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Aug 12, 2019, 07:51

Thank you Saffas for smashing the ugliest man playing rugby... that being Herman Munster look alike Rettalick.

Im sure hes a decent enough bloke off the footy field - but by Snymans excellent cleanout - it appears the ABs Locking stocks are depleting. Especially IF justice prevails and Barrett gets 6wks for attempted neck breaker on Hooper.

So... in short, good job finally a cheapshot merchant gets a bit of his own back.

Also - as Saffex liked to point out his mates playing rugby I am going to claim Aussie up and comer lock Rory Arnold as my buddy.

Known his mum, sister and brothers for 15+yrs and Rory is shaping as a world class Lock - 

He actually played rugby league at school in the backline... lol... thats one reason why his ball skills are pretty sharp - ie watch that tip on / catch / pass that led to one the very numerous aussie tries on the weekend. He only started playing rugby in early 20s at small country town team - that was lucky to find 15 players each week to play in 3rd division... He incidentally also played in the centres... lol again...   

Anyway - till next time.

Aug 12, 2019, 12:14

Contrast that with the prettiest man playing rugby (brace yourself Lügnerin)...

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