possible 171 points . . . which was enough to win first prize.

How did you do, Moffie? How many points did you score?

What? Come again? Did you say . . . ummm . . . ZERO??? Not a single point? Nothing at all?


Mr ZERO lecturing the winner with 131 points on predictions. You couldn't make this up!

ZERO? ZIP? Not a single point? Even Baboon-ou managed 3 points!


Jun 29, 2019, 17:01

KlasKaptein het gepraat! Moz, your name will be writing on the black board. 

Jun 29, 2019, 18:34

Now the poor toss is bragging that he beat a small group of posters, many of whom lost interest after a few weeks. Sounds like this is his biggest accomplishment in life! Embarrassing stuff from Peeper.

Jun 29, 2019, 19:00

I'm sorry, what was that, Moffie? How many points did you score, loudmouth? Huh? Did you say "zero"? 





Jun 29, 2019, 20:14

Hilarious Peeper is struggling with the concept that somebody who doesn't enter the competition doesn't get points. Say tell us again Jonah, who won the match between the Saders and the Canes.

Down goes Peeper, his bandy little Welsh legs pawing at the sky.


Jun 29, 2019, 20:18

No Grampa Gropey, what I'm struggling with is the concept of some sad and pathetic loser who was too gutless to enter the comp he was invited to enter who still has the nerve to have a yap at the predictions of those people who did have the guts to enter it.

You scored ZERO points. ZERO!

Now whether that's because you're a rugby noob or because you're a gutless coward can be debated but there's no disputing your grand total of ZERO points.

Penny dropping now, Grampa Gropey?

Jun 29, 2019, 20:25

The mean the kind of guts it took to leave the South African womb and make a decent life for your family Peeper? Huh that kind of guts?

Nah it took more guts to stay, get up on your hind legs and bleet about the shortcomings of mud island.


Jun 29, 2019, 20:31

No Moffie, I understand why you're trying so hard to change the subject, but the kind of guts I'm talking about is simply entering a competition where we can compare our results rather than some gutless coward having a spiteful and childish little pop at those posters who did have the balls to enter the comp.

We can debate the merits of running away when the going got tough as opposed to sticking it out in the country of your birth and trying to make a difference rather than sitting thousands of miles away having a little snigger at those vasbyters who stayed while taking great delight in every bad or negative thing you read so you can feel better about running away with your apartheid era spoils . . . but that's a different conversation.

Jun 29, 2019, 20:52

Oh I see.....the Apartheid era spoils.....hahaha. I guess you never heard about Exchange Controls. Nah Peeper, you let the team had passport options and you were just too gutless to take on the world.

Jun 29, 2019, 21:32

We have a problem now of how to explain to da peeper why a person not playing doesn't earn points. 

Rooitwit is so taken with the importance of his win he now thinks he is better than the entire world. Yep in da peepers view he is world champ.Nothing less mind you. :D

All hail da peeper!! Long. Live da peeps! 

Wonder what the prize was?

Jun 29, 2019, 21:41

Two tickets to a domestic test match.....unfortunately if you recall Peeper had some tickets once but his boss made him come in and work on the Saturday. No doubt way behind was the Peeper. Has he caught up yet....hahaha!

Jun 30, 2019, 01:47

I’d quit while you are way behind Moz. Bit silly criticising someone when you haven’t got the balls or inclination to have a go yourself.....

Jun 30, 2019, 13:50

Mooo mooo be reasonable. To play effectively you need to watch all the games, yes all the nz and Oz teams. 

A ticket to all the tests would not suffice!

Like Moz I don't much watch Oz and Nz derbies. 

Do a few but mostly not. 

Jun 30, 2019, 16:06

The history here goes 18 years back Moolaa. Besides which I couldn't care less if the Brumbies beat the Tahs so why should I try to predict it.

This, however, was not part of your competition. It was Peeper gratuitously starting a whole thread on his prediction that the Canes would win.....perfectly fair game.

And part of a pattern of disastrous predictions that go way back to predicting the Springboks had no chance in the 2007 World Cup.

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