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The 6-Nations games today

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Feb 09, 2019, 21:02

I was watching the games today and must admit I was expecting Ireland and Wales to win their two matches - but the margin of victory was below the point difference I thought it would be,   

The games were very unattractive from a viewers perspective.   The best Scottish player (Hogg) was injured early and that took the sting out of the Scottish backline.  Sexton was also injured in the first half and replaced.   Must say that the Irish seems to not being affected as a result of his replacement.

There is a serious question to be asked - has from a rugby performance perspective the Irish team ran out of steam?  If they played against NZ and SA the way they played against England last week and even Scotland this week they would have lost both matches.               

Feb 09, 2019, 22:22

They would have lost to the AB's no doubt at all.

But lose to SA - I have my doubts. 

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